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DMs Guild Creatures of Eberron

Sure, the 37+ monsters here theoretically are in Eberron, but you could use them anywhere! And, for every five paying customers, we'll add up to 7 mythic monsters.....

I scoured old versions of Eberron books, and created this document. I hope you enjoy it.


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Did I mention, that like all my products, it is Pay What You Want? Someday, maybe, we'll sell enough to not have to do that.....

Ok, all 7 Mythic Monsters are now in the book (we are well over 35 copies sold), and there are more than 50 statblocks........most of these are not so Eberron specific you can't use them in any game. I've fixed a bunch of typos and some formatting issues with this version of the PDF also.

I hope you enjoy!

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