Covers for the AD&D 1E Reprints


Well, that was fun
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The covers for the 1st Edition AD&D reprints can now be seen. As a reminder, these limited edition premium reprints will be available (in hobby stores in the United States only) on April 17th, and some of the proceeds go to the Gygax Memorial Fund.




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I reminds me of why I thought the Monster Manual cover was one of the worst ever, especially as that dragon was a big part of the reason.


I always preferred the revised covers of the 1st Edition books. (Not so much the PHB, but the DMG was improved IMO, and the MM was much better.)

However, these reprint covers are fine - at the same time they manage to both be distinctly new and yet give just enough rein to nostalgia.

I find the "by gary Gygax" line reassuring. His writing is part of the charm of 1e, was a bit worried cook and mearls would do a re-write.


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Hard to tell based on the images but probably OK . . . even though I know this has been debated to the nth degree, as someone in England, I still seethe at the, "Available in limited quantities as a hobby channel exclusive in North America."

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