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Kickstarter Creatures Compendium for 5th Edition from the Fateforge RPG


From the creators of the award winning French Studio behind Shadows of Esteren.


"Designed by the creators of Shadows of Esteren and Fateforge, Creatures is a love letter to fantasy bestiaries. Its 400 pages detail more than 200 illustrated creatures using the 5th Edition ruleset of the most famous of roleplaying games. Its contents include 6 playable species, NPCs with related adventure hooks for all levels, reimagined classic creatures and brand new ones, as well as 15 archetypes, providing you with material to design new monsters for your games!"

Download a Preview of Creatures

Work on Creatures started in France in 2016. It took our studio four years to put together the 400 pages and hundreds of artworks depicting the creatures within. The book is now translated and in the very last steps of being put to PDF and proofread.

By backing this campaign, you will immediately be given access to a WIP excerpt from the book. This preview will give you a good idea of the work we put in and of what you will receive. To download this chapter, click the following link. Enjoy !

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So for all those fans of 5th Edition who just want the creatures book without an obvious link to the FateForge universe, these are the options below for the cover:

There are three available covers for the book of Creatures:

(a) Standard Edition for DnD 5th (a new twist on the bestiary),

(b) Fateforge Edition

(c) Red Dragon Edition exclusive to this Kickstarter.


Results of the fan-made creature contest to inclusion into this awesome book.

The original creature contest has gathered a total of nearly 200 submissions! You sure were inspired! There were a lot of great ideas, and we loved reading through your concepts, seeing all your motivation, interest, and support. This is part of what makes our work so enjoyable, and why we always want to remain connected with our community.

But without further ado, here is what you’ve been looking forward to: the 4 finalists, handpicked by Iris and Nel:

  • 1 ► A sentient house with the ability to subtly communicate with its inhabitants. Much bigger on the inside than on the outside. Can disappear and reappear from one side of the town to the other.
  • 2 ►A demon spell stealer. Each player makes a int saving throw at the start of each round. A fail means the demon steals one of their spells and can use against them. Player cannot use that spell until demon is defeated.
  • 3 ► A beast that appears like a regular animal/monster, but when attacked, can summon shadowy versions of itself, or can jump into the shadows of enemies and come out of them.
  • 4 ►The peacat, a fey being that looks like a cross between a peacock and a cat. Can teleport and pass into the plane of fey. Steals items it finds interesting or considers important from travelers, simply out of catlike curiosity.


CREATURES makes use of a modular system represented by icons. With it, GMs can quickly and conveniently know what type of playstyle an optional rule, spell, magic item, feature, etc. is appropriate for, and whether they want to include it in their campaign.

Here is a list of the modular icons used:

► Action. This icon indicates all the rules, magic items, and situations that offer epic options and emphasize the characters’ feats and achievements.

► Corruption. The Corruption icon shows spells and magic items whose use causes corruption, the mark of Canker, Eana’s archvillain.

► Dark. The optional rules, magic items, creatures, and situations indicated by this icon are all related to horror, madness, or corruption. These elements are conducive to playing in a dark fantasy atmosphere.

► Gritty. This icon indicates all the rules, magic items, and situations synonymous with hardships, shortages, danger, cold, and vulnerability. Their use will make the adventurers’ lives harder, far from the status of almighty heroes.

► Intrigue. Optional rules bearing this icon focus on interactions between the characters, on schemes and plots between factions, and on anything that highlights the characters’ aspirations and encourages role-playing.

► Magic Lock. A creature associated with a Magic Lock requires large quantities of magical energy to thrive. The leader determines how prevalent the Magic Lock is in their campaign. The more restrictive the Magic Lock, the more down-to-earth the campaign.

► Mystery. This icon designates rules, magic items, and situations associated with mysteries, supernatural elements, and anything related to secrets, revelations, and arcana.

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