Crazy rumor: Nintendo buying D&D or WotC, please debunk or confirm


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As usual with posts or comments on FaceBook, this rumor was put forward without any citation. I asked the commenter to provide links to the information and was told he checked his sources and confirmed the info, no link provided. I thought it might be worth coming here to get info to counter the user's lack of information.

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If there was any actual information about this, you can bet it would already be in the front page.

To anyone that observes Nintendo or Hasbro, this looks like a pile of manure.


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First off, Nintendo buying 'D&D' makes no sense -- D&D is a product, owned by WotC, and though it's not WotC's only product, it's one of their biggest. If Hasbro was interested in selling off the D&D division of WotC despite its powerful brand recognition -- there's still a D&D movie in development, after all -- it would be a major news story and likely leaked from a number of places.

Nintendo buying WotC seems a little less nonsensical, but there's nothing easy to find about any interest there, either. The only reference I can find to Nintendo and WotC is a lawsuit back in 2003 revolving around Nintendo's decision to stop publishing the Pokemon card game through WotC and publishing it themselves. WotC sued, and the two companies settled at the end of 2003, with no terms being made public. (Though it should be noted that part of the settlement was apparently to allow Nintendo to continue to publish Pokemon, which it spun off to a different company called The Pokemon Company*, who continues to publish the Pokemon TCG to this day.)

* - Not to be confused with Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, who refer to themselves as "the Pokemon company".

The real challenge is that it's difficult to prove a negative, because it's unlikely, short of being asked directly, that Nintendo will say anything like "we have no plans to purchase Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, or the D&D property", and even if they do say something specific, a certain segment of the population will simply take that as confirmation that Nintendo actually does have plans and are trying to throw people off the scent to avoid an increase in acquisition costs.

Ultimately, unsubstantiated Facebook rumors are pretty much worth the paper they're printed on.

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My uncle works at Nintendo, and he told me that they were actually buying Palladium, because they want to make a Rifts MMO for the Switch and this is the only way to secure the rights after that whole N-Gage fiasco.

Rumors about a D&D game for the Switch, even if it’s just a port of Neverwinter, that I’d believe. Heck, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 3 would be a dream come true. But the idea of Nintendo buying D&D out from Hasbro seems positively made-up.


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