CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).


R3-A2 is an orange and white R3-series astromech droid, served with the Rebel Alliance on Hoth. As an R3 series, R3-A2 was designed for use on capital ships, but could work on a suitable starfighter like R2 and similar droids. R3-A2's databanks contained detailed statistics on thousands of military starships, had space to store 5 hyperspace jump co-ordinates, and was programmed with coordinating starfighters in combat.
The R3 Series Astromech were produced by Industrial Automation were very similar to their predecessor the R2 Series, except they were designed primarily for military use, particularly aboard capital ships, but can function in the same role as the R2 on starfighters. They came equipped with several tool arms, internal cargo storage units, on board navi-comp for calculating hyperspace jumps as well as store several pre-calculated jump co-ordinates, comp-link probe for linking to computer systems. The primary difference between the R3 and R2 is the R3 lack the extendable sensor, and the dome was transparent, allowing its sensors greater range, and had increased intelligence. While the droids can make noises, they can't speak, making beeps, squeaks, squeals and other noises, which can be translated by most translator droids, and some humanoids can learn to understand the basics of this form of communication, however they are able to transmit large amounts of information this way, which these types of droids use to communicate vast technical information back and forth. Many owners modify these droids with any number of additional tools, equipment or abilities, including jet thrusters for limited flight on a planet or for zero-g maneuvering, weapons, or specialized equipment.

CR: 1
Size: Small (3 ft, 2 inches)
Hit Points: 1d10+5 (15)
Init: +1
Speed: 15 ft, 30 wheels
Defense: 13 (+2 Dex, +1 Size)
BAB/Grp: +0
Attack: unarmed +1 melee 1d3+1
FS/Reach: 5/5 ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Co-Ordinated Jumps, Squadron Guidance, Squadron Targeting
Saves: Fort +0 , Reflex +2 , Will +0
Abilities: Str 12, Dex 14, Con -, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills: Computer Use +10, Craft Electrical +8, Craft Mechanical +8, Knowledge Technology +8, Listen +2, Navigate +4, Pilot (Light) +6, Repair +10, Search +4, Spot +5
Feats: Starship Operations: Ultralight, Gearhead

Frame: biodroid
Locomotion: legs (pair, with retractable third) with wheels (tripod configuration)
Manipulators: 1 grapple claw, multiple extendable tools
Armour: None
Sensors: Class VI
Skill Software: Skill Net (+4): Craft Electrical, Mechanical, Knowledge Technology, Treat Injury, Skill Net (+2) Computer Use, Pilot, Search, Repair
Feat Software: Starship Operations: Light, Gearhead
Accessories: Int upgrade x3, Dex upgrade, internal storage (20 lbs), complink, tool mount x4 (mounted on body), vocalizer, mechanicomp sensor, electricomp sensor, fusion torch, arc welder, motion sensor, grappler tag with 50 ft of duracable, video & photo recorders, holo projector & recorder, radio, electrical tool kit deluxe, mechanical tool kit deluxe, multipurpose tool, fire extinguisher (6 uses) heuristic processors, magnetic feet, navi-comp
PDC: 27 (unique +5)

R3-A2 isn't much use in a personal fight, but is much more useful aboard a starship. It is quite capable of serving on a starfighter, making repairs and other duties of other astromechs, but prefers to work on capital ships, especially carriers where it can co-ordinate multiple fighters, providing them with targeting and flight information to enhanced the pilot's chances in combat, and also co-ordinate hyperspace jumps for quick attacks and escapes.

Heuristic Processor
The R3 series droids are able to learn new skills and feats, and take on ordinary classes (see d20 modern pg 270 Support Characters), but must relate to the medical field in some way.

Capital Ship Programming
When aboard a military capital ship, gains +1 to all checks, doubles the Aid Other bonus. It can alter the Starship Operations: Light to match whatever starship it is serving on within 1d4+6 rounds.

360 Degree Vision
The transparent dome allows the R3 to see in all directions at once, thus it can not be surprised and flanking opponents only gain half the normal bonus, and grants the R3 +1 to Spot checks (already calculated in stats).

Co-Ordinate Jumps
While R3-A2 is on a capital ship (light or larger), can quickly calculate, adjust and upload hyperspace jump co-ordinates for up to 5 wings (each wing made up of up to 4 ultralight ships) of designated ally ships, granting the wings +3 to Navigate checks to calculate hyperspace jumps and +3 to Pilot checks to remain in formation when they exit hyperspace.

Squadron Guidance
While R3-A2 is on a capital ship (light or larger), provides a +2 to Initiative, and +2 to attack rolls for the first round, to up to 5 designated allied wings (each of up to 4 ultralight ships, for a total of 20 starfighters) at the start of combat as long as the fighter pilots are not surprised or flatfooted at the start of combat.

Squadron Targeting
If a designated ally wing of fighters (ultralight) is attacking the same target as the capital ship (light or larger) that R3-A2 is on, the attacking wing gains +1 to all attack rolls for the round, and the first weapon fired against the same target in the round has its critical threat range increased by 1 (20x2 becomes 19-20x2, to a maximum of 17-20. If the weapon already has a critical threat of 17-20, increase the critical damage multiplier by 1, x2 becomes x3, etc).

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New Feat:


(Editor's Note: We know it doesn't fits the Feat as written, but it's very hard to find an image that can represent it as well... or as funny).

The good news for the bad guys is that you don't have unlimited ammunition. The bad news is that you'll still shoot so many times without reloading that it won't make any difference.
PRE-REQUISITES: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Rapid Reload.
EFFECT: Once per encounter, you can pay 3 Action Points to activate this Feat, and its effects will remain active for a duration of 5 rounds plus your Dexterity modifier. During that time as long as you keep firing your weapon every round, you have enough ammunition on your person for at least 2 full reloads of the weapon, and it's a weapon with a minimum ammo capacity of 2 rounds (and does not has a Linked ammo capacity), you can continue firing without worrying about having to manually reload even if the weapon normally would need to (ex. multi-shot Derringers). Once you stop shooting, or the Feat's effect runs its course, all of the ammunition used, including reloads, plus an additional 10% in your equipment (on your person, carried in a Bag of Holding, etc.) will be spent. If you do not have enough ammunition carried or easily accessible, the duration ends immediately.


The Turas is another ship built by the same company that built the Realta in the Kelvin Timeline of Star Trek. Similar to the Realta, the ship consists of a circular primary hull, with a split in the front running half the length, within which is the sensors and deflector dish. At the ear of the saucer a pair of pylons angle up and outwards upon which a pair of warp nacelles are mounted. About one quarter of the length from the end of the nacelles a set of pylons angle down and inwards that connect to a small secondary hull structure, containing the warp core, main engineering, and additional impulse engine thrusters. This allows for greater internal space in the saucer for other systems ad cargo, and to easily eject the warp core in the case of a critical failure.
The saucer contains the bridge, crew quarters, cargo holds, main systems, a modest sickbay, a four person transporter and a heavier cargo transporter in the main cargo hold, with 15 2 person escape pods as standard. The Turas was built to be both a general purpose and light combat ship, used by small security forces, planet defense forces for anti-pirate work. The Turas shares the modular design of the Realta before it, making it a likely upgrade for users of the Realta, with a maximum warp speed of Warp 4, requiring a base crew of at least 5. The ship is lightly armed with three Type 2 phasers, one covering the forward top half, one covering the forward bottom half, and the other the rear half. Under the rear of the saucer is a hanger which can support a single shuttle.

Turas Class (Earth/Federation (PL6))
Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Fast Freighter
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 3500
Defense: 2 (-8 size)
Flat-Footed Defense:
Autopilot Defense: 6
Hardness: 15
Hit Dice: 14d20 (280 hp) shields 350 hp
Initiative Modifier: +2
Pilot's Class Bonus:
Pilot's Dex Modifier:
Gunner's Attack Bonus:
Length: 189 ft
Weight: 480 tons
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Crew: 5 to 20
Passenger Capacity: 30*
Cargo Capacity: 225 tons*
Grapple Modifier: +16
Base PDC: 45
Restriction: Lic +1

Type 3 Phaser -5 ranged 12d10 (5500 ft, energy/fire, s) front arc or rear arc; or
Type 3 Phaser -5 ranged 12d10 (5500 ft, energy/fire, s) front and Type 3 phaser -10 ranged 12d10 (5500 ft, energy/fire, s)

Attack of Opportunity:

Standard PL(6) Design Spec: +2 Initiative, Agile Ships (+1 Dodge), Easy to Repair (Repair DC -4, -25% time), Swiss Army Tech, Shield Dependent, transporter, Sickbay, tractor beam, replicators, shuttle bay, mining laser. +1 attack vs interceptor, fighter (and similar types) subtype craft
Engines: thrusters, ion engines, warp drive (max warp 4)
Armour: ditanium
Defense Systems: shields, autopilot
Sensors: Class III,
Communications: radio transceiver, subspace array
Weapons: 3 type 3 phaser
Grappling Systems: tractor beam

Phaser Type 3
Phasers are the main offensive weapons of the Federation, using nadian based phased energy that fire beams, capable of variable energy output. Usually mounted in a low profile turret to allow greater field of fire. Able to change damage by lowering the number of die to a minimum of 2d10 as a free action once per round. The Type 3 phaser was available on civilian ships.
Damage: 10d10
Damage Type: Fire/Energy
Range Increment: 5000 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Minimum Ship Size: Huge
Purchase DC: 33
Restriction: Res (+2)

Mining Laser
This laser is designed to slowly and precisely cut into asteroids to break them up or expose materials of interest to the mining ship. As a full round action, a ship with a mining laser, after making a Knowledge: Earth and Life Sciences check DC 16 and an attack roll to strike a Defense 15, +1 per 5 points over the DC succeeded by, able to cut through up to 10 feet of most asteroids (rock, common metals such as nickle, iron, etc), 20 feet through ice comets. Through asteroids made of denser metals, cuts through 5 feet per full round. The laser has a range increment of 2000 ft, out to a maximum of 10,000 ft. If the ship is moving faster than 1000 ft, suffers -1 to attack rolls per 500 ft over 1000 ft the ship is moving that round. If used a weapon, the mining laser deals 6d20 energy damage, ignoring 20 points of hardness, but suffers -4 to attack rolls, as it can only fire in a 60 degree arc in front of the ship with a rate of fire of single, but downwards up to 80 degrees (almost straight down from the base of the split in the front of the ship).

Agile Ships
All Star Trek ships are more agile for their size, gaining a +1 Dodge bonus to Defense as long as the ship moves.

Easy to Repair
Due to the nature of the technology in this universe, especially Federation or Borg technology, all repairs have DC reduced by -4, and time reduced by 25%.

Swiss-Army Tech
Due to the adaptable nature of the technology, and skilled engineers, especially those in the Federation, a piece of technology can be jury-rigged and modified to do something it wasn't originally intended to do, as long as it is within reason (GM discretion), such as modifying the deflector array into a type of energy weapon, albeit limited use. Modifying a device this way means it can not be used for its original purpose at the same time, and requires a Knowledge: Technology check DC 18 and Repair check DC 21 and 5 +1d6 minutes for moderate changes (such as deflector array being used as a means to emit a type of energy as a weapon); while more extensive modifications require a Knowledge: Technology check DC 25 and Repair check DC 30, and 30 +2d10 minutes. This type of modification means the item is unable to be used for its original purpose until it has been restored to its original configuration.

Shield Dependent
Star Trek ships have powerful shields, having the equivalent of Deflector Shields (d20 Future pg 42) and provide bonus HP against all attacks equal to 20 HP / starship HD + 25% HD, for example, a ship with 5 HD (100 HP) will have shields with 125 HP. However as they have developed incredible powerful shields, they are a bit lacking in the armour department, suffering -2 hit dice per category and subtype. There are a few exceptions to this rule, being Klingon, Dominion and Hirogen ships which have standard hit dice for their subtype and category, with a few notable other ships, such as the Defiant class.


Turas Mk2

The Mk2 Turas takes advantage of a number of upgrades in technology, including improved warp engines for greater speed of warp 5.5, improved hull materials used in construction, improved shield generators. A fourth phaser is added to provided additional firepower, allowing it to fire-link two phasers in the forward and rear arcs.
Make the following changes of a Turas to make a Turas Mk2. Both -M and -P version of the Mk2 exist, with similar modifications of the original
Weight increased to 490 tons;
Hit Dice increase to 15d20 (300 hp) shields 375 hp
Crew minimum to 4;
Cargo Capacity reduced to 200 tons;
Increase Passenger Capacity to 40;
Add 1 additional Phaser Type 3;
Change sickbay to standard medbay;
Replace Warp engine with max warp speed of Warp 5.5;
PDC: 46

This version of the Turas is heavily modified for combat and to conceal its weapons until they are deployed. The -Q is deployed within convoys to act as surprise heavy defense for the convoy against pirates and mercenaries. Using the Mk2 as a base, the -Q has a reinforced hull, sensor shielding to conceal its weapons, which include 4 Type 4 phasers for excellent coverage of all angles, the mining laser is replaced with a photon torpedo launcher, a laser point defense system. A set of four heavy plasma cannons are fitted forward for a heavy frontal assault. To round out the enhancements, more powerful impulse engines are fitted to allow it to intercept pirates before they can get too close to a convoy.

Turas-Q Class (Earth/Federation (PL6))
Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Fast Freighter, Q-Ship
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 4000 ft
Defense: 2 (-8 size)
Flat-Footed Defense:
Autopilot Defense: 7
Hardness: 18
Hit Dice: 18d20 (360 hp) shields 675 hp
Initiative Modifier: +2
Pilot's Class Bonus:
Pilot's Dex Modifier:
Gunner's Attack Bonus:
Length: 134 ft
Weight: 520 tons
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Crew: 24
Passenger Capacity: 10 prisoners
Cargo Capacity: 25 tons
Grapple Modifier: +16
Base PDC: 47
Restriction: Mil (+3)

2 fire-linked Type 4 Phaser -5 ranged 18d10 (5500 ft, energy/fire, s) front or rear arc, or Photon Torpedo launcher -8 ranged (varies, 10 torpedoes);
Or 4 fire-linked Heavy Plasma Cannons -5 ranged 36d8 (4,000 ft, fire, single) fixed forward)

Attack of Opportunity:
Point Defense system -8 ranged 1d12x10 fire

Standard PL(6) Design Spec: +2 Initiative, Agile Ships (+1 Dodge), Easy to Repair (Repair DC -4, -25% time), Swiss Army Tech, Shield Dependent, transporter, Sickbay, tractor beam, replicators, shuttle bay, sensor shielding, +2 vs ultralight subtypes fighter, interceptor (and similar sized craft).
Engines: thrusters, upgraded ion engines, warp drive (max warp 5)
Armour: ditanium
Defense Systems: heavy shields (30 hp/HD), autopilot, point defense system
Sensors: Class III, targeting system mk1
Communications: radio transceiver, subspace array
Weapons: 4 type 4 phaser, 4 fire-linked heavy plasma cannons, 1 photon torpedo launcher
Grappling Systems: tractor beam

Sensor Shielding
The ship is designed to disguise or hide parts of its equipment or interior from sensor scans. While weapons are not active, any scans to detect what weapons the ship has, or armour suffer -8 to their checks. A failed scan will only reveal the ship has standard equipment for its base type, and basic cargo that the crew inputs (food stuffs, basic construction matarial, etc).
PDC: 25 + one-quarter base PDC of the ship, Restriction: Mil or Illegal (+3 to +4).

Photon Torpedo
Photon torpedoes are anti-matter weapons with variable yields. These weapons usually draw their anti-matter from the equipped ship's own anti-matter supplies. These torpedoes require special containment and feeding systems to load and unload the anti-matter after a fight.
At its lowest setting, the torpedo can do 3d20 to a single target, or deal this damage to a 2000 ft square, and can increase damage by 1 die up to a maximum of 12d20, but reduce the maximum radius by 100 ft per die increase, Reflex save DC 19 for half damage when set for an area.. The damage can be to the maximum radius, or to a single target. These weapons are very dangerous in an atmosphere and are usually banned from planetary use except in special circumstances. If used in a planetary atmosphere, deals damage to an area +50% greater, and if set for a single target, deals half damage to a 100 ft area, and Reflex saves in an atmosphere is increased to 21 for half damage. If the ship loses all power while in battle, there is a 50% chance that a loaded torpedo loses containment and it detonates, dealing damage to the equipped ship, ignore its armour hardness.
Damage: varies
Damage Type: Energy
Range Increment: -
Rate of Fire: Single
Minimum Ship Size: Huge
Purchase DC: 31
Restriction: Mil (+3)


Lucrehulk Class
The Lucrehulk is a starship utilized by the Trade Federation, produced by Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc, to haul freight, and many were also turned into battleships, which carried droid soldiers and fighters during the Clone Wars, others as droid carriers, with most of its systems fitted for carrying, maintaining and launching droid fighters or droops. The ships consisted of a large C shaped hull with the opening forward, with a central sphere structure positioned on the inner side at the back of the C. This sphere structure could separate and make planetary landings.

Lucrehulk LH-3210 Cargo
This version is the basic model, able to carry massive amounts of cargo. The central sphere can not separate from the rest ship. The ships are fitted with 28 quad laser cannon turrets, several dedicated to point defense and others for direct attack. Typically crewed by about 500 crew, although depending on the operators, about 75% will be droids.

Lucrehulk Freighter (PL7)
Type: super heavy
Subtype: star freighter
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 3000 ft
Defense: 7
Flat-Footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 7
Hardness: 20
Hit Dice: 350d20 (7,000 hp), shields 1750 hp
Initiative Modifier: +2
Pilot's Class Bonus: +3
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +2
Gunner's Attack Bonus: +2
Length: 10,400 ft
Weight: 320,000 tons
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Crew: 500 (trained) can be a mix of living and droid
Passenger Capacity: 50 passengers, 200 battle droids or living troops
Cargo Capacity: 25 million tons
Grapple Modifier: +8
Base PDC: 60
Restriction: Lic (+1)

Battery of 2 quad laser cannons -2 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single) and Battery of 2 quad laser cannons -7 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single).

Attack of Opportunity:
Point-defense system +3 ranged (5d12x10 fire)


Standard PL(6) Design Spec:
Engines: Ion engine, thrusters, Class 2 hyperdrive, Class 10 backup
Armour: Alloy Plating
Defense Systems: Shields, autopilot system, point defense system
Sensors: Class II, targeting system
Communications: Comlink (radio & drive transceiver)
Weapons: quad lasers (28)
Grappling Systems: tractor beam

Lucrehulk Battleship
The battleship version of the Lucrehulk was the primary capital ship of the Trade Federation's Trade Defense Force, and when they joined the CIS, made up a large part of the Confederation Navy. They are modified versions, where the central sphere could separate, functioning as a landing ship to ferry cargo and crew up to the main ship. The outer ring was fitted with turbolasers, improved power systems were added to help power the weapons and greatly boost the shielding. The cavernous cargo bays modified into hangers for troop ships and droid fighters and bombers. Crew compliment was 150 to 350, plus any additional droids, able to carry up to 100 living passengers. A fully loaded Lucrehulk could carry 50 C-9979 Landing ships, 1500 vulture droid fighters, 4 to 8 shuttles, 550 multi-troop transports, 6520 Armoured Assault Tanks, and 500 to 1000 other ground/hover attack craft, with about 139,000 battle droids of various models. However most ships typically carried half to two thirds these numbers, depending on duration between when they can resupply and how many battles they participated in.

Lucrehulk Battleship (PL7)
Type: super heavy
Subtype: star freighter, modified into battleship
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 3000 ft
Defense: 7
Flat-Footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 7
Hardness: 20
Hit Dice: 350d20* (7,000* hp), shields 3,500 hp
Initiative Modifier: +2
Pilot's Class Bonus: +3
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +2
Gunner's Attack Bonus: +2
Length: 10,400 ft
Weight: 331,000 tons
Targeting System Bonus: +5
Crew: 350 (trained +4) living and 6000 droid, 2000 droid security
Passenger Capacity: 600 passengers, 139,000* battle droids
Cargo Capacity: 40,000 tons
Grapple Modifier: +8
Base PDC: 65
Restriction: Mil (+3)

Has 4 sets of gunners, each can make an attacks from below:
Battery of 5 turbolasers +4 ranged (12d8 ignore 20 hardness, 20, 9,000 ft, single) and Battery of 5 turbolasers -1 ranged (12d8 ignore 20 hardness, 20, 9,000 ft, single); or
Battery of 2 quad laser cannons +0 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single) and Battery of 2 quad laser cannons -5 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single).

Attack of Opportunity:
Point-defense system +5 ranged (5d12x10 fire)

Bonuses: +2 Initiative

Standard PL(6) Design Spec: detachable Core Ship, hangers (can launch 8 droid fighters or bombers per round, or 2 transport ships, navicomp
Engines: Ion engine, thrusters, Class 2 hyperdrive, Class 10 backup
Armour: Alloy Plating
Defense Systems: Shields, autopilot system, point defense system
Sensors: Class III, improved targeting system
Communications: Comlink (radio & drive transceiver)
Weapons: multiple turbolaser batteries, quad laser batteries
Grappling Systems: tractor beam

Turbolasers are capital ship level lasers more powerful than lasers found on starships, however they have lower fire rates than those found on fighters. These weapons are also not as accurate at targeting fast moving targets suffering -1 to strike any ships of Ultralight size or smaller.

Turbolaser (PL6)
Damage: 12d8, ignore 20 points of DR/hardness
Critical: 20x2
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 9000 ft
Rate of Fire: Single
Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan
Purchase DC: 40
Restriction: Military (+3)

Core Ship
The Core ship is the central sphere, and is able to detach and reattach to the main ship. When separated the hit points of the Core Ship are removed from the main hit points, and the main ship suffers -2 to attack and -1 to initiative as the main control systems are in the Core ship, and is using secondary systems. The core ship can make planetary landing and take offs, has its own shielding which only works when separated. It lacks hyperdrive, but does have several weapons to defend itself.

Core Ship (PL7)
Type: Light
Subtype: hauler (command unit)
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 3000 ft
Defense: 7
Flat-Footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 5
Hardness: 20
Hit Dice: 36d20* (720* hp), shields 200 hp
Initiative Modifier: +2
Pilot's Class Bonus: +3
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +2
Gunner's Attack Bonus: +2
Length: 2000 ft
Weight: 7500 tons
Targeting System Bonus: +5
Crew: 150 (trained +4) living and 1000 droid, 500 droid security
Passenger Capacity: 600 passengers
Cargo Capacity: 100 tons
Grapple Modifier: +8
Base PDC: 55
Restriction: Lic (+1)

Turbolaser -1 ranged (12d8 ignore 20 hardness, 20, 9,000 ft, single) and turbolasers -6 ranged (12d8 ignore 20 hardness, 20, 9,000 ft, single); or
Battery of 2 quad laser cannons +0 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single) and Battery of 2 quad laser cannons -5 ranged (12d8, 20, fire, 3000 ft, single).

Attack of Opportunity:
Point-defense system +5 ranged (2d12x10 fire)


Standard PL(6) Design Spec: connect to Lucrehulk Battleship
Engines: Ion engine, thrusters
Armour: Alloy Plating
Defense Systems: Shields, autopilot system, point defense system
Sensors: Class III, improved targeting system
Communications: Comlink (radio & drive transceiver)
Weapons: quad lasers (28)
Grappling Systems: tractor beam

Reconnect/Disconnect to Lucrehulk Battleship
In a non combat situation, the pilot can perform a docking maneuver with a Pilot DC 10 if the Lucrehulk Battleship is not moving, and takes 1d4+2 rounds. Can be reduced to 2 rounds by increasing the DC to 21. To dock in combat, requires the pilots of both ships to fly in formation first, and the docking DC increases to base DC 17 with any other conditional modifiers. Disconnecting from the main ship takes 2 rounds in non combat situations with a Pilot DC 10, but in combat both ships must make checks as flying in formation.


Droid Tri-Fighter
The droid Tri-Fighter is an advanced droid fighter used by the Confederacy Navy. Developed by Colicoid Creation Nest, the makers of the droideka, it had a ridged three-armed design based on a fearsome predator native to the planet Colla IV. Three bracing arms set equilateral around the roating, gyroscopic core, connected to the triple engine block with independent thrusters, giving the fighter incredible agility. It was armed with a heavy laser that protruded from the central ball, which had the droid's main red photoreceptors above it, giving it a menacing look, and a laser mounted on each of the three arms, which could fire independently or together. The laser mountings were on rails that allowed increased accuracy. The lower brace arms can be fitted with missiles mounted on the upper parts, along the side of the fighter.

Droid Tri-fighter Mk1 (PL6-7)
Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Fighter
Size: Huge (-2)
Tactical Speed: 4500 ft space, 1300 atmosphere (130)
Defense: 15 (10 base -2 size +5 class +2 dodge) +4 vs missiles
Flat-Footed Defense: 13 (10 base - 2 size +5 class)
Autopilot Defense:
Hardness: 15
Hit Dice: 7d20 (140 hp)
Initiative Modifier: +4
Pilot's Class Bonus: +5
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +4*
Gunner's Attack Bonus: +5
Length: 17.7 ft
Weight: 5,200 lbs
Targeting System Bonus: +2
Crew: 1 droid brain (expert +8)
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 0 lbs
Grapple Modifier:
Base PDC: 38
Restriction: Mil (+3)

Heavy laser +2 ranged (8d8, 20, fire, 4000 ft, single and 3 light lasers -3 ranged (6d8, 20, fire, 3500 ft, s/a); or
3 light lasers +2 ranged (6d8, 20, fire, 3500 ft, a) autofire attack; or
Missile +2 ranged varies by type loaded

Attack of Opportunity:

Due to the small size and design, the droid starfighter enjoys a +2 bonus to Pilot checks for stunt maneuvers. +2 initiative

Standard PL(6) Design Spec: Twin Engine, Agile, droid pilot, swarm tactics, networked calculations
Engines: Ion engine
Armour: Polymeric
Defense Systems:
Sensors: Class III, Targeting System, Missile Lock Alert
Communications: Radio Transceiver
Weapons: Heavy laser, 3 light lasers, optional 6 external missiles (discord, concussion or other type)
Grappling Systems: none

As long as the starfighter is moving (not stationary, so had moved the turn before and the current turn), the starfighter gains a +2 Dodge bonus to defense, which stacks with any other Dodge bonuses the pilot has. This bonus applies to anyone targeting the starfighter, and not just one specific target the pilot designates.

Droid Pilot
The droid starfighter is controlled by a droid brain, allowing it to perform multiple actions at once. The droid brain can make two normal attacks, while making two normal moves, which can include two stunts at the same round.

Swarm Tactics
Droid fighters are able to fly in formations with greater numbers and closer distances than ships piloted by living pilots. Up to 8 droid fighters can fit in a 500 ft square and make up a wing. Attacks are made as a fire-linked battery (battery rules for the first 4, fire-link the next four fighters in the wing) of the wing commander's attack, and all the additional fighters providing +1 Defense to the wing commander's defense. When attacking another wing of starships, the droid fighter wing gains +2 to attack rolls. When attacking a larger ship (Light or bigger) the droid fighter wing gains +2 die of damage.

Networked Calculations
If the droid tri-fighter is missed by an attack, any allied tri-fighter within 1000 gains a +1 to attack rolls against the ship that attacker if within 2000 ft of the attacked tri-fighter.

Light Laser
A lighter version of the standard laser, has slightly higher range than the standard, but lighter damage.

Light Laser (PL6)
Damage: 4d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 3500 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Minimum Ship Size: Huge
Purchase DC: 29
Restriction: Mil (+3)

The Tri-Fighter droid DIS-T81 had taken part in the Siege of Coruscant and it, with any other Tri-fighters in its squadron (7 others), were modified with afterburners and other combat programming to allow them to fill anti-fighter role.
Make the following changes to a Tri-Fighter droid to create DIS-T81 and up to 7 others that operate in it's wing:
Add afterburners (increase speed to 5500 ft during afterburner maneuver) with 2 uses;
Add Outmaneuver;
Add Contingency Protocol;
PDC +1

While attacking an ultralight attack craft (fighter, interceptor, and similar subtype), and not in the defending craft's forward arc, the defender suffers -1 to its Defense and -1 to any Pilot checks to perform any maneuvers.

Contingency Protocol
If a ship in this wing is destroyed, the wing immediately makes an attack of opportunity against the attacker, at -4 to attack roll, but if scores a critical increase critical modifier by 1, x2 becomes x3, x3 becomes x4.

The Tri-Fighter droid DIS-347 was another droid that participated in the Siege of Coruscant during the Clone Wars to fill the role of heavy assault, armed with concussion missiles and improved long range targeting systems.
Make the following changes to a tri-fighter droid and up to 7 others for its wing:
Add afterburner (increase speed to 5500 ft during afterburner maneuver) with 2 uses;
Add Target Lock;
Add Marksmanship;
Add concussion missiles, 6 missiles total;
PDC +1

Target Lock
When an allied fighter successfully hits an enemy fighter with a missile within 5000 ft, DIS-347 and other tri-fighters that are, or were part of its wing gain a +2 to attack rolls to attack that same enemy fighter with a missile weapon in the same round.

The droids have the range increment of their weapons increased by 1000 ft.


Combat Options/Maneuvers

Brace For Impact
The captain of the ship can give this command using a free action that uses up one of their attack of opportunity for the round in response to an attack from an opponent or in reaction to failed pilot check to avoid a hazard such as an asteroid. The Captain performs a Knowledge (tactics) DC 10, or an Intelligence check DC 15 if doesn't have Knowledge (tactics) skill. The crew in response locks down systems and items, or prepares auto-repair systems. On a successful check, the ship gains a +2 bonus to any saves (Reflex and Fort saves) the ship and crew have to make for the rest of the round.

Defensive Position
The Pilot can make a Pilot check DC 15 as part of its move action to turn the craft to reduce exposure to its vital systems. The ship has a 25% chance of turning critical strikes against it into normal hits. If the ship has Fortification, this stacks to a maximum of 75% chance to turn a critical strike to a normal hit.

Fire Interceptors!
If the ship is equipped with a point defense system, it can be set to intercept weapons instead of fighters and missiles. When used this way, the point defense system can not destroy missiles or make attacks of opportunity against ships until set back to normal. When set to intercept, when an opponent fires a projectile or an energy weapon that is not a beam weapon (beam in name or described as firing a beam), the point defense system rolls a 1d20 and adds the ship's targeting system bonus, if the result equals or exceeds the attack roll of the attacking ship, the weapon deals no damage to the equipped ship.

The gunners fire all weapons on one side, or turrets directed to one side, attacking any and all targets in a line the width of the firing ship's length with a length of the shortest weapon range increment in that arc, Reflex save 10 + highest gunner's attack bonus -4, dealing damage equal to the weakest weapon's damage.

Concentrate All Fire!
The captain orders the gunners to concentrate all gunners that are able to attack a single target, making a Knowledge (tactics) DC 15, which grants a +1 bonus to attack rolls for every 5 points the captain beats the DC to a minimum of +1 for the rest of the round against that target, however the ship loses the Pilot's Dex bonus to Defense for the rest of the round.

One of the most difficult manoeuvres known, skindancing involves holding the solo craft in close proximity to the hull of a target. The craft performing the skindancing must be ultralight and the target craft at least two type categories larger, and must have started within 500 ft of each other. The pilot of the attempting craft makes a Pilot DC 30 check and flies in close proximality to the target craft and matches speed with it, with a failure having a 50% chance of ramming the target ship instead. On a success, the skindancing ship can not be targeted by attacks by the targeted ship it is skindancing, and other attacks strike the ship the skindancing ship is skindancing instead. This lasts for the round and must be attempted at the start of each of the target ship's rounds.


Some Christmas related stuff.

Santa Claws (gauntlets)
Good kids get presents, naughty kids get coal, and the truly evil get slain.
This pair of red with white trimmed, clawed gloves are a popular choice with those that battle under the banner of Claus. The Santa Claws must be worn in pairs, or the magical effects are nullified.

Santa Claws
Damage: 1d4+1
Critical: 19-20x2
Damage Type: Slashing
Size: small
Weight: 1.5 lbs ea
Purchase DC: 22 Res (+2)
Notes: Naughty or Nice, Naughty List, +1 magical weapon (+1 to attack and damage rolls)

Naughty or Nice - Wielder can detect the alignment of all creatures within sight as a standard action with a Concentration check DC 18.
Naughty List - When used to deal damage to targets with alignment of evil or has Allegiances to evil groups/creatures/gods, damage is doubled

1st level arcane spell
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 ft
Components: V, S, M (a scrap of wrapping paper)
Duration: Instantaneous
Choose a large or smaller sized creature can see within range. The target must make a Charisma (Will?) saving throw. On a failed save, the target disappears as it is sent to the plane of holiday cheer until the start of its next turn, at which point it reappears in the same space it occupied (or the nearest available space) wrapped in paper covered in festive designs and patterns. While banished to the plane of holiday cheer, the creature is incapacitated.
While wrapped in paper the target is Blinded and its speed is halved. The target or another creature within 5 feet of it can use an action or bonus action to remove the paper. Otherwise, the creature remains wrapped until the paper is removed. The paper is flammable and is instantly destroyed if the wrapped creature ignites or takes fire damage.

Order of the Claus
A saintly order made up of variants of Santa Claus, Saint Nicolas and other beings that fulfill similar roles of spreading cheer, good will, giving gifts to the good, and punishing evil.

MAJOR REGIONAL OFFICES: North Pole on Earth, A large island floating about the Plane of Good
Logo: Stylized image of side of Santa Claus
INFORMATION: The Order of the Claus is made up of multiple variants of Santa Claus, St. Nicolas and other beings that spread cheer, unity and good will. They work to spread good will, cheer and unity amongst humanity and other races. They are most active around Christmas and similar holidays, delivering goods, presents, medical aid and other needed goods. Besides the variants of Santa Claus and similar beings, other creatures and sentient beings work to help these beings of good by running the operations to help in the delivering and production of goods, food, presents, etc; some work as body guards and others as ambassadors to ensure the agents of the Order can move about any location where they are needed.
Some members work only to punish evil, such as Krampus, although these members are fewer in numbers, they are the more secretive in nature, and many of these members will ignore any and all laws to deliver the punishment of their targeted evil being.

The only locations run by the Order of the Claus known to outsiders are a fortress city at the North Pole on Earth, and a huge floating island that moves about the Plane of Good, however there are many hidden and secret factories, training facilities and offices throughout the universe that are only known to some members of the Order, particularly the Santa variants. The Order has a large fleet of starships, ground and air vehicles to facilitate in the delivery of goods, and moving their members about the galaxies. The Order also has one of the largest collection of artifacts and users that can create portals to allow near instantaneous travel to virtually anywhere in the multiverse.
Non Santa variant members have access to a ready supply of general equipment, insurance, and are well paid, and access to portals that will take them to their local Order facility for their duties. Depending on their role, many members are free to pursue whatever they wish during the year, however, regardless of their role in the Order, the month of December they must dedicate strictly to the Order and perform their primary duties.

Possible Adventure Seeds

Help the Claus

An Order transport (space, ground, water or air) is under attack by pirates and its normal escort is destroyed and is sending out a general SOS. The Players can answer the call and fight off the pirates. As reward for saving the transport, can get a one time boost in funds (+10 PDC to next time they go shopping), a few low level magical items but no weapons or armour, free repairs to any of their equipment that was damaged in the rescue attempt.
PCs could also be tasked to escort the transport to its destination where its cargo will be distributed to Order agents (such as variants of Santas).

Missing Santa
The planet (or country) the Players are on/in has had their representative of the Order kidnapped and must be rescued. Rumours of a terrorist group are responsible, or a rival to the planet/country is responsible. The Players much search the site of the kidnapping (the agent's vehicle is a wreckage in the wilderness) for clues as to the culprits and where they have taken the agent of the Order. The agent must be rescued within 1 week as Christmas/similar holiday is only 8 days away.
Rewards can range from minor magical items/weapons or items of a single PL (progress level) higher than normally access to, to a new transportation vehicle with 1d3+1 powerful magical/high tech upgrades or upgrade currently method of transportation can get 1d6+1 low to mid level magical/high tech upgrades.

Warrior Santa Claus
Warrior Santa Claus is a potent combat variant of Santa Claus, with a heavily muscular body, bald top of head, but with long white hair and beard, thick arms and legs rippling with muscles, covered in tattoos related to various warrior icons. He has multiple scars from his many battles, and carries two large greataxes, with a red with white fur trimmed breast plate protecting his torso, red pants and black heavy boots. Warrior Santa Claus delivers gifts to war torn areas, fighting anything that gets in his way to deliver gifts, food and medical aid to the good and needy.

Warrior Santa Claus
Type: Celestial (outsider), lawful Good
Size: Medium
CR: 22
Hit Points: 241 (20d8 +161)
Mas: 25
Init: +2
Speed: 30 ft
Defense: 21 (+2 Dex +9 magical breast plate)
BAB/Grp: +20/+15/+10+/+5 / +27 grapple
FS/Reach: 5 ft (10 ft with axes)
Attacks: +23 melee greataxe (3d12+16 slashing) and +23 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing) and +18 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing)
Full Attack: +23 melee greataxe (3d12+16 slashing) and +23 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing) +18 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing) and +13 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing) and +8 melee greataxe (3d12+13 slashing)
Special Attacks: Air Slash, Ground Split
Special Qualities: Immune to cold*, weapon immunities, charm immunity, darkvision 120 ft, brave, detect life, brute, legendary resistance, magic resistance, magic weapons spell casting
Allegiances: Good, Order of the Claus
Saves: Fort +19, Reflex +14, Will +17
Reputation: +9
Abilities: Str 27, Dex 14, Con 25, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 25
Skills: Balance +17, Climb +17, Concentration +15, Handle Animal +22, Intimidate +17, Gather Information +17, Jump +17, Knowledge Behavioral Sciences +18, Knowledge Current Events +18, Knowledge Theology and Philosophy +18, Listen +15, Navigate +18, Search +13, Sense Motive +22, Spot +19, Survival +19, Swim +17, Treat Injury +17.
Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armour Proficiency (light), Armour Proficiency (medium), Power Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Cleave
Languages: All, telepathy 90 ft.
Possessions: Warrior Santa Claus's Greataxes

Weapon Immunities
Warrior Santa Claus is immune to nonmagical weapons that deal slashing, piercing and bludgeoning damage.

Detect Life
Warrior Santa Claus can magically sense the presence of living creatures up to 5 miles away. He knows the general direction they're in but not their exact location.

Warrior Santa Claus has +5 to all fear based effects and against being frightened.

Any melee weapon wielded by Warrior Santa Claus deals one extra die of its base damage (bonus damage from magical abilities are not affected), which is factored in stats. For example a sword that deals 1d8 while wielded by Warrior Santa Claus deals 2d8 damage.

Magic Weapons
Any weapon wielded by Warrior Santa Claus is considered magical. In terms of damage resistance, they function as +1 weapons while in Warrior Santa Claus' hands.

Legendary Resistance
3 times per day, if Warrior Santa Claus fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.

Magic Resistance
Warrior Santa Claus has SR 14, and any effects that ignore spell resistance gains +4 to his saves.

Spell Casting
Warrior Santa Claus is able to cast multiple spells, with Intelligence being his spellcasting ability (spell DC 20, and spells use +12 for attack rolls). Has the following arcane spells known and can only cast as many spells as slots available:
Cantrips (at will): mage hand, detect magic, ray of frost.
1st level (4 slots): magic missile, shield, feather fall.
2nd level (3 slots): enhance ability, arcane lock, protection from Arrows/Bullets.
3rd level (3 slots): dispel magic, gaseous form, slow, sleet storm.
4th level (3 slots): arcane eye, dimension door, ice storm.
5th level (3 slots): cone of cold, mind fog

Warrior Santa Claus prefers melee combat, but will use spells when appropriate, such as casting buff spells such as shield and enhance ability, and ranged spells to deal damage before entering melee range. Warrior Santa Claus will strike with both his greataxes once in melee, making multiple attacks each round, cutting down one target before moving to the next.

Legendary Actions
Warrior Santa Claus can take 3 legendary actions per round, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. Warrior Santa Claus regains spent legendary actions at the start of his next turn.
Cantrip - Casts a cantrip.
Greataxe - Costing 2 legendary actions, can move up to double his speed and use his greataxe on one target.
Summon Reindeer - Costing 2 legendary actions, Warrior Santa Claus can summon two random reindeer from his fleet. They appear in an unoccupied space that he can see within 90 feet of him. Slain reindeer can be resummoned with all its hit points as if it never died. Use celestial template on a deer (or moose for base stats). Can summon a maximum of 8 reindeer at any time.

Air Slash
As a standard attack, Warrior Santa Claus can slash the air with both his axes in an X, causing a powerful rush of air to blast forth to knock foes off their feet. All within a 60 foot long, 30 foot wide at the end cone must make a Reflex save DC 25 or be knocked back 1d4x10 feet and knocked prone. If they strike a solid object before the total distance knocked back, suffer 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet they were thrown. If targets successfully save, they are only knocked prone.

Ground Split
Warrior Santa Claus hits the ground with both axes, causing tears in the ground, creating a 10 foot wide, 20 foot deep, 30 foot long rip in the ground, requiring those in the area to make a Reflex save DC 25 or fall into the hole, suffering 2d6 points of falling damage and be trapped in the hole. Those that save are prone on the sides of the hole.

Warrior Santa Claus Greataxes
This pair of matching greataxes have black blades, appearing as if made of obsidian, with Elvish runes depicting concepts of good, unity and protection.

Warrior Santa Claus Greataxe
Damage: 2d12+8
Critical: 19-20x2
Damage Type: Slashing
Size: Large
Weight: 10 lbs
Purchase DC: 35 Unique (+5)
Notes: 10 foot reach, magical

Warrior Santa Claus Armour
The 'suit' Warrior Santa Claus wears is a set of magical breast plate that covers his torso, that is red in colour with white fur trim, lacks sleeves, comes with heavy red pants, also trimmed in white fur. It provides excellent protection and renders the wearer immune to all cold.

Warrior Sanda Claus Armour (PL 4)
Type: Medium archaic
Equipment Bonus: +9 (+5 equipment +4 magical bonus)
Nonprof. Bonus: +6
Max Dex: +3
Armour Penalty: -3
Speed (30 ft): 20 ft
Weight: 20 lbs
Purchase DC: 35
Restriction: Unique (+5)
Notes: +4 magical, wearer is immune to cold environments, cold environmental conditions, such as slipper ground due to ice, cold related conditions and all cold damage including magical cold damage.


Ray of Frost

Evocation (cold)
Level 0
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 25 ft +5 ft/2 levels
Effect: Ray
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

A ray of freezing air and ice projects from your pointing finger. You must succeed a ranged touch attack with the ray to deal damage to a target. The ray deals 1d3 points of cold damage.

Sleet Storm
Conjuration (creation, cold)
Level: 3
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 400 ft + 40 ft/level
Area: Cylinder (40 ft radius, 20 ft high)
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

Driving sleet blocks all sight (even darkvision) within it and causes the ground in the area to be icy. A creature can walk within or through the area of sleet at half normal speed with a DC 10 Balance check. Failure means it can't move in that round, while failure by 5 or more means it falls. The sleet extinguishes torches and small fires.
Arcane Materials: A pinch of dust and a few drops of water.

Mind Fog
Enchantment (compulsion, mind-affecting)
Level: 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 100 ft + 10 ft/level
Effect: Fog spreads in 20 ft radius, 20 ft high
Duration: 30 minutes and 2d6 rounds, see text.
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

Mind fog produces a bank of thin mist that weakens the mental resistance of those caught in it. Creatures in the mind fog take a -10 competence penalty on Wisdom checks and Will saves. (A creature that successfully saves against the fog is not affected and need not make further saves even if it remains in the fog.) Affected creatures take the penalty as long as they remain in the fog and for 2d6 rounds thereafter. The fog is stationary and lasts for 30 minutes (or until dispersed by wind).
A moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the fog in four rounds; a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round. The fog is thin and does not significantly hamper vision.

One other potential adventure seed for the Order of Claus:

* "The Night The Reindeer Died": The Player Characters, in the midst of investigating a villainous faction, discover that this faction is developing a plan to attack the North Pole or any other major location of the Order. While the Order is not unused to being target to these kind of schemes, this one in particular seems to be prepared to cause a greater amount of damage than usual. Maybe the faction is even hoping that it totally ruin the holidays in one whole region, as either some kind of long-term plan to ruin the Order once and for all or a kind of shotgun effect to hurt one single target among the crowd (hey, the President of the United States can believe in Santa, too).

The Player Characters have to race against the clock to stop this attack, with the possibility that the climax of the adventure will take place in the final countdown before the attack begins (and is stopped just in time) or even that during the attack as it is happening, with the Player Characters joining forces with the personnel of the Order to fend off the hostiles.


Babylon 5 Hyperspace
Hyperspace (B5) is an alternate dimension which is used for faster-than-light travel between locations that would otherwise take longer to travel to in normal space. The entire dimension appears as a stormy environment that has a constant red hue. Transit between normal space and hyperspace occurs through the use of a "jump point'. A jump point is a large energised vortex that punches a hole between the dimensions and allows objects to pass from one side to the other. To do this requires a huge amount of energy and so most hyperspace travel is achieved via a Jumpgate, though starships that can meet the energy requirements can generate their own Jump Points with the use of on-board Jump Engines.
Jump points are strictly one way. An outgoing jump point for a ship that is about to enter hyperspace is light orange in colour, and incoming jump points for ships re-entering normal space are blue.
These vortexes release a lot of energy, and disrupt space around them, any ship or object that makes contact with the outer edge of the vortex is either instantly or severely crippled. For this reason, jump points are normally opened only in deep space, away from navigational hazards though with sufficiently accurate targeting information it is possible to open a jump point within, and safely transit into, a planetary atmosphere. Vortexes are on average 10,000 feet wide, 10,000 feet tall, and 10,000 feet long, and although are funnel shape, the space around the funnel is disrupted and can damage anything around the sides. A jumpgate can open larger vortexes when the struts are moved, but typically are positioned to open an average sized vortex.
Jumpgates are activated via a Computer Use check DC 10 with a working communications system and navigation system designed to receive hyperspace beacon signals and navigate hyperspace (PDC 20), and ship must be within 1000 ft of the jumpgate opening and moving at speed of 1000 ft as the gate activates. A vortex forms immediately and will remain open as long as the ship, or ships if part of a group, have transmitted access to the gate and enter. After the last one enters, the vortex closes. Speeds are double that of the Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Engines Table 6-6 page 102 of d20 Future.

To travel within Hyperspace, pilot, or navigator makes a Navigate check based on table below, with DCs ranging from 5 to 20, as appropriate for the type of jump route being travelled though only one check is needed for the entire journey, unless a course change is made. Ships choosing to avoid the designated jump routes will experience unpredictable travel times and must make a check with DCs of 25 to 30, or higher, every day or part of, they remain in hyperspace. If a ship wishes to hold station (remain stationary) can be difficult. Combat in Hyperspace is even more risky due to how easy it can be to lose a lock on a beacon, requiring a check every round of combat.
Every Navigation check failed will result in the craft losing its lock on a beacon, sending it spiraling out of control. If another ship within 5000 ft maintains a lock on a beacon, the Navigate check can be made in subsequent rounds.

Manoeuvre/Jump RouteNavigate DCTime Required
Major Jump Route512 hours to 3 days
Minor Jump Route153 to 7 days
Dangerous Jump Route205 to 10 days
Holding Station20-
Travel Outside Jump Routes25-30Variable

Ships equipped with a jump point generator, must be at least Colossal in size and of Light type. Creating a jump point is a full round action that requires a Navigate and Pilot check DC 10 each to create a stable jump point that will appear 2000 feet away from the ship in the direction the navigator designates. The ship can hold a jump point open for 1 minute allowing any friendly ship it designates to fly through, or until the generating ship flies through the vortex, then it closes. Creating a vortex uses a lot of energy, meaning any ship of mediumweight or smaller that is generating the jump point vortex can't fire energy weapons or use any defensive systems that use a lot of energy (point defense system that uses energy weapons, shields, etc) for the duration the vortex is open and 1d4 rounds afterwards. A ship can not create another jump point for 1 minute (10 rounds), not without causing engine shut down, unless it has a massive energy generator with ample supply of power or highly advanced.
Any ship that is within the space that a vortex opens can attempt a Reflex save DC 30 for half damage, but if they are within 500 ft of the center, or have a maximum speed less than 3500 ft, the Reflex DC is 40, a failed save the ship suffers 40d20 points of nonspecific energy that bypasses all DR and energy resistance per 100 feet length of the ship and for every 500 ft from the outer edge of the vortex the ship is. For example, a 100 ft long ship that is 1000 ft from the outer edge of the vortex when it forms and fails its Reflex save, suffers 120d20 points of damage (40d20 for 100 ft of ship length, plus 80d20 for being 1000 ft from the edge).

Note while in hyperspace, ships can move about as if in normal space, even remain in one spot, however that requires the engines to keep the ship in one spot. If the ship loses power or the engines are disable, a ship can float and become lost. Combat in hyperspace is possible,
but dangerous. Targeting systems are half as effective (half bonus rounding down), weapon ranges are reduced by half, but energy weapons deal double damage, and area effects are also doubled with +2 to Reflex saves. Most won't risk combat in hyperspace as it is very easy to become lost if ships stray too far from a beacon, or engines or navigation system becomes damaged and inoperable for even a short period of time.


Once known as the Lion of the Galaxy, the Centauri Republic has suffered several setbacks in recent history and now is a fraction of its original size.
Physical Description: Centauri look very similar to humans, with the only outward physical differences are Male Centauri have six short but manipulative tentacles around their abdomens, but are always kept out of sight. Centauri males are noted for their crowns of hair which are grown in accordance to their rank and position each individual holds in society, with the higher their status, the larger his crown of hair. Female Centauri traditionally shave their heads, ostensibly to demonstrate they rise above political differences.

Personality: The life of most Centauri is one of duty - to themselves, their noble houses and the Republic, usually in that order. They delight in scheming and politicking, and Centauri society provides rich opportunities for both. Names, ranks and titles are everything to a Centauri and most belong to one of the great noble houses that have existed since the dawn of the Republic. Those without such standing are often sold as slaves among the nobles though a few find their way to the stars. Tradition features greatly in the life of a Centauri, and they will observe all religious or political forms and functions with reverence, believing that their sense of history is what gives the Republic its great strength.

Relations: The Centauri are a gregarious people, and usually take some delight in meeting any new alien race, particularly if they are believed to have art, literature or artefacts of interest. Relations with other races, however, are often marred by simple Centauri greed. The Centauri's racial trait of attempting to secure the very best position possible for themselves, their house or the Republic as a whole often overcomes any good intentions and many races find them exasperating to negotiate with. The Centauri nurse a deep hatred for the Narns, a race they enslaved and fought with over one hundred years ago.
In Coreline, the Centauri have found a great many new races and opportunities to better themselves and the Republic. However they are finding the many different human factions, and offshoots (mutants, Co-ordinators, super powered, etc) to be of particular interest. They respect humans due to the Earth/Minbari war, however some treat many of the different Human groups the same, at least until proven otherwise.

Racial Traits:
Ability Modifiers: -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma. As a race, Centauri tend to be self-destructive and rash, but are skilled at politicking and influencing others.
Medium: As Medium creatures, Centauri have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Centauri base land speed is 30 feet.
Racial Skills: Generations of complex politicking and court intrigue have left their mark on all Centauri. At 1st level, a Centauri may choose any of the two following skills which will always be considered class skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Civics and Current Events) in relation to anything Centauri, or Sense Motive
Centauri gain +2 racial bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks as they are raised to play the political games of their families.
Centauri Excess: Centauri are noted for their personal excesses, especially of food, drink and entertainment. This has given them a greater resistance against over-consumption, and sickness. All Centauri gain a +1 racial bonus to all Fortitude checks made to resist poison, disease and exhaustion.
ECL: +0

Prehensile Tentacles (Centauri)

A few male Centauri take the time and patience to learn how to grasp small objects with their tentacle-like appendages. This takes a great deal of practice to be of any practical use beyond sexual activity but some Centauri find great value in having additional manipulative organs.
Prerequisite: Male Centauri
Benefit: By loosening, or wearing loose clothing, you can extend two primary tentacles from your torso, up to a range of 5 feet. They can be used to grip or stick to small objects of 1 lb or less in weight in order to pick them up. Fine manipulation of the object (such as pulling the trigger of a small weapon) is not possible, but you can, for example, flick switches or pull objects closer to you.


A short blade of Centauri design, with a leaf shaped blade similar to some ancient Roman swords, primarily used in the ritualised duelling art of the Morago. Its use is restricted to nobles of the great houses and Palace Guards but while it is regarded as a symbol of the Republic's glorious past, it functions superbly as a melee combat in battle. Masterwork versions can be centuries old and fashioned by the greatest weaponsmiths of the Centauri Republic.

Coutari (PL 4-5 Exotic Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: 19-20/x2
Damage Type: slashing
Size: medium
Weight: 4 lbs
Purchase DC: 21
Notes: Centauri treat the Coutari as an Archaic Weapon. Any Centauri carrying a coutari gains +1 to Reputation and Charisma checks when dealing with another Centauri.


Wonder if the Coreline version of the Narn will go and embrace a bio punk mentality to compensate for their lack of telepaths?
It's a strong possibility that they would look into any and all bioengineering to get telepaths. Looking at other races for potential sources of DNA for genetic modification. Who knows, maybe there might even be some Force sensitive Narn, which while doesn't produce telepathy, the additional abilities it grants could lead them into trying to breed more Force sensitive members.

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