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Kickstarter 3 Vast Grimm Expansions Coming To Backerkit On May 14


Vast Grimm unleashes 3 new RPG expansions and mission patches May 14 on Backerkit
After being the first TTRPG to crowdfund on Gamefound, the first full hack of Mörk Borg, and a successful expansion on Kickstarter, Vast Grimm’s co-creator aims to infect more RPG fans with expanded rules, additional adventures, and stylish mission patches under his own publishing company Creature Curation.

Vast Grimm puts the Punk in art-punk RPGs with loud design, vibrant colors, and attitude.

What is Vast Grimm: No Safe Haven?
No Safe Haven expands on the existing ruleset with three new books. No Safe Haven 1+2: a location where scum and villainy thrive, the book includes new classes, NPCs, monsters, maps, and story hooks; Helltrap Barges: is an ever-shifting dungeon crawl in the bowels of derelict space barges, filled with political uprisings, classes, NPCs, and monsters; A Grimm Outlook: is a starter adventure introducing players and GMs to Vast Grimm creating a foundation for additional interconnected adventures for long-form campaign play!

Along with the new books, the Vast Grimm Mission Patch program is expanding with fresh punk-as-frak patches to adorn your sleeveless denim vest or stitch onto your gaming satchel.

It’s coming to the Backerkit on 1/24 at 12 noon eastern time at vastgrimm.com/bk. Vast Grimm is being produced by Creature Curation.

Vast Grimm No Safe Haven Features:
  • FREE “Exclusive” mission patch for backers who follow the project before launch
  • 3 48-page hardcover books
  • 1 header patch
  • 1 Triple-hex Patch
  • 6 Mission Patches
  • Vast Grimm Skeleton Crew book add-on
  • Guest creator stretch goals

Mission Patches

Vast Grimm Links
This link will forward to the right place throughout the lifespan of the project vastgrimm.com/bk

Social Media Links
You can find the co-creator, Brian Colin, briancolin.com
Find more Vast Grimm at linktr.ee/vastgrimm

Team Members
Brian Colin // President: Creature Curation // Vast Grimm co-Creator & Lead, Sculptor, Writer, Graphic Designer
Walton Wood // Editor

From Brian
The people who love Vast Grimm, hunger for it. They share it with others, hoping to infect them with this weird, goofy, over-the-top Sci-Fi RPG. And once the newly initiated are hooked, they want more. And I want to give it to them! Vast Grimm, along with many other rules light games, is often thought of as a one-shot or mini-series game. To encourage people to play this until the ‘verse comes to a horrible end, I wanted to create an adventure that would be the first of an ongoing campaign series. A Grimm Outlook delivers just that, it is the first of six interconnected adventures that will allow PCs to escape the universe before it collapses.

About Creature Curation
Brian started Creature Curation after first exhibiting as an artist at Gen Con 2017. Since then, he has collaborated with multiple industry partners to create a wide variety of gaming products. From pins and patches, to plush, to blind box squeezes, to assorted RPG publications.

Videos about Vast Grimm
Plus One EXP overview Actual plays Actual Play – Vast Grimm

What People Are Saying
This is probably now the coolest TTRPG rulebook I own. Congrats to Infinite Black for bringing this sci-fi/horror thrill ride across the finish line! Theo Thourson, Gallant Goblin
It takes a certain kind of genius to take and reshape an extant book the way Colin and Brandt did, extremely impressive. John Baltisberger, Madness Heart Press
It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy got stuck in an Aliens movie! Kelly McLaughlin, Dungeon Dudes

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