Creating Weapons of Legacy


Has anyone let their PCs create weapons of legacy (just like creating magic items)?

Do the Weapons of Legacy rules seem balanced in comparison to the usual magic item creation rules?


A think the way it works is that a Player may propose a Weapon of Legacy to the DM, but PC's never create one.

But, then again, I don't own the book.
I find the Weapons of Legacy creation rules to be quite balanced. My group (with 4 DMs) uses these rules all the time and they may be better balanced than the DMG magic item creation guidelines. My group has broken the DMG rules numerous times and they have yet to break the WoL creation rules.
I'm personally using a WoL I've been creating myself. It has seemed, thus far, pretty much balanced. The only things I've really "checked" with the GM about have been powers outside of those listed in the book.

I would say that it's balanced. I have a few useful powers ... a persistent Protection From Evil ability and, recently, Mirror Image.



Like, HeapThaumaturgist I have used a couple of WoL as well as a few Items of Legacy. The rules themselves a really balanced, the only thing to really worry about is adding the "player" element into the mix. If using on of the pregenerated WoL there is no problems, but if your making your own there should be 3 things to remember.
1) The item becoming a WoL: This shouldnt be easy or caused by "every day" adventuring events.
2) The powers of the WoL: These should accurately follow a theme; whether its the build the character, the theme of the campaign, or focused around the event that gave the WoL birth.
3) Balancing the Powers: Everyone loves having a kick ass weapon and/or item. The DM should be part of the entire process of creating and adding to the WoL. This will help keep the WoL balanced and prevent the rest of the party from getting envious of the player who does have the WoL.