CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).


Looking toward the Worcester Mists.


Typical Pre-Vanishing/Fiction fight.

Original Setting Thinktank Thread Here.
Original Guns/Gear Thinktank Thread Here.

"Ever hear of "breaking the fourth wall"? Well, having the thing literally happen IN EVERYONE'S DAMM FACE really throws us off, more so when some of us realized that it was our own literary and animated fiction that basically broke the seven seals...."

CORELINE (Formerly: "Undocumented Features: The Dark Earth".)

The world's gone nuts. In the space of 23 hours, EVERYTHING'S changed.
First, it was the Infection-the world-wide appearance of a computer virus. It was so sophisticated, it baffled a lot of people-like its name, they were "CLULESS" about its origin, or ends.

Then came the Opening-several key cities around the world were covered with out-of-season nimbus clouds, and communications became harder. Some strange sightings were reported everywhere.

And then came the Vanishing. All over the world-about 90% of its population-just...disappeared. The only people who saved themselves were chosen at random- some were asleep, other were away from computers, others were close to heavy electromagnetics.

For 23 hours, it was pure Madness-technology, locations and people we believed to be fictional had appeared, and in their living of their "normal" lives, the countryside has done nothing more than suffer. The remaining people armed themselves, ready to fight for their own.
The 23 hours passed, and the people came back. But the Fictions-who we believed to be once-had refused to leave. Furthermore, the people who came back had been changed greatly-adapting to the madness around them as if it was the most normal thing.

It is now anywhere from a week to a year after the Vanishing, and life goes as "normal", Fictions and Reals going on and living together. The world as it was before the Vanishing is nothing more than an urban legend, something you tell your children to scare them. Others don't even believe it.

You are one of the few that KNOW that the changes are real... and one of the few that can change it back.

The PCs are acting in one of several fronts:
-The Survivors: Supermarket employees, students, prisoners, "innocent bystanders" of the Infection, that are now only equipped with their wits and whatever they could scavenge.
-The Mercenaries: Soldiers, Techies, Pilots, Specialists. Well equipped and armed and trained, they work for the almighty dollar, or nuyen, or credit... whatever.
-The Specialists: Spec-Ops operatives, government agents, cops. Well equipped and trained, but more often than not ill-prepared for what they may face.
-The Fictions: They have access to powers and resources, but chances are they're more trouble that they're worth.

The feeling behind it is sort of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" gone wrong, especially because the events leading to it seem like a combination between George Romero's "Dead" series, "Black Hawk Down", "28 Days Later" and "Red Dawn".

Any ideas, suggestions (please refrain from making flames) are to be posted on the three threads. This is NOT a double-post. They're all independent from each other (this one WILL contain the finished setting).


GENRE: Science Fiction.
PERIOD: Modern Day.
THEME: 'Take a stand'.

It was November the Fifth, 2002, when it happened. First, the world-wide infection with a computer virus code-named CLULESS. For its old programming language, it was incredibly sophisticated, continually evolving.
They had only managed to narrow its source -somewhere in Massachusetts- when it went active.

What happened next was -at the time- unbelievable. Spontaneous atmospheric phenomena signaled the opening of thousands of miniature dimensional wormholes, and 90% of the world's population vanished without a trace.
In their place, the Fictions [Anime, cartoon, comic and live action characters] apperared, and the resulting fight did lots of damage to the countryside. The 'Reals' fought back, survived any way they could.
After 23 hours, the humans that vanished came back, but changed, brainwashed in some manner to believe that the Fictions and their supernatural aspects were commonplace-and even having powers of their own.

The characters are divided in Pre-Vanishing and Post-Vanishing Coreline Humans and the Fictions ['Coreline' being the new nickname to Earth, because it is the 'core timeline']. Out there, a lot of people are out to get you, there's lots of adventure and the occasional Big Bad with a Big Conspiracy brewing. And somewhere inside the Worcester Mists [the only powerful physical manifestation of the CLULESS Virus remaining in Coreline Post-Vanishing], whoever, or whatever, created this mess might be getting ready to finish what he started...

Time to show 'em who's boss. Or, at least, show 'em you won't go out quietly.

-MOVIES: Reign of Fire, The Trigger Effect, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, My Science Project, Atomik Circus, Independence Day, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
-FAN FICTION: Undocumented Features [Eyrie Productions], Third Labor [Metroanime], Anime Detective [Pearson Mui], Who Framed Vampire Princess Miyu? [Christian Gadeken].
-ANIME: Everything out there. I mean that.
-VIDEO GAMES: Half-Life [1 and 2], Blood, Unreal.

EDIT: Thanks to Rappy, now there is one article for Coreline: , collecting several articles of the Gazetteer (locations in North America). Word of caution, it's an .odt article.
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The Setting's Races-Continually Expanding.


Pre-Vanishing Human wandering London. Photo taken during the 23 Hours.

They're "meats", "terrans", "monkey-boys", whatever. They're like you: two arms, two legs, opposing thumbs. Look at yourself in the mirror if you still need more. They were here before the Vanishing, they were here after the Vanishing, and they'll be out there forever.
What you don't know is that some MIGHT have a liiiiiitttle thing in difference.
-Post-Vanishing Human:
*As per the rulebook, additional +1 to Wealth.

-Pre-Vanishing Human:
*As per rulebook, with these exceptions:
* Uses next higher die for rolling starting hit points (1d4>1d6>1d8>1d10>1d12)
* Has an additional +4 to any saving throws to any magic attacks. Has a -4 penalty to use any magic.


Remnant Humans:

Group of Remnant Human Fictions lounging around. Photo taken 9 Weeks Post-Vanishing.

They come from the universes of “Battlestar Galactica”. They are the last of the once-proud 12 Colonies of Kobol, on the run and on the search of the fabled 13th Colony- the shining blue planet we call “Earth”. It was written on their scriptures that it was a sort of paradise, and after the destruction of their homeworlds, it’s their only hope left.
They are here, and they discovered quite quickly that this was anything but a freakin’ paradise. They have no place else to go, and so, must adapt.
All of a sudden, the threat of the Cylons is the LEAST of their problems.
Racial Traits:
Remnant Humans are as per the rulebook, with these exceptions:
*They hate Cylons A LOT: +1 (or +2) to any attack roll involving robots (this adds up to any other thing, like the "Down With Robots" ability of the D20F Technosavant). Role-playing-wise, they're very paranoid around robots and A.I.s.
*"If we let them escape, they'll become stronger and come back for revenge. It's in their nature.": A Remnant Human obtains a +1 to any rolls involving rallying Remnant Humans. Charismatic heroes are due to squeeze the life out of this one.
*"Yes, we're tired. Yes, there's no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming time after us time, after time, after time-and yes, we're still expected to DO OUR JOBS!":The Remnant Human has a +2 bonus to rolls to avoid exhaustion due to lack of sleep, or sleep-creating effects. Some of them are chronic insomniacs.
*"Hurry up, people! We have only 32 minutes left!": Choosing to climb up the difficulty one step, a Remnant Human can do any kind of repair roll or jury-rigging in half the time (minimum of 30 minutes). If something cannot be battle-ready in 30 minutes or less, they're prone to ditch it.

-Kryyn (aka Kryn):

Photo of acting Prince of the Kyrn, Stryyp "Stripe" 'Gia.

The Kryn are a race of anthropomorphs. They are feline-looking in appearance, although they have long-ago "outgrown" some of their most "animal" characteristics. Their only settlement on Earth is a long-ago -crashed cityship in Peru, which has evolved the fable of El Dorado. They have little contact with the exterior.
Racial Traits:
*+2 Dex, -2 Wis: Kryn are very stealthy and have a good sense of balance. Recluded upbringing, however, makes them somewhat naive considering Earth stuff.
*Base speed of 30 Feet.
*+2 racial bonus on Listen, Climb and Run Silent checks: Necessity to avoid humans has giver Kryn a reason to try and be undetected.

-Perryverse Atlanteans:

Perryverse Atlantean Warrior. Photo taken during the 23 Hours.

This particular version of Atlanteans come from the mind of Fred Perry and his "Gold Digger" universe. They live in (duh) Atlantis, a city-ship buried under the Atlantic Ocean (from the same planet as the Kryn). Up until recently, Atlantis and El Dorado were at war.
-Appearance: They look humanish in appearance, except that their skin is silver/greenish, and have gills and elf-like ears. Hair tends to be silverish, greenish, or blue, looking more like fine metal strands than hair. And on their forearms they have fin-like razors, warriors having extremely long and sharp ones. They can live above and below water.
Racial Traits:
*+1 Con, +1 Str, -2 Dex: Atlanteans are very resilient, but not very agile, at least on land (NOTE: Negatives don't apply to Atlanteans while underwater in the comic, GM decision, though).
*Base speed of 30 feet, swim of 50 feet.
*Blindsight 20 feet: All Atlanteans have a developed sense of echolocation, enabling them to go thru the waters surrounding their city with no problem. They can also use the echolocation to communicate with each other.
*Breathe Underwater: As amphibious creatures, Atlanteans can't drown in water. They also have a +4 species bonus on Swim checks. However, they have a -4 on saves aganist heat.
*Fin-Like Razors: Located on each forearm, these are the Atlanteans' main weapons. Short ("Commoner") versions do 1d4 Slashing damage, while long ("Warrior") versions do 2d6 Slashing damage. Feats and class features that affect weapon damage (Like the D20M Soldier's Weapon Focus/Specialization) can be taken for them.

Half Giant
*+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity: Half-giants are tough and strong, but not too nimble.
*Giant: Half-giants are not subject to spells or effects that affect only humanoids, such as charm person or dominate person.
*Medium: As Medium creatures, half-giants have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
*Half-giant base land speed is 30 feet.
*Low-Light Vision: A half-giant can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
*Powerful Build: The physical stature of half-giants lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger. Whenever a half-giant is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the half-giant is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. A half-giant is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature's special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him. A half-giant can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.
*Level Adjustment: +1. (maybe.)

From "Fallout":

CG depiction of Deathclaw, made Pre-Vanishing.

These huge, bipedal monsters were derived and created from chameleons. They were created by an unknown faction as shock troops, but for some reason (one can only assume the Vanishing), they were never used and set free. They are subdivided in two main factions with a few offshoots, and so far, are mostly found in North America, although a very few have wandered into other lands, like Central America, Russia and Canada. Deathclaws are one of the fastest and strongest creatures you will find around the Americas.
These stats are based on their main two factions.
-Eastern Deathclaws: They are located on small encampments all over the East Coast up to Maine. They are more human-like in some ways that their Western cousins, bigger and stronger, although they’re not quite as smart, they have founded a cohesive culture.
They stand between 12 and 14 feet tall, with claws a foot long or more.
*+6 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, -4 Cha.
*Large-Sized: As Large-sized creatures, Eastern Deathclaws have a -1 AC penalty for their size, but gain a +15 natural AC. They can wear no armor, and can wield no weapons other than their natural weapons.
*Damage Reduction 10/-
*Darkvision 60 feet
*Deathclaw base speed is 60 feet.
*Natural Weapons: Claws: 4d8, Bite: 3d8. A Deathclaw adds his Str bonus to this damage. Deathclaws cannot wield any weapons, but can take any weapon-enhancing feats/class features for their natural weapons.
*Improved Grab: If a Deathclaw hits with both claw attacks, it may latch on to an enemy and make bite attacks with an additional bonus of +4. The held creature takes 2d8 points of damage from the claws every round.
*Ram: Deathclaws may charge an enemy and deal 4d6+10 damage with their horns without provoking an attack of opportunity. If the enemy is two or more sizes smaller than the Deathclaw, it may also trample for 3d6 damage.
*Frightening Appearance: Deathclaws receive a +10 circumstance bonus to Intimidate rolls against non-Deathclaws of the same size or smaller.
*Level Adjustment: +5

*Western Deathclaws: Stationed on small villages all over the Americal Southwest and the West Coast out to Alaska, the Western Deathclaws are actually smaller, faster and smarter than their Eastern cousins, and some have managed to make a place for themselves on places like Las Vegas and Denver, hiring out their services as bodyguards, bouncers, or strong-arms.
They stand between 8 and 10 feet tall, with 6 to 10-inch-long claws.
Stats-wise, they are the same as the Eastern Deathclaws, except for the following:
*Large-Sized: As Large-sized creatures, Western Deathclaws have a -1 AC penalty for their size, but gain a +10 natural AC. They can wear no armor, and can wield no weapons other than their natural weapons, or weapons that augment their natural weapons.
*Damage Reduction: 6/-.


CG depiction of 'Ghoul', made Pre-Vanishing.

One thing is for sure: not everybody who is exposed to radiation gets off lucky. These people didn’t got off, even if they DID survived. “Ghouls” had their DNA was mutated to an unknown extent by the nuclear and biological WMDs of their home dimension, making their lifespan extremely long. The mutation, unfortunately, was not without a price. For all extents and purposes, the “ghouls” look like the undead. Their skin peels off and festers, sores and tumors cover their desiccated bodies, and they shuffle slowly. For all this, the mutation and their own expanded lifespans have made them fearfully intelligent and keen-sensed.
“Ghouls” are the shunned of the Earth, and they accept this fact. They have formed ghettoes and towns for their own, and if they need to go out, they make a point of covering fully. They will NEVER go to London if they can help it (or else Hellsing might get 'em just on principle). Living year after year in a nearly-dead body has made more than one resentful, and so will hold their trust from normal people until it is earned.
They are divided into two factions: the “normal” Ghouls, and the less-numbered “Glowing Ones”.
-“Normal” Ghouls: This is your “standard” Ghoul. They are not strong physically, but are dreadfully sharp in many cases. They tend to go for less stressful positions, such as doctors, advisors, techs or merchants.
*+2 Wis, +2 Int, -2 Con, -2 Str.
*Speed 20 ft.
*+1 to Spot and Search checks.
*Rad-Resistant: Ghouls gain a +5 to any rolls involving radiation resistance, completely ignore the damage on a successful save, and halve said damage on a failed save.

-“Glowing Ones”: A few poor unfortunate Ghouls were so close to the WMD blasts that they were “infected” with residual radiation that will stay for years to come. They are called “Glowing Ones” because at night they glow very dimly from the residual radiation. They are just like normal Ghouls, except they’re a little less intelligent and can create radiation poisoning by their touch. The Glowing Ones are very dim, prone to wild mood swings, and the awareness that they can’t get close to normal creatures without making them harm makes them feel desperately lonely.
They are just like normal Ghouls, except for these adjustments:
*+2 Wis, -2 Str, -2 Cha.
*Speed 20 ft.
*Radioactive: Glowing Ones emit Low radiation within a 5-foot radius of himself. Upon striking a target unarmed, a Glowing One emits a burst of radiation of Moderate strength. (see Radiation Sickness rules in D20F). They usually buy anti-radiation suits to wear around normal people.
-Level Adjustment: +2.


Ape recruiting poster, possible fake, posted on the Internet 23 Weeks Post-Vanishing.

Hailing from a parallel dimension that had monkeys develop advanced cognitive capabilities on par with humans’ (and then declaring us their pets), the apes are pretty much a reflection of us-that is, if we were (or still were) like them. They use guns. They have cities. They have a government.
They just don’t like us “damn, dirty humans”.
For all means and purposes, there are only two playable classes of ape: the Chimpanzee, which is the most “normal” of the two, and the Gorilla, who is used more normally as a “heavy trooper”.
*+2 Dex, -2 Int.
*They start with the Alertness feat
*They have the Scent ability.
*Bite attack of 1d6+1 damage.
*Speed of 30 ft (40 when moving on all fours). Climb speed of 30 ft.

*+2 Str, +3 Dex, -2 Int.
*They start with the Alertness feat.
*They have the Scent ability.
*Bite attack of 1d6+2, Claw attack (?) of 1d6+5.
*Speed of 25 ft (35 when moving on all fours). Climb speed of 30 ft.


Photo of acting C'tarl-C'tarl ambassador Aisha Clan-Clan, taken off her Core Universe series, 'Outlaw Star'.

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Type: Humanoid (shapechanger)
Medium: As Medium creatures, Ctarl-Ctarl have no special bonuses or penalties due to size.
Speed: Ctarl base speed is 30 ft.
Damage Reduction 5/+1: Ctarl-Ctarl ignore the first 5 points of damage that comes from a non-magic weapon.
Natural Armor Bonus: Ctarl-Ctarl receive a +2 natural armor bonus to defense.
Metamorphosis: Though some yet to be explained biological process, all Ctarl-Ctarl are born with the ability to undergo a transformation that allows them to assume various “beast forms.” Additionally, a Ctarl-Ctarl may become more powerful depending on what phase the planet’s moon is in; consult the following chart for exact details.

Least Beast Shape (Su): Up to four times per day, a Ctarl-Ctarl may cause themselves to transform partially into an animal. In this form, they gain +4 to Str and +2 to Con, and they gain a +1 bonus to natural armor. They also gain two claw attacks that do 1d4 damage. This ability lasts for 3 + (newly improved) Con modifier minutes..

Lesser Beast Shape (Su): A Ctarl-Ctarl can cause themselves to transform more fully into an animal, gaining +6 to Str and +4 to Con, and a +3 bonus to natural armor, as well as two claw attacks that deal 1d6 damage and a secondary bite attack that deals 1d8 damage. Their damage reduction also improves to 10/+1. This ability lasts for 3 + (newly improved) Con modifier rounds. Using this ability consumes two uses of Least Beast Shape; a Ctarl-Ctarl cannot use this ability if they have less then 2 uses of Least Beast Shape left. This ability cannot be used at the same time as Least Beast Shape.

True Beast Shape: Once per day, a Ctarl-Ctarl can transform themselves into an animal. While using this ability, they take the form of an animal (always a quadrepedal predator of some sort, such as a tiger, wolf, lion, ect.). They gain +8 to Str, +2 to Dex, and +4 to Con, a +5 bonus to natural armor, two claw attacks that deal 1d8 damage, a secondary bite attack that deals 2d6, and their base movement speed increases to 50 feet. Their damage reduction improves to 10/sliver. This ability lasts for the duration of the encounter, after which the Ctarl-Ctarl is exhausted until they receive 8 hours of rest. This ability cannot be used if Least or Lesser Beast Shape has been used already, and it consumes all uses of Least Beast Shape (and, by extension, Lesser Beast Shape).

Lunar Phase Influence

New moon: True Beast Shape cannot be used (Least and Lesser may still be used).
Waxing crescent: Least Beast Shape lasts 1 minute less; Lesser Beast Shape lasts 1 round less.
First quarter: No bonus or penalties to any of the Beast forms.
Waxing gibbous: +1 round duration on Least and Lesser Beast Shape; True Beast Shape only causes Fatigue.
Full: +2 Str in all forms, +1 round duration on Least and Lesser Beast Shape; True Beast Shape only causes Fatigue.
Waning gibbous: As waxing gibbous.
Third crescent: No bonus or penalties to any of the Beast forms.
Waning crescent: As waxing crescent.

Racial Skills: +2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, jump, Move Silently, and Tumble checks.
Level Adjustment: +3

Prerequisite: Ctarl-Ctarl, 16 Con
Benefit: You may use Least Beast Shape one additional time per day.
Normal: You may only use Least Beast Shape four times per day.
Special: This feat may be taken more then once. If it is taken twice, you gain an additional Lesser Beast Shape, since it works off your uses of Least Beast Shape

Prerequisite: Ctarl-Ctarl, Extra Transformation
Benefit: You may use True Beast Shape even if you have used some of your uses of Least Beast Shape that same day, but you must have at least 1 use of it left. Using True Beast Shape still uses all of your remaining uses of Least Beast Shape
Normal: You may only use True Beast Shape if you have not used Least Beast Shape that day.

Prerequisite: Ctarl-Ctarl, Shapeshifting Prowess
Benefit: True Beast Shape no longer consumes all your daily uses of Least Beast Shape, although you may only True Beast Shape once per day.
Normal: True Beast Shape consumes all daily uses of Least Beast Shape.
Special: If it is the night of a full moon, you may use True Beast Shape twice that day.

Prerequisite: Ctarl-Ctarl, Dex 15
Benefit: When using True Beast Shape, you may make a full attack at the end of a charge. You may also make two rake attacks at your full base attack bonus that deal 1d6+1/2 Str damage.
Normal: You may only make a single attack at the end of a charge.
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More Races.

Based on a D&D write-up by Damien Crowley (modified by me):



The Royal Guard & Lord Lion-O, ready to rock.

This race comes from an Animate Fiction universe, most probably one from some 80’s series (which would explain their ‘goody-two-shoes’ personalities). Their home planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion, and they have wandered all over the place looking for a new home. At the time of the Vanishing, apparently, they have received a beacon signal from their Royal Guard, guiding them to said new home (funny thing, they say, that it’s where their home planet used to be), when they appeared in orbit over Coreline.
They have established themselves all over Coreline on places that resemble their planet, which include Africa, Asia and the jungles of Central America. Their society is based on a code of honor that enforces trust, peacefulness, loyalty and fighting evil whenever it is found. Although peaceful by nature (and strangely lacking in enemies), they can get to be very vicious when fighting a foe, like the felines they resemble (and evolved from).
They are a race of anthropomorphic felines, and as such, there’s often jokes made at their backs that they might be distant relatives of the Kryn.

*Medium Humanoids.
*Base speed is 30 feet.
*+2 Strength & Dexterity, -2 Wisdom. Thunderians are very strong & dexterous but they tend to be overly curious & prone to trouble.
*Improved Low-light Vision:Thunderians can see four times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, & similar conditions of poor illumination. They retains the ability to distinguish color & detail under these conditions.
*+2 Spot & Listen checks. A Thunderian has naturally keen senses.
*+2 Climb & Jump & Move silently checks. Thunderian’s retractable claws aid in climbing & they are naturally stealthy & athletic like the great cats they are descended from.
*+2 to Survival checks. Thunderians are naturally at home in the wilderness.
*Scent ability. Thunderians have a highly sensitive sense of smell.
*Natural attacks: 1d4 (x2). Thunderians have retractable claws on their hands & feet that aid in climbing & they are often used in combat.
*Thundrilium Vulnerability: Thunderians are assumed to be one step higher when rolling for effects of Radiation Sickness on exposure to Thundrillium (see D20 Future, pg. 81).
Although this is an extremely rare element (and it didn’t even existed Pre-Vanishing on Coreline), several Thunderian devices are powered by it, and its gold by-product has become the seed for a slight (but damaging) gold rush.
*Effective Level: +1.
(NOTE: Although the write-up is fully based on the ‘Thundercats’ series, it is my belief that the abilities shown by the series Thundercats (who are the Royal Guard, BTW) are both the result of training and (limtedly) mutation, or at least that's how it shows on one of the Wildstorm comics.
Consider this a 'base' Thunderian racial stat).



Princess Lum in royal military uniform (and, yeah, it doesn't protects a lot).

They are the (obnoxious) children of the imagination of Rumiko Takahashi, an alien race that is war-wacky, conquering, annoying, advanced in technology, powerful and numerous. Like all Takahashi characters, they are a walking bundle of contradictions that is funny to watch-from a safe distance.

An Oni looks a lot like a human, sizing in average between 5 and 6 1/2 feet tall and weighting (at a max) about 200 pounds. Their mouths sport elongated canines and two small horns protude from their heads. An Oni sporting clothes "typical" to the race always wears clothes with tiger stripes, giving them an appearance like the Japanese monsters of legend.
An Oni sports a natural curiosity and stubborness, defending their beliefs (whichever they are) with excessive zealotry. A loved one, a parking spot, their position in a company... they will just as soon draw a gun and destroy a threat to it, to talk (in earnest) for it.

An Oni possesses tactile, olfactory, visual and listening capabilities on par with a normal human's. They are slightly stronger, a lot tougher, somewhat dumber and less 'sharp' than a normal human, and many (if not all) are capable of unassisted flight and throwing energy bolts (fire or electricity).
Oni speak their own language and can speak other languages as well. Their own language is guttural in nature.

Oni society has evolved in leaps and bounds, having developed hyperspace travel and expanding to 9 more worlds (all of them conquered) well before humans, at least on their home universe.

*Medium-Sized Humanoids.
*Base Speed 30 Feet.
*+2 Str, +3 Con, +Cha, -2 Int, -2 Wis.
*Flight: The Oni can fly thru an unknown means of unassisted flight (it's believed to be a primitive kind of telekinesis-and certainly they don't know how to apply it to anything else). They can fly at a base speed of 60 feet (Average maneuverability), but can hover and have no minimum forward speed.
*Blast: The Oni grow special gangliae on their bodies, enabling them to fire energy blasts at will. At the time of the Vanishing, only two variants of blast are known: fire blasts (thru the combination of two chemicals in the mouth), and electricity blasts (thru sub-dermal 'pouches' and a highly conductive skin).
An Oni can only have one of the two.
Fire blasts do 2d4 (fire) damage, critical range 20, with a width of 3 feet and a 50-foot range. Tarrgets hit with this blast can catch on fire as standard. It is useless underwater.
Electricity blasts do 2d6 damage (Electricity), same critical range, with a range 100 feet. It is influenced by conductivity and bypasses thru metal with ease, making it ignore metal armor (do not count such for Defense purposes).
It can also be thrown as a sphere at will, affecting EVERYONE within. a 20-foot-radius sphere around the Oni. This deals 1d4 of subdual damage to the Oni, however.
These blasts can be thrown once per day per character level.
*Alien Constitution: Oni get a +2 bonus to resist diseases and poisons, except extremely rare, engineered or unusual ones (they get drunk on pickle juice, for example).
*Horns: For some unknown reason (most probably just the Author's whim), if you can remove an Oni's horns, they lose their powers. This requires a called shot (-4 penalty, because it's a small target), and it takes a minimum of 5 days for the horns to grow back on their own.


Princess Oyuki.

-Another species created by Rumiko Takahashi, however, we only ever see one member of it on her works: Princess Oyuki.
On their home universe, this species comes from Neptune, and with their innate cold powers, long life, somewhat cold demeanor and occasional visits to Earth, may have helped create the legend of the Japanese "Snow Woman".
-A 'Yuki-Onna' is always female, sizing in average some 5 1/2 feet tall, with hair and eyes in all sorts of color, but always in 'cold' tones. 'Common' clothes for them vary widely in private, but in public they always tend to wear a modernized kimono, again giving them an appearance like the monsters of legend.
-A Yuki-Onna sports a quality of constant calm around her. Contrary to popular belief, they are not 'cold-hearted', but it's because of the fact that they believe in maintaining their cool at any given moment to be highly beneficial.
-Yuki-Onnas posess tactile, olfactory, visual and listening capabilities on par with a normal human's. They are naturally 'prettier', slightly more coordinated, sharper and calmer.
Their physiologies can withstand any cold (but take heat pretty badly), and can manipulate it up to a point (by unknown means, but it's believed to be a sort of preternatural cryokinesis).
-Yuki-Onnas speak their own language, but can speak any humanoid language. Their own language consists of low whistles and windy sighs.
-Yuki-Onna society is matriarchal and high-tech in nature (they use Stargates to move around), friendly to the Onis (they are their accountants). Apart from that, they maintain their neutrality.
*Medium-sized humanoids.
*+2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha.
*Cold Subtype: Yuki-Onnas are immune to cold, but take double damage from fire (except on a successful save).
*Paralyzing Gaze (Su): If looks could kill, a Yuki-Onna's would be a cold grave. As is, it's still freezing. This is similar to a gaze attack, except the Yuki-Onna must take a standard action, and those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone the Yuki-Onna targets must succeed on a Will save (DC 18) or be affected as though by a "Hold Person" spell. The ability has a range of 30 feet.
*A Yuki-Onna's pseudo-cryokinesis enables the Yuki-Onna to fire condensed blasts of cold at will. These blasts do 2d6 (Cold) damage, critical range 20. Living targets hit must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC: Damage recieved) or suffer 1 point of temporal Dex damage.
It can make inanimate objects brittle; it only does half damage aganist most materials (not made for cold conditions), but ignores hardness altogether. Under conditiond of extreme heat (e.g. a desert); it doesn't works as well: the blast only does 1d6. Finally, if it is fired to a level surface, that surface becomes slippery.
This can be fired once per day per character level.
*They gain Read/Write Yuki-Onna and Speak Yuki-Onna as free languages.


'The Gall(ant) Force', a Solnoid Navy special team (although this specific bunch never called themselves that, some other special assault teams formed from time to time basing themselves on them have taken the name), with Solnoid 'Bronx'-Class Large Mechas in the background.

This Fiction race is what you could call "Kenichi Sonoda's vision of Space Valkyries", and it existed on its home universe a rough three million years before modern times.
They were in a war that would end badly, aganist another alien species called the Paranoid (the best way to describe them would be 'ooze-borgs'), when both species leaders pulled out their 'final option' (system-destroying weapons) and fired regardless of whoever stood in the way.
They were believed to be extinct in the battle on the (now-destroyed) Sigma Marse system, but like any good human species, they refused to die out.
The Vanishing made a small number of them appear on Coreline orbit, and have since settled down all over it and the Colonies, especially in positions like UNSC, F-SWTI and corporations.
It is of notice that former Solnoid Intelligence chief Catty Nebulart is the new UNSC chief, following the deposition of Chief Pablochiva.

-Description: The entire Solnoid race is female humans, with a population maintained thru constant cloning. A good way to describe them would be "Space Amazons", just more 'realistic'. Virtually any way to describe a female applies to a Solnoid.
-Solnoid society is matriarchal in nature, with a 'Leader' in the role of CINC. The Solnoid military is split in three parts: Intelligence, Navy and Attackers (Marines/Air Force). They fight, one and all, even if some are brainier, clumsier and/or more pacifist, the last thing you should think is that they won't fight if required.
-Solnoids revere a goddess known only as "The Great Mother". It is rumored that it's an aspect of Nike or Hecate.
-Solnoids are a space-faring race with advanced medical, vehicular, robotics and weapon technology. Roughly speaking, weapons tech goes from (modified) PL5 to early 6, medical tech goes and spaceships are 7 (FTL is not experimental, but it's also not that much safe technology). Cybernetics are 7, but any cyborg in the Solnoid military is part of a conscript army. Their robotic tech as a whole is classified, but it's known that they have Bioreplicas and mechas.
Two of the most important tech advancements they have shown (at least military-wise) are the Power Armors and Charged Firearms.
Solnoids are as per rulebook humans, with the following additions:
*Solnoids obtain a +2 to any attack rolls involving oozes.
*Solnoids obtain an additional +2 to computer and technical rolls. They also get a +1 to any Pilot/Drive rolls.
*Solnoids have a +1 bonus to any rolls involving rallying other Solnoids.

Charged Firearm
A recent development in weapons technology (engineered from Solnoid technology), Charged firearms contain an additional internal exploding wire or electromagnetic accelerator. This augmented power source fires projectiles with more power, but it's still not as much as, say, a full-blown railgun.
Charged firearms require an additional power source for this system, what it is exactly or where it is located varies from design to design (again, usually it is a slightly enlarged ammo clip withholding a power cell).
A Charged firearm rolls +1 bonus die for damage (e.g., a gun that rolls 2d6 for damage rolls an extra 1d6). However, it also emits a brief high-pitched whine whenever the weapon is first powered up; nearby characters a +4 bonus on their Listen checks to hear a character preparing to attack with a charged firearm. The bullet fired must be specially fitted to the new gun design (the DC modifier includes both the gun and the bullet).
Restrictions: Ballistic handguns and longarms only (not heavy weapons or energy weapons).
Purchase DC Modifier: +2 (Military Only).

Modified the Tekkaman write-upwith athe new rejection effects (that might be a little mild, but well... it's for the sake of cinematics), and this new race.




Two photos depicting Salusian Princess Asrial.

This race comes from the universe of ‘Ninja High School’, a race that is to Ben Dunn what the Space Oni is to Rumiko Takahashi. They are loud, obnoxious and like to see Humans (in their core universe and on Coreline) as backwater monkeys.
The Salusians are evolved, anthropomorphic skunks, sizing in average between 5 and six feet tall. The females sport a long, bushy tail and all have a face that is humanoid with a more skunk-like nose and ears, their bodies completely covered with black fur (they all have a diamond-like patch in their foreheads). It is a strange thing to note that they have long since grown out of the skunks’ natural ‘defense mechanism’, replacing it with advanced firepower and technology. They have conquered all of their solar system’s planets and then expanded into a small but powerful conglomerate.
A Salusian sports a normal conformity for their advanced civilization and a sort of aloofness for other civilizations. Like the Space Oni, they are defensive to the point of zealotry for their beliefs (which is one of the many reasons why they are not in even terms with the Oni).

The Salusians sport tactile, olfactory, visual and listening capabilities on par with a normal human's. They are a little more attractive, somewhat more tougher, and for all their high tech, they’re less 'sharp' than a normal human. For an unknown reason, those Salusians that are of royal blood exhibit the ability to enable brief bursts of superhuman strength.
The Salusians speak their own language and can speak other languages as well. Their own language is composedof a lot of vocals.

When on Earth, the Salusians utilize a ‘DNA Transformation Chamber’ to change their appearance to human-like, with the exception of a second skunk-like set of ears located on the top of their head.

The Salusians had settled themselves in Coreline Earth in both the newly-appeared town of Quagmire, Boston, and all over North Carolina.

Racial Traits:
*+2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Wis.
*+1 bonus to Listen rolls (they have some pretty good hearing).
*When creating a Salusian character, roll 1d10:
Result: -1 to 5, the character is a ‘normal’ Salusian.
-6 to 10, the character has ‘royal’ DNA (the character might not be part of the royal family, though).

Characters with royal DNA have the following additional Ex Ability:
-Super-Strength: 3 times a day, the Salusian character can increase his Strength by 1d8 points. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character’s Con modifier.

The following Race requires the BESM D20 Book or SRD.


Ayanami Rei Alternate Number TC-1083 during NERV combat drill, photo taken November 5, 2003.

Nick-named this way by the people on the street, the entire race is composed of clones of Kaworu Nagisa and Rei Ayanami, aside from a few ACCs that came from the same program. They came from all sources (escaped from NERV and SEELE facilities, were ‘let go’ because of decommissioning, infiltration missions, or plain error, or were made in some mad scientists’ garage lab), and are roaming around. Some of them are just like the two characters that they look like all the way down to mannerisms and speech patterns, and some of them are looking to distance themselves from their ‘templates’ as much as possible.

"Rei" Red Eyes Racial Stats:
*Base Movement: 0.
*+2 Dex: 1.
*-2 Charisma: -1.
*Special Movement (Cat-Like): 1.

"Kaworu" Red Eyes Racial Stats:
*Base Movement: 0.
*-2 Con: -1.
*+2 Charisma: 1.
*Special Movement (Light-Footed): 1.

Common Racial Traits:
*Sixth Sense (Other ‘Red Eyes’/Evangelion-style ‘Angels’): 2.
*Telepathy: 3.
*Force Field (Abilities: Field-Penetrating): 4.
Total Cost: 10.
Final Cost: 5.
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General Progress Level and Setting Weapons.

The Progress Level of the setting is generally 5 with some experimental 6 gizmos (it's run-of-the-mill modern-day Earth, take it as you will), with pretty much everything over it (and some of the more outrageous gizmos on any lower PL-that work) being Fiction stuff, at the very beginning, at least.

It makes the whole 'take-from-your-enemy's-dead-fingers' that much more necessary, I guess.

Following is a bunch of guns I made for the setting, and later will add a list of (major) manufacturers:

Mc Grady/Slavicsek LAGS-1/LAGS-2 Sword/Knife/Blaster.
=Damage: 1d8 (Slashing)/3d8 (Fire) (Sword Version)
1d4 (Piercing)/2d8 (Fire) (Knife Version).
=Critical: 19-20 (Sword/Knife)/20 (Lasers).
=Range Increment: 10 ft (If thrown-Knife), --- (sword), 80 feet (Laser-Sword Version), 40 Feet (Laser-Knife version).
=Rate of Fire: S.
=Size: Small (Knife), Medium (Sword).
=Magazine: 50 box.
=Weight: 2 lb (Knife), 4 lb (Sword).
=Purchase DC: 21 (Knife), 23 (Sword).
=Restriction: Licensed (+1)
=Feats required: Simple Weapons Proficiency, Archaic Weapons Proficiency (Knife/Sword), Personal Firearms Proficiency (Laser).

There has been a lot of reverse engineering by the Reals going on, especially considering that a lot of fiction weapons and gear were not designed to stand the rigors of living in a warzone like this place (well, some of them HAD, but those are rare-whether this is a blessing or a curse is a subject open to debate). Consider this weapon, for example, just released in limited quantities by the recently-formed Mc Grady/Slavicsek Weapons Co. They have based themselves on the design of the weapon used by the Luxan warrior Ka D’Argo from the series “Farscape”, created a longsword with an incorporated hidden laser capacitor, and then went further by miniaturizing the design to a standard combat knife. It has mainly been bought by Farscape fans, weapons collectors and some eccentric adventurers.
SPECIAL RULES: The LAGS-1 and -2 can only be used as melee weapons or ranged weapons at any given time. Deploying the laser capacitor is done by “splitting” the blade in two, making a melee attack with them awkward at best. (Opening or closing is done as a move action). The lasers cannot fire when the blade is ‘closed’.
The energy weapons have been slightly reduced in size to accommodate the design specifics, and so require special miniaturized power packs for their use (Purchase DC 10).

Mc Grady/Slavicsek WHP-1 BlasterStaff.
=Damage: 1d6/1d6 (Bludgeoning-Staff), 3d8 (Fire-Laser).
=Critcal: 20 (Staff), 20 (Lasr).
=Range Increment: --- (Staff), 40 Feet (Laser).
=Rate Of Fire: S.
=Size Small/Medium.
=Magazine: 50 int.
=Weight: 4 lb.
=Purchase DC: 24.
=Restriction: Restricted (+2).

And they’ve done it again, this time basing themselves on the design of the High Guard Force Lance (of course, they’ll readily deny it if they have to). The small blaster is of a practical size, packing a respectable punch and a peculiar sense of versatility in the fact you can extend it into a melee weapon for when you have to smack people silly.
It looks like a sort of hi-tech flashlight with two buttons. The first one is the trigger for the internal laser system, while the second one extends/retracts and locks the two sections of the staff into place. So far, it has been mostly marketed to the police (especially UCs) and the rare adventurer (or even rarer security-conscious Andromeda fan).
RULES: The WHP-1 BlasterStaff requires two feats for its use: The Simple Weapons Proficiency (for the staff) and the Personal Firearms Proficiency (for the laser). The staff (when deployed) is a double weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons, but you incur all the normal penalties associated with fighting with two weapons as if you wielded a one-handed weapon and a light weapon (see Attacking with Two Weapons in the D20M Combat section). The staff must be extended for you to do melee attacks. The laser can be used whether the staff is extended or retracted, and requires a specialized miniaturized power pack (Purchase DC 13). A small hatch on the staff must be opened to replace the power pack (a full-round action), and the power pack needs to have at least one shot left for the extending system to function.

Mc Grady/Slavicsek will also add a DNA recognition device, stun blast module, variable charge and self-destruct device (3d6 concussion damage, 10ft. blast radius, Reflex DC 15, Purchase DC 12) as special orders if the customer wants so.

Diggers Technologies G-9 Portable Fusion Pack
=Damage: 15d6
=Critical: --
=Damage Type: Energy.
=Burst Radius: 20 ft.
=Reflex DC: 18.
=Range Increment: --
=Size: Medium.
=Weight: 10lb.
=Purchase DC: 25
=Restriction: Military (+3)
The newest brainchild of Gina Diggers, it is the latest in state-of-the-art energy sources. A miniature, short-output nuclear reactor, capable of powering up everything from vehicles to power armors to household appliances, with none of the adverse effects that are common to nuclear-based power systems.
A large pity, then, that it has some extremely obvious warfare applications.
RULES: If not armed, the Fusion Pack functions just like a PL7 Power Backpack (D20F, page 74), with enough output to power vehicles and mecha for short periods of time. Disabling the safeties and enabling the Fusion Pack’s self-destruct system is a full-round action, with a timer that can be set to detonate from 1 to 10 rounds after enabled. A remote detonator can be set, the timer can have a longer countdown (or the timer can be disabled, making the Pack detonate immediately) with a Craft (electronics) check, DC 15 and DC 20, respectively.
Although the Fusion Pack is, technically, a nuclear fusion device, the technology used by Diggers in its creation has reduced the typical effects of this almost to non-existence, and as such there’s virtually no fall-out or EMP to concern about.

=Damage: 2d8
=Critical: 19-20
=Damage Type: Energy.
=Range: ---
=Size: Medium.
=Weight: 2 lbs.
=Purchase DC: 21
=Restriction: Licensed (+2)
An ancient weapon designed by the same race that designed the lost ships, the ‘LU’-verse’s version of the Ancients. It is, in appearance, a slim cylindrical hilt with a forked end where the ‘blade’ would be. Once activated, the Psi-Sword projects a three-foot-long self-contained beam of amplified psychic energy, taken directly from the user.
Because of this, the character must have access to psionic energy (thru the Wild Talent feat or a psi implant) for the sword to work. If used as a plain sword, no other thing is required (other than knowing how to wield it, for that Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency (Psi-Sword) is required).
The user, however, can focus his strength of will into the Psi-Sword, making it create some pretty nifty tricks. By expending power points, the user can do the following ‘stunts’ with the Sword. Take in mind that they must be declared (and the power points expended) by the beginning of the user’s turn.
-Laser blast: The sword retains an amount of energy within the emitter and throws it out in a forceful blast. This energy blast is 2d8 damage (fire), with a range increment of 40 feet. The abruptness it leaves the emitter, though, is such that the user must be braced or risk being thrown 2d6 feet in the opposite direction. (Power point usage: 2).
-Extend Sword: The user can force the energy blade to become bigger, thus giving him reach. The blade can be extended to be 4 feet long, giving reach and a +1 bonus to strike (but reducing the damage to 1d8), and then (if required) additional feet. The damage is still 1d8, and although it does give the character longer reach, it cannot strike nearby enemies. This move can become straining to maintain over long durations. (Power Point Usage: 2 (for extending to 4 feet), 1 (per additional foot of reach), 1 power point to maintain per round).
The Psi-Sword ignores half of effective hardness of inanimate targets, and one-half of the bonuses provided by armor, natural armor, and/or shields (except those created by psychic energy).
The Psi-Sword is hard-to-find relic of a long-dead civilization, and thus a highly-sought-after weapon for its sheer historical value (the Purchase DC given is for the ease of calculating whether a character can start with it or not).

=Diggers Technologies Laser Pen.
=Damage: 3d8 (Fire).
=Critical: 20
=Range Increment: 20 Feet.
=Rate Of Fire: S.
=Magazine: 20 int.
=Size: Tiny.
=Weight: 2 lb.
=Purchase DC: 24
=Restriction: Restricted (+2)
Originally designed by Gina Diggers pretty much out of a whim (as befits all Fiction mad scientists), it has since reached a peculiarly significant niche in the adventuring market with the fact that it’s an easy-to-conceal, powerful and diminutive weapon. It has seen large purchases to VIPs (and bodyguards), undercover police officers and intelligence officers. The Laser Pen is sold thru Diggers Weapons, Inc (a DiggersTech division run by Gina’s sister Brianna).
Rules-wise, the Laser Pen requires Personal Firearms Proficiency to use effectively and a highly miniaturized power pack is required to power the weapon (Purchase DC 15). Replacing the power pack required the Pen to be opened (a full-round action). The design and size of the Laser Pen gives the character a +2 bonus to Bluff and Sleight of Hand rolls to conceal said weapon, and a Bluff roll over the opposing character’s Sense Motive roll allows the character to catch him flat-footed with it (as long as said character hasn’t seen the Pen in action before).

This is is pretty much guesstimated 'cause I don't have $50 to shell out for the book (like many people say I should do...)
=Goa’uld Staff Weapon.
=Damage: 3d10 (fire)
=Critical: 20
=Range Increment: 50 feet
=Rate Of Fire: S.
=Magazine: 50 Int.
=Size: Large.
=Weight: 6 lb.
=Purchase DC: 22
=Restriction: Military (+3)
The Goa’uld are referred as the most stubborn, deceiving and outright nasty humanoids of the entire Stargate-verses (understand HUMANoids. The other ‘villain’ races are even badder, but they just look human-at times), and the main reason lies in their weapons systems, designed primarily for intimidation. Chief among their infantry is the Staff Weapon, an elongated, sturdy plasma weapon designed for ‘idiot-proof’ handling, mean looks, heavy punch (especially if aimed right) and the capacity to bash people’s heads when required.
It looks like a long golden/copper staff with a couple of stubby ends that make it look somewhat like a snake. When the plasma capacitor’s safety is off, the blast end opens with a ‘whh-shht!’ sound and a golden glow (the capacitor charging). In the middle of the staff it’s a small recce with the safety/firing button.
The Goa’uld Staff Weapon requires Personal Firearms Proficiency to handle, and Simple Weapons Proficiency to use effectively in a melee. The Staff weapon can be used in melee with the capacitor open or closed (damage 1d6/1d6 (Bludgeoning) when used this way-attacks as if by a double weapon). The sound of the capacitor charging can give a +1 to Intimidation rolls in appropriate circumstances (GM’s call). When the blast hits, it ‘explodes’ with a three-foot burst radius, dealing damage to anything on it (Reflex save DC 10).
The Staff Weapon is powered by an internal power pack which must be replaced by opening a small hatch on the opposing side of the staff (a full-round action).
So far, the Staff Weapon is used solely by the Goa’uld and any ‘allies’ of theirs, although it is well-known that the military has several captured Weapons on their armories, just in case.

DAMAGE: 2d8 (Shotgun);Varies* (GL).
DAMAGE TYPE: Ballistic (Shotgun); Varies* (GL).
RANGE INCREMENT: 40 ft. (Shotgun); 50 ft (GL).
RATE OF FIRE: Single, S (Shotgun); Single (GL).
MAGAZINE: 7 Int. (Shotgun); 4 Int. (GL).
SIZE: Large.
WEIGHT: 14 lb.
(*: Depending on Ammunition).

One of the earliest weapon modifications created by Washu Hakubi, the "Berserker" was created for heavy Close Quarters Combat and additional combat versatility for an adventurer or CQC team member.
It is a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun with an additional mini-grenade launcher on the pump-action grip, giving it a distinct bulk like an oversized flashlight. It has been purchsed mainly by adventurers, but a small number has also appeared in hands of Office agent teams and F-SWTI.
RULES: Switching between the shotgun and the grenade launcher is a free action, but only one weapon can be used per turn. Recharging the grenade launcher is a one-at-a-time affair, and takes a full action.

-DAMAGE: 2d6/2d6.
-CRITICAL: 20/20.
-RANGE INCREMENT: 50 ft./50 ft.
-MAGAZINE: 34 Box/34 Box.
-SIZE: Large.
-WEIGHT: 12 lb.
The "Gabriel" is a custom-designed replica by Washu, based on the machinegun wielded by "Sakura Wars" character Erica Fontaine.
It is a rifle mount wielding two Sterling L2 sub-machine guns, mounted side-by-side. The modifications to them include a slight size reduce, a reversed feed (so one of the Sterlings is loaded from the right side), Uzi-style ammo clips and an only trigger assembly (so both Sterlings fire simultaneously).
A limited edition of the "Gabriel" comes in a special case with an authentication certificate and picture signed by Washu and Erica (Purchase Dc 25, no extra game benefits-maybe a bonus to Rep when amongst other "Sakura Wars" fans, GM call).
-RULES: The "Gabriel" is a linked weapon, when the character fires, he fires both Strlings simultaneously.
Only one attack roll is made for the weapon, Autofire attacks are rolled as one weapon only. If the weapon hits, damage is rolled separately. Criticals apply as normal.

-DAMAGE: 2d6.
-DAMAGE TYPE: Ballistic.
-MAGAZINE: 30 Box/30 Box.
-SIZE: Large.
-WEIGHT: 8 Lb.
Still based on the "Gabriel" machinegun, the weapon has been designed with more conventional tactics in mind (regardless of actual target), more rugged and with only one barrel that feeds on two ammo clips.
The design is produced by Washu and by Japan-based Kanzaki Heavy Industries, which has been licensed for production. The Kanzaki design, named "Erica", is the same except that the gun has a matte-black finish and is equipped with a red-dot laser and reflex sights.
RULES: This weapon has the Variable Ammunition Gadget added to it, and so cannot be added again.

An (EXTREMELY) Rough Timelime of the 23 Hours.

+World Description-Situation from 1:00 P.M. of November 5 to 12:00 P.M. of November 6, 2002 (The 23 Hours):

+1) At 1:00 P.M. of November 5, millions of Internet users report that their computers have been simultaneously infected by a computer virus. This virus, named CLULESS, is equipped with an incredibly complex programming code, but it doesn’t seems to be causing any sort of malfunction.

+2) At 2:50 P.M. of November 5, a space-time anomaly opens at the WPI campus, its exact center located at the basement of the ‘Wedge’ dormitory. Inmediately after that, the anomaly grows to cover all of the campus in its radius. All communications to and from the campus are lost.

+3) The Worcester anomaly continues to grow, covering the entire city in its mantle. Like the campus, all communications are lost. Computer specialists from the Pentagon begin to analize the virus.

+4) A detailed analysis of the virus’ programming unveils that the virus is a multi-facetic A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), with a complexity never reached before. The fact that is made on a code that looks like ASCII is an apparent facade.

+5) The Worcester anomaly keeps growing, and by 3: 45 P.M. it covers the entire middle section of the Massachusetts state. At the same time in the surrounding states, reports of strange appearances are given to the authorities. This reports are few and far between, but seem to grow at a rapid pace.

+6) The people that analyze the reports notice a strange fact: many of the people, objects and beings described in the reports are exact look-alikes to people, objects and beings from works of fiction.

+7) By 5:55 P. M., the reports of appearances are coming from all over the world. Most of these reports come from many major cities. The United States Army movilizes several teams to Worcester to stop this possible threat.

+8) At 7:35 P.M., dozens of miniature anomalies like the one at Worcester open up around the world, at the infected areas. The Worcester teams report being under attack.

+9) At 7:40 P.M., all contact is lost with the teams movilized to Worcester. At the same time time, a world-wide state of emergency is declared. Riots happen all over the world.

+10) At 7: 45 P.M., all the anomalies expand, and 9 of 10 people located at the infected areas dissappear without a trace.

+11) At 9:45 P.M., a pack of dragons take over the Florida Keys, making them part of their hunting territory. This section will later be renamed ‘Dragon Highway’, and will be declared off-limits until the dragon threat is eliminated.

+12) 11:00. The remaining military forces send several assault teams to Worcester, Washington D.C., Tokyo and the American SouthWest. The Worcester and Washington teams lost contact almost inmediately after entering city limits. The Tokyo teams suffers heavy losses to several Anime characters, but manage to recapture half of the city. The other teams manage to secure several cities, but their attempts to recapture the city of Phoenix, Arizona are stopped by a bunch of people calling themselves ‘Blitz Force’.

+13) 12:45. By motives of the emergency and its ensuing chaos, the use of excessive force for self-defense is accepted. The few people who manage to hear the statement loot their local military armories.

+14) 3:00 A.M. Topeka, Kansas, is destroyed by a nuclear missile fired from a local silo. It is later discovered that an alternate version of Skynet hacked into the computers.

+15) 9:35 A.M. What remains of the governments declare the affected cities ‘danger zones’, to be entered under your own risk of not coming back out. On some of the most dangerous ones (Los Angeles, Denver, Tokyo, New York, Miami, Orlando, London, Berlin, Brasil, Moscow, Singapur, Sydney), civilian militias, and whatever can be spared of the local military are under strict orders of shooting to kill any hostile attempts to leave or enter.

+15) 12:00:50 P.M., November 6. The people who disappeared comes back, apparently unharmed.
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"Our world is gone. Everything we once knew, once cherished, is now a distant memory, a distant dream we all once shared, but have been rudely awakened from! In it's steed stands a mockery of all we once stood for, of all that we built with our own FLESH AND BLOOD!

Sure, some might say, "Oh, now don't be so dramatic. Sure, the world is more crowded, and chaotic, than it was before the 23 Hours, but it is still the same ole terra firma."

They don't understand. The people that Vanished... our families, our friends, everything we held dear... are gone. You heard me, gone. Those brainwashed puppets that have replaced them are no better than the Fictions that they seem to casually ignore. I know this. Why?

I know this every time an Anime Fiction levels a city block, and no one makes a fuss.
I know this every time I walk into a restaurant that was trashed by someone losing it because someone else said the wrong words or whatever.
I know this every time I turn on the news and listen to some stupidity NERV or some other Fiction-ruled agency pulled off, and got away with.
I know this every time I see people in New York, or Chicago, or any other city walking down the street casually while being armed to the teeth.
I know this every time I look at the... thing... that is supposed to be my fiancée. That the woman I am supposed to love is merely some illusion designed to distract me from all the madness and destruction that is going on around me.

They took it all away from us. Now it is time to take it all back."
~Jason "Dex" Decker, in a speech to the Avengers of Humanity


First Post
I'm back Biznitches!

Two things today, an adventure and an event that can occur any time. Another one of those dimensional disturbances.
The Tokyo 300
Timeframe: Any
Setting: Any major city with a lot of roads.

The basic concept of this adventure is simple. A group of speed freeks/race car enthusiasts/mechanics with attitude has arranged a unoffical 500 kilometer race through the streets of Tokyo(or whatever city the players are in). The competition is so varied that it has to be devided into various sub categories in order to assure a level playing field. Problem is that the cops have wind of the race and want to put an end to it, preferably before anyone leaves the starting line. The racers on the other hand just want to go go GO! Sports betters are also betting on a successful race, because they stand to make a lot of money if this goes off without a hitch. So as you can tell, players can be active at any level of the race proceedings.
Aftermath: Whatever happens, this is just the begining. The racers WILL give it another go either here or somewhere else. The cops will try and put an end to it. And hapless civilians will probably try to cross the road.

Dimensional Instability: Reality Decay
A three block area of Queens was engulfed in a powerful reality decay field today, causing the deaths of several dozen Fictions and over 700 people are still in comas as of this report. Physicists are baffled by the size of the event, but were unable to determine the cause.
The breakdown of the barriers between the thousands of realities was not an easy or stress free process. And sometimes, its too much even for a robust healthy reality to take. When everything in an area gives way, Fictions and the Vanished are the ones who suffer. Fictions simply disapear (Fortitude DC35 to drop to -1 hp instead) and the Vanished have their minds Fracked over backwards (Will save DC 30 or take 4d6 Wis damage) . Needless to say, this is not considered a nice thing by any streach of the imagination. One of these things destroyed a powerful Ranma alternate, so it seems that there are even more powerful varients out there. Be very afraid.


The new Dimensional Instability is rather impressive. Consider it added immediately to the setting.

As for the 'Tokyo 300'... a good continuation for it, I think, would be a sort of 'Cannonball Run'-like race, longer and wackier.

Toon Racial Feats.

I once remember seeing a Thread ehre about 'Toon Feats'. Since at the time I was thinking about adding American Cartoons to this mess (and they should have a slightly different approach to 'physics' that normal Anime Fictions and the Humans), I saved it.

Now, well, here I am on the verge of adding a Toon Racial Write-up (stil working on it), so I decided to go add these Racial Feats. Only Toon characters can grab them, when given te chance to.


“Hey, Cut It Out” (Toon)
You don’t only make people hesitate on their actions, you look at them in the eye and stop them cold. Or more like squint them in the eye… whatever.
PreRequisite: Cha 15+, Confident.
Benefit: This action is activated with an Action Point. Once done, you have a +4 bonus to Intimidate, this bonus stacks with any other applicable bonuses.
However, this bonus can only be used to make the target ‘cut it out’ (stop attacking, using a gadget, talking or other actions). On the following action, the target can make any other action, but he’s shaken for purposes of trying to continue the activity you told them to ‘cut out’.

Comedic Timing (Toon).
You’re a master at odd times, to make people laugh, to get into a situation, or to get OUT of it.
Prerequisite: Escape Artist 4 ranks, Bluff 4 Ranks.
Benefit: The character can perform an action impossible for a normal human, as long as it is done in a humorous manner. This includes painting holes, removing handcuffs, and the like - all subject to the player's imagination and GM's patience. If something makes the latter laugh, it should probably be allowed.
Special: This feat cannot be used to obtain a tactical benefit during combat, unless a character uses it to retreat.

Comedic Weapon of Opportunity (Toon)
No matter where you go, rest assured that you’ll have a nice variety of weapons at arm’s reach… like a pie. Or a banana. Or the ever-reliable anvil.
PreRequisite: Comedic Timing.
Benefit: The character can obtain a ‘weapon of opportunity’ from the surrounding environment, at the GM’s call. This ‘weapon of opportunity’ must be used in a comedic fashion, can only make subdual damage (regardless of what it is), and standard proficiency rules apply. Aside from that, it’s fair game.

Exit Stage Right (Toon)
’Walls don’t make a prison’… and you know how to leave it with grace.
Benefit: The character can make a hole through a wall or other barrier as a means for quick escape.
Special: The hole takes the same shape as the toon’s normal form. People or other toons without this feat cannot use the new exit.

Extremely Fast Disguise Change (Toon)
Benefit: The character can change into a disguise as a move action (free action if the disguise was already prepared, like under regular clothes). Characters searching for the Toon must then make two Spot rolls, one for noticing the Toon change and one to counter the Disguise check. This doesn’t replaces the necessity to make the disguise, though.

Extremely Fast Disguise Creation (Toon)
Prerequisite: Extremely Fast Disguise Change, Disguise 4+ Ranks.
Benefit: The Toon can fashion a disguise in 1d4 minutes, instead of the 1d4x10 minutes standard to the Disguise skill.

Slow Faller (Toon)
A common gag is to have the Toon standing on the air for a second before he looks down and falls. Contrary to popular belief, it can only be done for a short time, but when you’re standing over a cliff, it’s long enough to terrify anyone.
Benefit: Whenever the character is in danger of a fall that may cause falling damage, he spends one round suspended in midair before the fall begins. Other characters may attempt to prevent the fall which begins as normal in the next round.

Midair Scramble (Toon)
Usually, after looking down, the Toon will try to run for the nearest ledge. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn’t.
Prerequisite: Slow Faller.
Benefit: During the round in which a character with the Slow Faller feat hangs in midair, he may make a Dexterity check (DC 12) to move to any piece of solid ground within 5’.

Sensitive Appendage (Toon)
Prerequisite: Base form with a large appendage.
Benefit: A single or matched set of body appendages – tail, ears, tongue – is unusually active. The character can use the sensitive appendage to make touch attacks or move like a typical arm and hand. A sensitive appendage can carry objects of Tiny or smaller size, or secure the toon’s body to something, requiring an opposed Strength check to dislodge it.

Prehensile Appendage (Toon)
Prerequisite: Sensitive Appendage, Dexterity 13 or more.
Benefit: The sensitive appendage is flexible enough to hold normal objects and use them as if they were held in a hand. Weapons fired behind a toon or around corners suffer the usual penalties for blind fighting.
Special: Toons with a Strong, Prehensile appendage can hold Large objects.

Strong Appendage (Toon)
Prerequisite: Sensitive Appendage, Strength 13 or more.
Benefit: The sensitive appendage is exceptionally strong, adding +5 to any Strength checks to resist dislodgement or Break checks.
Special: Toons with a Strong, Prehensile appendage can hold Large objects.

Extensible Appendage (Toon)
Prerequisite: Sensitive Appendage, Intelligence 13 or more.
Benefit: The sensitive appendage can extend up to 15 feet away from the Toon. All activities that can be done with the appendage are done as normal, although some others (like grappling) require an additional ranged touch attack roll.
Special: Toons with a Strong, Prehensile appendage can hold Large objects.

Detachable Appendage (Toon).
Benefit: The Toon can detach a part of his body and ‘remote operate’ it from a short distance. The distance is 20 feet and as long as the Toon can concentrate, the appendage can perform actions as normal. This requires a Concentration check on part of the Toon, the GM has a final call on what can and can’t be done and how hard it is (using a computer with a detached hand would require the Toon to be able to see the action, for example).
Special: The Detachable Appendage need not necessarily to be the same as the other feats (a toon can have detachable eyes, for example, or could consider a glove an ‘appendage’ for this feat’s ends). The GM has a final call on what can be applied to this feat.

King Size (Toon)
Some Toons are just too large for their birches.
Benefit: The character is one size larger than the average member of his species. Adjust stats for the new size normally.
Special: A character can take this feat more than once.
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Vehicle Modifications, Weapons Modification and Selling.

-Central Offices: Harbor Area, Asgard.
-Regional Offices: Combat Zone, Asgard; T-2; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, CA.
-Majority Stockholder: Washu Hakubi, Asgard, owning all the company’s stock.
-Information: Hakubi Customs was created by an Alternate version of Washu Hakubi to not get bored to death and to gain some money on the side (so she says).
From her automated warehouse on the Harbor, the most high-tech modifications are available to her, and if they’re not… well, she likes a challenge. It is not a secret in the streets that she also creates all sorts of ‘crazy’ weapon modifications and fully functional replicas of famous Fiction weapons and sells them to the highest bidder or neediest vigilante.
What IS a secret, however, is that she has put almost all of her effort to provide for the Offices’ agents, especially the ones of the Rival Relief Office (the ‘Underdogs’ Office’), and, thus, has kept her gun designs on the street almost down to a trickle, so creating the illusion that most of them are one-of-a-kind, when in truth she’s mass-producing them in the Bunker.
‘The Bunker’, her weapons storage right under the Hakubi Customs warehouse, is also the hangar of a number of fully-functional replicas of Fiction vehicles and a fully-modified Stargate. Her ‘transport service’ is only available to Office agents.

(GM’S NOTE: Her ‘secret agenda’ is to provide the Offices (and any somewhat-good faction) with the means to destroy (or at least give hell) to some of her enemies, one of which took her daughter away. As for the RRO, it is because she 1: was convinced to do this by one of its agents, and 2: she sees potential in the Office that is put to waste by the other two.)
(SECOND GM’S NOTE: A number of her ‘street-sale’ weapons have been adapted with the Booby Trapped/Genetic Tag Gadgets for ease of tracking; and they won’t fire (or will self-destruct) if she enters a command on the Bunker mainframe. She sells said weapons as if the Gadget didn’t existed (no DC modified)-taking a loss but keeping really dangerous weapons under control-apparently.)

Vehicle Customizations
Hakubi Customs, or PCs with appropriate Craft (mechanical) skills, will be happy to implement any of the following custom modifications on vehicles. All custom jobs cost 5 + the craft DC of the job in question. The custom jobs take 1d6 days to be completed as a standard, but they can be ‘rushed’ by paying an extra 50% of the cost.
If self-crafted the character must make a Wealth check DC for the half the cost of the custom job for the raw materials and must pass a Craft (mechanical) check at the listed DC. These checks require a full day’s worth of work, If the Check is failed, another attempt might be made another day at no penalty.

Options can be added to different types of vehicles to enhance performance or give them additional capabilities. Unless otherwise noted, each accessory can only be taken once.
Note that Engine Rebuild, Turbocharger, and Big Engine have approximately the same effect in game terms. A superfast vehicle may have all three options assigned, however.

An aerodynamic feature (airdams, spoilers, etc.) that improves traction by increasing the downward force on a wheeled or sea vehicles. Gives a +1 bonus to any Drive Skill check at speeds over 100 mph.
Craft DC: 15

The vehicle is retro-fitted with armored panels, Kevlar inserts, and bullet proof glass on the windows. Each time the armor is assigned, the extra weight reduces top speed by 50 (5) but increases the vehicle’s Hardness by 3.
Craft DC: 17

Big Engine
An upgraded engine, such as a big V8 in a passenger car, or a V12 in a sports car. The engine often differentiates an ordinary passenger car from a luxury model, or a basic sports car from a racer. A big engine adds 50(5) to the top speed of any vehicle.
Craft DC: 19

Body Kit
Almost every vehicle out on the streets has a range of optional body kit upgrades available to it, either from the original manufacturer or a wide range of specialist machine shops. The body kit allows the buyer to truly customize the appearance of his vehicle by adding skirting, shark fins, bat wings, cosmetic spoilers and a paint scheme unique to the owner.
The effects are purely cosmetic and have no practical value but will grant the buyer the ability to choose exactly how the vehicle will look.
Craft DC: 15.

Body Spikes
A series of large metal spikes are welded to the body frame of the vehicle, making any ramming and attempts to get on the vehicle (or, in some extreme cases, eat it) damaging as well.
Whenever anything collides with the vehicle, they receive an additional 1d8 dice of damage, aside from any damages taken from the collision. This damage does not stack with the damage given with a Spiked Ram Plate.
Craft DC: 10.

Burglar Alarm
If a door, trunk, or window is opened without the proper key, an alarm will sound to alert (and annoy) everyone in the vicinity. Defeating the alarm requires an appropriate Skill check against a DC equal to the Craft (electronic) check used to make the alarm. Marginal failure (failed by 5 or less) means the thief realizes he or she cannot disarm it while a worse failure means will trigger the alarm.
Craft DC (electronic): 10 (minimum)

Citizen’s Band (CB) Radio
With a range of a few miles, truckers favor CBs for exchanging information on road conditions, speed traps, and general gossip. Unlike a personal cell phone, a CB broadcasts to everyone in the area — it is not useful for private communication, but is great for distress calls. A similar option can be taken for taxi dispatcher radios. A CB radio can be installed in any vehicle.
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Consumer Electronics
These electronic gadgets include small TV sets, a vehicular computer, fax machines, etc. A cassette or CD player in a car can be considered a fairly mundane item. Electronics can be added to any vehicle, provided the size seems reasonable.
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Convertible Top
The vehicle with this option has a removable or retractable plastic, fibreglass, or fabric top. Removing the top gives a better view and nice breeze, but also means that the driver and passengers are now “partially exposed,” and are at the mercy of the weather. Exposed occupants are also completely unprotected from overhead attacks and can be attacked (bypassing vehicle Armour/Hit Points) more easily from the side or rear (-4 attack check penalty to ignore the car’s Armor). On the plus side, those occupants can also fire out of the vehicle without any difficulty, and jump in or out more easily. This feature is available for automobiles; recreational speed boats and most offshore racers automatically possess this option.
Craft DC: 10

Door Mount
This option is a post and bracket for mounting a light or heavy machine gun out a van’s or chopper’s open side door.
Craft DC: 10

Ejector Seat
Developed from the same systems as those used in fighter jets, the ejector seat available for civilian drivers is actually used for security, rather than safety. The owner of the vehicle fitted with an ejector seat, which is usually fitted on the diver’s position, can pre-select the speed at which it will operate. Upon recognizing an unauthorized entry to the vehicle, the ejector seat will fire as soon as the vehicle reaches its selected speed, throwing any would-be thief 60 ft. into the air. No parachute is provided for the fall to the ground.
Early models of the ejector seat were notorious for misfiring, often throwing their owners out into the street, though modern versions are almost 100% reliable. Fitting an ejector seat also requires a Craft (electronics) check at the same DC.
Check DC: 15.

Electronic Countermeasures
This advanced defense system enables the vehicle to avoid detection by radar and other sensors. Any attempt to mechanically detect the vehicle (except through the basic senses such as sight or hearing) incurs a -6 penalty.
Craft DC (electronic): 15

Engine Rebuild
A rebuild is major custom upgrade to the engine, rather than just simply increasing its size. In a car, this may involve removing and completely cleaning the existing system (including “hot tanking” the engine block in a chemical bath to remove grime), then adding various modifications (known as “blueprinting”). Other engine “buzz-words” include forged dome pistons, tuneable fuel injection, strengthened rods and bearings, adjustable or hot cam socket, tubular headers, custom intake manifolds, big valves, and a bored-out throttle body. This option adds 50 (5) to the top speed of any vehicle.
Craft DC: 19

Furnishings include a mini-bar, mini-fridge, kitchenette, chemical toilet, bunk bed, etc. For larger furnishings (kitchenette, bunks, etc.) each one added also requires replacing one or two seats, depending on the size. Furnishings can be added to any vehicle that has a 4 or more passenger capacity.
Craft DC: 10

Global Positioning System (GPS)
This option uses satellite systems to provide precise navigational co-ordinators, which prevents the driver from becoming lost. Naturally, it is still possible to miss a turn through human error. A GPS can be added to any vehicle. A GPS can be locked in with a computer in the corresponding GPS frequency (Computer Use roll, DC 20).
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Hidden Cargo Space
This space is often used in vehicles that are designed to smuggle goods across borders or past highway patrols. Up to 10% of the vehicle’s cargo capacity can be considered “hidden” under fake panels and bogus fixtures. Hidden space can be added to any vehicle with cargo capacity.
Craft DC: 12

Improved Brakes
This option includes high quality brakes, drag chutes, or forward facing jets that allow the vehicle to stop faster than normal. Those breaks provide a +2 bonus to Drive Skill checks on any maneuver where sudden, sharp deceleration is important. Improved breaks can be added to any ground-based vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Improved Shocks
Some wheeled vehicles have high quality or adjustable shock absorbers or springs, which provide an extra +1 bonus to Drive Skill checks in any circumstance where the suspension would be important (such as crossing over obstacles).
Craft DC: 10

Jump Jets
By fitting powerful, short-burn rockets to the underside of a vehicle, a driver can greatly increase the distance the vehicle will clear when it jumps. Used as part of a jump maneuver, a vehicle fitted with jump jets will clear twice the normal distance. In addition, a jump maneuver may be performed at any time without the benefit of a ramp, usually to clear obstacles. A vehicle jumping without a ramp will clear the normal distance in feet equal to twice its current speed in miles per hour, achieving a maximum height of 3d10 ft.
Craft DC: 21.

Fire Response Security System
A black-market ‘upgrade’ from the Burglar Alarm, it is usually picked up by wealthy people who want to be more… ‘proactive’ in their car protection.
Several nozzles are fitted all around the underside of the vehicle, linked to a gas canister containing volatile chemicals that ignite powerfully in contact with air. Simply by hitting a panic button on the dashboard, the driver can cause a hot sheet of flame to erupt around his vehicle, driving back any potential attackers. Any object within 5 ft. of the vehicle will sustain 2d6 points of fire damage. The flames will continue to surround the vehicle for 1d6 rounds. The vehicle itself will be unharmed from these flames, although the paintwork is often singed. The Lethal Response Security System contains enough gas for just one use, after which it must be refilled (Wealth DC 15). Vehicles of Medium size or smaller and bikes may not be fitted with the system.
Craft DC: 18 (Illegal).

Electric Response Security System
Another upgrade from the Burglar Alarm, it is also picked by people who want a ‘proactive’ response. This modification is legal, unlike the other Security System, because it can be set to be non-lethal.
A computer-controlled set of cables and converters are added to the frame, making possible to electrify the vehicle’s frame with the touch of a switch.
Any object touching the vehicle will take 2d6 points of electricity damage (user’s choice: subdual or lethal-can change settings once per use). The charge will keep going for 1d6 rounds. The vehicle itself and anybody inside it will be unharmed from the electric discharge, but the effect can disrupt communications.
The Electric Response Security System is equipped with a high-capacity battery that powers the system for 2 uses, this battery must be either recharged (Wealth DC 5) or replaced (Wealth DC 15). Vehicles of Medium size or smaller and bikes may not be fitted with the system.
Craft DC (electronic): 18.

Gas Response Security System
Another option to the Security System, the Gas Response Security System is a set of chemical canisters and nozzles set under the vehicle’s underside, that can be activated thru a panic button. Once activated, the immediate area around the vehicle (10 feet) is filled with gas. Those who are in the immediate area must then roll as per exposure rules to whatever gas was inside the canisters (the amount in the canisters corresponds to a grenade’s worth).
The gas also gives complete concealment inside the area. The people inside the car could also be exposed, unless the car was modified with an NBC seal.
The canisters are full with enough chemical for one use, after which they must be refilled (Wealth DC 12+, depending on the legality of the chemical) or replaced (Wealth DC 12+, as well).
Craft DC: 18.

Lights and Siren
Any vehicle can be fitted with a noisy siren and flashing lights. This option can also provide a powerful spot search light. Has the effect of canceling the effects of darkness for 400ft.
Craft DC: 13

Luxury Interior
Leather upholstery, lots of chrome, extra head room, or other items on a vehicle are a sure way to impress someone special. A plethora of luxury options are available for most vehicles.
Craft DC: 9

Manual Transmission
There are two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. An automatic transmission is assumed to be standard issue for cars and hovercars (but not other vehicles), and means that the gear mechanism changes by itself. In a manual transmission, the driver must shift the gears on his or her own, usually with a stick and the clutch pedal. In the case of automobiles, a manual transmission gives an additional -1 penalty to characters who are trying to do something else while they drive, such as shoot a gun. If, however, a vehicle with an automatic transmission and one with a manual transmission are competing in a race, the GM should give any driver who has both the Drive Skill and a manual transmission an extra +1 bonus to reflect the greater speed control the manual transmission provides. Cars and Hovercars can be bought with both transmission types. Converting a car to use another kind of transmission is a DC 15 Repair check.
Craft DC: 15.

NBC Seal
The car is outfitted with a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal, that seals off the interior of the cabin. Also, the car’s air conditioning system is outfitted with special scrubbers to prevent damaging elements from entering. While the system prevents the entry of water, it is useless in a vacuum, and if the vehicle is reduced to 25% or less of its normal Hit Points, the seal is damaged.
Craft DC: 20.

Nitrous Oxide Tank
This option adds a nitrous oxide tank and push-button injection system. Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) can be injected into the engine, which releases more free oxygen and improves cylinder pressures and engine temperature. This action allows extra fuel to be burned in a more controlled fashion, resulting in a quick power boost for a short sprint. A single injection adds 100(10) to speed and +2 to Initiative on any round it is used. A tank can be used for up to five rounds before depleting the nitrous oxide bottle. This performance enhancer is available for any vehicle.
Craft DC (chemical): 21

Off-Road Suspension
A raised suspension and special tires allow the vehicle to drive cross-country at two-thirds of the on-road top speed. The extra suspension weight also means -5 mph to road speed. For airplanes, this option corresponds to Rough-Field Landing Gear that lets the aircraft land without a proper runway. Off-road suspension is available for any ground vehicle or light aircraft.
Craft DC: 10

Oxygen Tank
A small oxygen tank is affixed inside a hidden compartment inside the cabin. The oxygen tank is good enough for 30 minutes (with full passenger complement).
Craft DC: 10.

Police-Band Radio
This radio allows the driver to listen to, and communicate on, police and emergency frequencies. If the cops find one of these in a vehicle, they may be a little suspicious, however. This radio is available for any vehicle.
Craft DC (electronic): 12

Pontoons allow a hover vehicle to land in, or take off from, water. The extra air drag reduces the vehicle's top speed by 50 (5). Pontoons are available for any hover vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Radar Detector
A detector can warn the driver if a police radar trap is within a few miles. Recent models also detect police laser scanners.
Craft DC (electronic): 15

Ram Plate
Though not strictly illegal, the fitting of a ram plate is likely to raise eyebrows for it can sensibly only be used for one thing-protecting a vehicle whenever it is involved in a collision and dealing back as much damage as possible.
A vehicle fitted with a Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 15 against collisions from the front. This hardness applies only to collision damage and does not apply to collision damage from directions other then the front. If the vehicle’s hardness is already 15 or greater, the Ram Plate has no effect.
A vehicle cannot have a Ram Plate and a Reinforced or Spiked Ram Plate at the same time.
Craft DC: 15.

Reinforced Ram Plate
The Reinforced Ram Plate is designed fully for battle purposes, and it shows by being even thicker, bigger and meaner than the normal Ram Plate. Vehicles modified with a Reinforced Ram Plate that aren’t police or military-issued are definitely illegal.
A vehicle fitted with a Reinforced Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 20 against collisions from the front. The hardness applies only to collision damage and does not apply to collision damage from directions other than the front. If the vehicle’s hardness is already 20 or greater, the Reinforced Ram Plate has no effect. Also, the vehicle is considered to be one size bigger for effects of rolling the damage it deals.
A vehicle cannot have a Reinforced Ram Plate and a Ram Plate or Spiked Ram Plate at the same time. The weight of the Reinforced Ram Plate reduces the total speed of the vehicle by 5 MPH. The Reinforced Ram Plate cannot be fit to vehicles of Medium size or smaller.
Craft DC: 18.

Spiked Ram Plate
The spiked Ram Plate is a normal Ram Plate with large spikes welded to it. The modification is trivially simple, making most users with a normal Ram Plate to make the ‘upgrade’ if required. The Spiked Ram Plate is illegal by street and highway laws, but it is widely used in the Outback by Road Warriors.
A vehicle fitted with a Spiked Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 15 against collisions from the front. The hardness applies only to collision damage from the front. As well, when the collision occurs, the dice dealt by the vehicle is increased by 2 dice. This additional damage is Piercing.
A vehicle cannot have a Spiked Ram Plate and a Ram Plate or Reinforced Ram Plate at the same time. A normal Ram Plate can be ‘upgraded’ to a Spiked Ram Plate with a Craft check, DC 5. (The Craft DC given is to make the modification from scratch).
Craft DC: 15.

Retro Jets
By fitting a series of short-burn rockets to the front of the vehicle, the driver can guarantee stopping almost instantly, regardless of the speed he was traveling at. When performing a Hard Brake maneuver (D20M, pg. 159), the Retro Jets allow the vehicle to slow down by three categories instead of just two with a single drive action. After the Retro Jets have been used once, they completely burn out and must be replaced (Wealth DC 18).
Craft DC: 21

Rocket Engine
Favored by speed junkies and the absolutely insane. The vehicle is outfitted with a rocket engine. The engine drastically increases the speed of the vehicle by an additional 100 (10) but the expensive modification incurs a -2 penalty on all Drive Skill checks while the rocket booster is activated.
Craft DC: 21

Rotating License Plate
With a flick of a switch, the license plate can flip to reveal an alternative identity for a vehicle. This illegal modification is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 15 (Illegal)

Rotating License Plate, Multiple License.
This ‘enhanced’ version of the Rotating License Plate modification can hold up to three alternate licenses, plus the ‘original’ one.
Craft DC: 20 (Illegal).

Sidecars are attached to motorcycles, allowing an extra person to ride. This option reduces the top speed by 100 (10) on a conventional vehicle or 200 (20) on a hover vehicle. A sidecar requires three rounds to attach or detach.
Craft DC: 15

Slick Tires
A wheeled vehicle may be outfitted with flat racing tires (no grooves) for better traction. Slicks give a +1 bonus to any Drive checks on smooth, dry tracks, but unfortunately have a poor grip on wet roads: an additional -2 penalty is assigned to any penalties suffered by a vehicle for the weather conditions. Slicks are available for any ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 10

Smoke Screen/Oil Slick
This option releases smoke behind the vehicle, obscuring view in a cloud about 10 yards in diameter. The screen will last for 1-6 rounds depending on the wind. Alternatively, it could act as an oil slick, which creates a slippery area that hampers the control of any vehicle driving through it. A driver may avoid the oil slick if he or she spots it in time. At GM’s option, a character caught in a smoke screen/oil slick might be required to make a successful Driving Skill check to avoid an accident. A fully charged smoke screen/oil slick is good for three rounds of use, and is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Special Tires or Puncture-Resistant
Tires may be designed with various special abilities. These include solid puncture-resistant tires that run while flat (halve penalties for losing a tire) or special snow tires (reduce or negate any penalties that the GM may assign for maneuvering on snow or ice). Any ground-based vehicle can be equipped with special tires.
Craft DC: 10

Stretchers and Medical Equipment
This option differentiates ambulances from regular vehicles. Each stretcher replaces two seats for passenger capacity purposes. Medical equipment can be added to any van or utility helicopter.
Craft DC: 7 (for alterations to vehicle - medical equipment bought separately)

These vehicles are carefully stripped down to improve their power to weight ratio. In a car, this might mean removing glass from side windows (replacing them with nets), taking out the headlights, stripping out the doors (the driver will now climb through the window), modifying the seats, and otherwise removing items that are required for regular driving but unnecessary or unsafe for a high-speed race. Stripping a vehicle will add 30(3) to top speed if the vehicle is still “street legal” or 50(5) if enough stuff is removed so that the vehicle no longer meets minimum safety standards. All vehicles, except an ultra-light, can be stripped.
Craft DC: 13

Sun Roof
A sun roof is an open hatch in the top of the vehicle, which can be added to any car or van. Characters who lean out the opening can be attacked, but receive a benefit for partial cover (-4 penalty to the attacker’s check). A sun roof is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 11

A supercharger is designed to increase an engine’s power. The supercharger uses a belt-and-pulley mechanism linked to an engine’s crankshaft. It functions by forcing extra air and fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers. A supercharger adds 40(4) to top speed and the extra acceleration gives a +2 Initiative bonus.
Craft DC: 19

Tow Winch
A winch allows the vehicle to tow other vehicles of equal or smaller size (similar to pulling a trailer — see Trailer below). A winch is available for any pickup truck or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 5

This device uses the engine’s exhaust stream to drive an air compressor, which increases the engine’s power output. This extra power adds 50(5) to top speed, but there is no extra initiative bonus, due to “turbo lag” — the delay it takes for the turbocharger to respond.
Craft DC: 19

Weapon Mount - Concealable
Because sometimes it is better to not call the attention of the authorities (but having guns on the vehicle is required), this mod fits the weapons behind concealed hatches and ports from which they spring up when needed. There are two varieties of Concealed Weapon Mount-Light and Heavy.
Noticing a Concealed Weapon Mount requites a Notice roll (DC 20). Concealed weapons may be made ready for firing as part of a drive action on the part of the driver, or a move-equivalent action on part of a crewman. Installing a Concealable Weapon Mount requires both a Craft (Mechanical) and Craft (Electrical) roll at the given DC (the price is only calculated as if one Craft roll was made, though).
The mount only takes one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 10 (Light Weapon Mount), 15 (Heavy Weapon Mount).

Weapon Mount - Light
A weapon mount is a bracket or pintle for mounting a light or heavy machine gun on the vehicle’s roof, deck, or the underside of a wing. The mount only takes one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 5

Weapon Mount - Heavy
This mount is used for mounting heavy weapons such as rockets. The mount only accepts one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 10

A heavy-duty (1-ton) winch.
Craft DC: 10.
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