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My players tell me that the creepiest session I ever presented was the one when they had to travel to the prison plane of Carceri, and we're looking for a Mcguffin in the Bastion of Last Hope.
They went into an inn called The Homely Hostel and were certain that the pleasant-looking gnome couple who ran the place just had to be demons in disguise. Several bedraggled, pitiful people were staying at the inn because they had nowhere else to go in this hellish nightmare of a city. Two of them were beggars in once-regal rags, one was a harsh cold elf woman, and one of them was a little boy who had been accidentally abandoned there by his magician master. The party was sure that they needed to rescue these people from this inn.

I'm sure you all see what's coming, but they didn't.

So while gathered at the dinner table, the wizard casts True Seeing so that she can see what the gnomes actually are. She looks at them and sees...gnomes. She turns to the Fighter to whisper this news, and sees that the "little boy" seated next to him is actually a leering bone devil. She manages a bluff check to keep herself composed, and they all managed to sneak out that night. They had been planning to go to the boy's room that night to rescue him. Narrow escape for them.

There were lots of other things like that in the Bastion of Last Hope, and the creepiness was enhanced by the fact that I had the whole room lit with nothing but red light bulbs. I dunno. I didn't think it would be that creepy, but it gave everyone the willies.

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There is a species of fish I remember hearing about in college that is all female and parasites the DNA of males of other species; what happens is that they reproduce in a normal sexual manner, but at the next generation none of the fathers DNA makes it into the offspring (only the grandmothers)... this might have been one of my bio prof's yanking my chain but if they are real does anyone know the name (and if there not real they can still be used as a bit of inspiration).


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Something I wanted to use, but came up with long after my campaign had proceeded past overland travel:

On a lonely backwoods or frontier trade path, the group notices several sets of wagon tracks that dig up the dirt and damp earth and go off the road. If they follow them, the find themselves in a small dell not easily visible from the road, made of three or four low hills. The earth is churned and trampled by feet, hooves and wheels. One merchant's wagon is smashed and overturned at the base of the far hill. There are no horses, though the wagon's cinches are covered in blood.

About two dozen naked human/humanoid bodies lay scattered across the dell. While most are covered in mud, they don't appear to have any obvious wounds from a distance.

The first one the group approaches is contorted, face down in the mud, but it's nails are broken and it's hands covered in blood as if it was attempting to scratch it's attacker.

When they roll the body over, the body has no face, from forehead to chin, is solid flesh, ripped and torn by fingernails to reveal muscle and smooth bone beneath, with nary a socket or orifice. As if the poor soul, suddenly bereft of sight and breath was desperately clawing at their own head to make a way to breathe.

All the bodies share this faceless death.

Several sets of hoofprints and wagon wheel tracks leave the dell more sedately and return to the road, heading in the same direction the group was heading, and eventually lose distinction from the common ruts in the road about a mile on.


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So I was talking with some friends of mine who are going to the upcoming Lovecraft film festival, now they always make a joke about were there going and last year it was the st Hastors day celebration. This year they decided on the jubilee of the black pharaoh. This gave me a neat idea for a CoC adventure, the PC's would go out and come across an odd Egyptian street fair and the celabrants (men with eye makeup) would invite them to come in and celabrate this most momentus of days... as things went along things would get more and more sereal untell everyone was holding up masks on sticks and speaking with odd lisps (as if they had a deformity of the mouth) and perhaps they would be given masks of thier own (that looked like monsters rather then the normal human faced masks of the other celabrents), that is of course when they would be given an audiance with the pharoah a seven foot pluss tall man whose skin is dark and shiney like obsidian with the chin pice and headress whose voice seems to echo oddly in the small tent. Afterwards you can have any standard good guys transformed into monsters bit espeshaly if they are hunting themselves.

Back in the 90's I created a complex time shifting story in Darksun.

I took Ravenloft's Forlorn Castle and placed it on the edge of the Deadlands. I then placed a powerful curse on the place that allowed time to twist. The times shown were- Green age, Cleansing War, Creation of the Deadlands and "current".

What brought the "heroes" here was the attack of a powerful psionic undead spirit that lived here whom had attacked a noble they were paid to protect. While exploring the place they didcovered a twisted and unsettling series of events that forever shaped the woman that would become the nasty hatful undead spirit. The house was full of murder, incest, plots and twisted use of the "new" power- magic.

The group wasn't sure how to deal with it on many levels.


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Hope no one minds a little bit of thread necromancy...

I love running horror games - I find that I can improv better when I'm running a horror game, because not everything has to make sense (in fact, it's better that way!). A few of my favourite horror moments:

1) 2e D&D. This happened 15 or so years ago, so I'm foggy on the details, but... The PCs break into the cellar of a ruined castle that is now the home of a cult hoping to summon some monstrous thing. Things are fairly normal at first, with some rather normal scenes. The PCs find a room filled with gunpowder, and a bunch of dead rats. They figure that the rats died eating the gunpowder... odd, but plausible.

They then make their way down a long hallway, filled with gothic imagery that seems to smell of... wax? It's a narrow hallway, and one of the PCs feels very claustrophobic. And everyone seems to hear a slight whispering babble of voices.

Things get haunted from there. They find a room with an empty fountain w/ a cherub, and then explore some jail cells. In the jail cells they find a corpse that ate his cellmate, and then animated to feast on the PCs (kind of creepy, but it was more of a "release" at this point).

They find a mortuary where the bodies are dipped in wax foto make death masks (and find a few death masks!). One of them remembers something about the smell of the hallway coming into the place, and shudders.

They also find the writings of a cellmate on a wall - they wouldn't get near his body, terrified it'd animate. They make their way back to the fountain room, and now the fountain is working... only instead of water, it's blood.

Then there was the encounter with the "Cult" (who had been dead for a very long time, and only brought to life because of the life force of the adventurers who had come to visit - it's nice knowing that you're responsible for bringing evil back into the world!). I don't really recall this encounter, but I remember the fight against the big bad evil thing was a tough one, and the PCs weren't able to stop it. So they ran.

When they got to the main hallway, it had animated into a Living Wall (a nice 2e monster that would pull people in to join it). The group knows they are in a tight spot, as they have to squeeze past this narrow hallway to escape the THING closing in on them. They make a mad run, and one PC gets pulled in - the rest of the group stops to free him, and bloodied, they make their way through the hall while skeletal hands pull and skeletal voices cry out "join us.....".

One PC gets pulled in, and they can't rescue him. The thing is too close. They can hear it in the fountain room (now flooded with blood that is beginning to flow down the wax hallway).

As the remnants of the group make their way out, one of the PCs (A ninja, though we westernized him) knew that this thing had to be stopped. "Go on without me. I can't let [PC caught by the living wall] go like that." He grabs a few kegs of gunpowder, pushes them down the hallway, and then throws one on his back. He lights a wick, and charges the thing, screaming the whole time.

Great finale.


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2. In another 2e game, one of the characters (a ranger named Glamdring) got infected with a poison. A "Crystal spider" had bit him on his left hand. He watched as, over the course of a few days, the skin around the bite began to look like a mirror. It felt like skin, and moved like skin, but was in all other ways a mirror. And it began to inch up his arm...

He had no idea what it was, and sages had no clue either. He had nightmares of the disease crawling up his chest and piercing his heart, or of making it's way to his eyes. His hand would animate at times and he'd take swings at his companions. NPCs responded in fear to the character, and he got chased out of town once or twice. He took to covering up his disease. Within a few weeks of game time, the mirror had made it's way up to his elbow. He spent good money trying to find out how to cure this disease, until an Oracle told him who he had to kill.

(yeah, the player wanted to try out being an assassin, so this was his chance!)

The adventure itself was boring, but the disease was a very fun touch. He would wake up in weird places, and occasionally he would lose control and attack his companions. At one point, he couldn't speak common - everything his character said came out in the setting version of Latin... a language none of the PCs could normally speak! It also got weird in that when the disease covered his whole arm, people who looked in did not see their own reflection, but rather a reflection of what they would look like at the time of their death... (one player was very creeped out when I said "your reflection looks much like your normal reflection... only you're missing your eyes and your hair is slightly longer").


Another fun story was in a 2e (or maybe early 3e) game I ran where the PCs were trying to rob some location or another famed for wealth. The funny thing in this adventure was that the location was not haunted in any way, and there were no monstrous guardians. There were a few minor traps and usual tomb protections, but I had set the area up as what a normal noble's tomb would be like.

Unfortunately, the other grave robbers had gotten there first, and knew they were outmatched by the PCs in a straight fight (they were a halfling rogue and a gnomish illusionist). So, they did everything in their power to scare the PCs off.

I thought it was going to be a simple night's gaming (I had designed the adventure as an easy way to give them treasure, to make up for my recent stinginess, and as a way of throwing an "easy" adventure at them for campaign believability). Instead, I had that gnome throw everything at the party - crying ghosts, whispers on the wind, distant screams... and the rogue would reset traps the PCs had already disarmed, which made things very scary for the group.

The part I remember most, though, was the actual setting of the game. It was in my parent's living room, and I had the lights turned low - the dimmer switch on the overhead light even flickered like a candle. I had a fire going, and it was a dark night outside. And my parents have one of those houses that is quiet. I spoke in a slight voice, so they had to lean forward to hear me. We had a long, oaken table, with high-backed chairs, and I paced around the table, so they would have to follow me with their eyes as I spoke.

The best part? One of the PCs was making his way down a hallway, when he was hit by a wind on the back of his neck. That's it. In real life, when I described this, I was right behind him, so I blew gently onto the back of his neck.

He literally jumped, flailed his hands about, and started hyperventilating. He had a near anxiety attack (this was before he knew he suffered from an anxiety condition, and before he was taking meds to keep it under control!), though he was laughing at his own response. Later, he said it was the scariest game he had ever played, and also his favourite.

(P.S. The party got only half the treasure when they ran screaming out of the tomb... then they luckily bumped into the gnome, knifed him, and returned into the tomb to steal the rest; "It was only a gnome illusionist all that time!". And then, when the rogue kept up to his tricks, they really freaked out and ran. I never did tell them the full story)


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They did dig too deep

So one of the things that has always creeped me out the most in the lord of the rings trilogy is the origin... or lack there of of the watcher in Moria. The simple explanation of they dug to deep for the origin of this unique and horrible (though mostly unseen beast) was always so powerful to me because it implyed that there were other such preadimit horrors lying entomed within the land perhaps primordial forces or simply the enhabitants of a preavious epoch.


Two instances:

1. First session of what would end up being a planescape campaign, but the Players didn't know that. They were in a haunted mansion type scenario, when they finally hit the basement (filled with catacombs and crypts, obviously undisturbed for many years), and they noticed weird rats watching them from just outside torchlight. Eventually, they noticed the rats were becoming more and more numerous the deeper into the crypts they got, and it was as if they were only moving in certain directions...effectively herding the PCs. When they finally realized this, one player said "Wait a sec...they are herding us..." and at the moment was a chain lightning from the army of hundreds and hundreds of Cranium Rats. Scared the piss out of 'em.

2. Ran the Meenlock Prison adventure from Dungeon Mag (not sure which # off hand). I recorded the whispered phrase that the Meenlocks psionically issue to their quarry, something like "We were once like you; soon you will be one of us" or something like that. I played it back on a tape recorder at slow speeds and high speeds, and because I'd whispered the phrase (but turned up the volume), it was very oddly distorted. I would play it only when they were getting close to the Meenlocks in an underground prison block, and it made for some really creepy atmospherics!

One thing I wanted to do but never got around to was this:

I was running a 4e playtest in which the PCs were accompanied by the disembodied voice of a young girl. They were tasked with fighting several "guardians" (i.e. boss monsters, usually Solos straight out of the MM1) to escape a strange land they were in (actually the Underworld: they were dead). Each time they defeated one of the bosses, the girl's voice would "grow up" slightly: get deeper, more confident, and more powerful. Eventually, a male voice would join as well, at first as a whisper, but then -- as more bosses were killed -- growing deeper and soon overpowering the girl's voice (now a woman's voice, by that point). The whole plot was that this girl's voice was the voice of a Goddess that had been slain, and the PCs were her former servants, questing through the Underworld to resurrect her. As they defeated the guardians, she got closer and closer to life; but, her terrible brother (and killer) was tied to her fate, and so he was effectively being resurrected as well. Eventually, the PCs would have to face the male God in combat, hopefully with some help from the Goddess.

I would have had my girlfriend record the female voice from "youth" to "powerful womanly voice" while I would have joined in as the male voice, all in a few preplanned speeches I would make after the death of each boss/guardian. It was an awesome idea, but the group folded before I could bring it about.


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My first real campaign started this august so here is my creepy bit hope its cool enough.
The PCs find a village lacking in the children department. A visit to the pub clears things up the kids have been going missing and so has the PC doppleganger (dropped from campaign) but they meet a goliath warlord pc who over hears all this. The guy they need to talk to is at the local church as the new party begins to leave a bard performer proposes an escort mission for them in the morning. The PCs head off to the church and talk more to the man in charge about the kids and pick up a cleric PC. So now the party knows where the kids were taken. The dwarf checks for clues and so does the sorcerrer they determine the offenders are giant ants the dwarf digs a trench in an attempt to find them and fails.... of course they do find more clues and head off to the anthill. When they get there the first area the search is filled with what seems to be giant ant larva upon closer inspection it is the swollen pulsating bodies of children with shrivled limbs and ant like eyes begging to be killed. The party freaks out and lights fire to the larva kids instantly using dailies and all. and thats where we left off.


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Newbie bump

All right, I just spent about 3 hours catching up on this thread.

Now for my 2 cents.

The first story I have was from a CoC game I played about 5 years ago.

I was playing as a new prof at the venerable Miskitonic University and I was tapped buy one of the local paranormal investigation societies to help check out a "haunted" theater.

the place was fairly normal looking until we reached the cellar, one of the rooms was set up as a sensory saturation chamber ((If anyone has seen the remake of The House on Haunted Hill, it's the room that Geoffrey Rush is trapped in) This one was a zoetrope of a man picking up and putting down a hat) As we all entered the room the machine came to life, and as we watched the man pick up and put down the hat, a shadow started to creep in from the side of the frame, slowly consuming the man, then the rest of the scene, ending in a series of occult characters, all the while the most recognizable part of Carmina Burana was playing in the background.

The GM had made a recording of the song, and with his laptop had altered the track to speed up and slow down randomly, resolving itself into a prolonged scream at the end.

After a thurough examination of the theater, we found a book which my character began to translate (mistake number one in any CoC game)

The GM had a handout of the translated text, as I was reading it over I did not notice him hovering nearby. I was reading the text to the rest of the party when suddenly drops of red liquid began to splatter upon the page.

The GM had quietly moved closer to me with a dropper full of stage blood, and dripped it on the page, as I jumped back he calmly explained to me that my character had begun bleeding from the nose.

The rest of that game is kind of a blur, but that is one of the creepiest moments I have ever had in gaming.

My second story is a literal example of a PC being the monster.

I was running a game of Deadlands d20 where one of my players was a blessed who was convinced that he took his orders from on high. As the players were exploring a town he began to see visions of a civil war battlefield, explosions and screaming soldiers all around, in the midst of all this chaos was a man dressed as a doctor, mutilating and fouling bodies, wounded soldiers, etc.

It turns out that this town had a doctor that fit the visions, but he had left for parts unknown a few years ago. The party began to hunt down this "butcher of the battlefield" and eventually tracked him to Atlanta. As the rest of the party was gathering information on the man, the blessed was making his way directly to the doctor's office, guided by his visions and the voice of an "angel". Upon arriving, the blessed ambushed the doctor and set upon him with great vengence. eventually killing him.

While this was going on, the rest of the party had discovered that the doctor was greatly loved by the townsfolk and had been seen performing
"miricles" of medicine. Everything they found out just cast the doctor in a better light. Realizing that they had been hunting an innocent man, they ran to the office to prevent the blessed from doing something horrible.

Meanwhile as the blessed was cleaning himself up after beating the doctor to death with an iron-bound bible, he began to hear the voice of the angel again, the voice convinced him that his friends had been corrupted by agents of evil and were coming to kill him. He fled the town as fast as possible and began planning his counter-attack.

The rest of the party arrived at the doctor's office and found the scene of the attack, they began to search for the blessed character, planning to turn him over to the authorities.

Outside of town the blessed once again heard the angel's voice, it told him that he had been chosen to be the embodiment of holy vengence upon the wicked. The angel then said to him "Do you wish to have the power to destroy those who hunt you and all other enemies of our master?" (exact quote) Without blinking he said yes. I asked the player to turn over his character sheet and start rolling a new PC. This one was now a servitor and an NPC. This character, Preacher Z, became the nemisis of the party, going so far as to crucify an entire town just to set a trap for the party.

This is a pretty long post for my first one so I will save the story of Preacher Z's end for another time.

Thanks for reading



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I love this thread...and I'm surprised I haven't posted in it.

Unfortunately, I'm also experiencing a little mental block about whatever creepiness I've thrown around in RPGs. I know I've done some...I must have.

(Damn brainworms.)

At any rate, as a PSA, I thought I'd also point out that some of the links no longer work, so if you did post something here with a link, you might want to check it out.


and the creepiness was enhanced by the fact that I had the whole room lit with nothing but red light bulbs. I dunno. I didn't think it would be that creepy, but it gave everyone the willies.

Wow, i had posted in this thread 5 years ago! As for the quote above, that's a great idea to set the mood. I'm gonna steal that red bulbs idea. I have an upcoming scenario where the PCs will descend into a haunted mine ruled by a glabrezu overlord. Hell-red lights should work quite nicely :)


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Bump, sort of rezzurect, +100 respect for thread and my first post, all in one XD

Just to throw in a few ideas I used as a way of saying thank you all for great inspiration.

First of all, I don't run a horror campaign; it is a "regular" campaign, set in my world. I draw inspiration from lot of sources, then change it a bit (or a lot); but the best moments were improvised, hope you'll like 'em as much as my players did :)

Generally, I like to keep players uncertain most of the time - sometimes sinister and creepy stuff is just a decoration, sometimes it's really evil. Here are more or less random bits of creepy / weird stuff:

There are 2 statues in the dungeon. The first one is of a young man, a little bit bent, as if pressing something down with full force and weight of his body. It is situated in furthermost corner of the room. There are scratches on the floor as if the statue was dragged into the room, but it's impossible to figure out exactly from where (marks fade around middle of the room). The party quickly deducted that statue looks as if it was running somebody through with a sword, so one of them decides to put her own bastard sword in place. I gave her a look that questions her sanity, and everybody expects the statue to come alive or something. Nothing happens.

Some time later, they get to another statue. This one is of a royal looking elderly person, laying on the back with a beautifully crafted bastard sword pierced through his chest. 3 of them decide it would be great idea to put the obviously moved statue in its original position, while the cleric frantically protests, detects evil (nothing there really) and whatnot. First statue is heavy, but 2 people (STR 17) can carry/push it across half the dungeon without too much difficulty.

When they put it next to fallen king, so that the young man is running the king through, i tell them to roll. This is my favourite way of keeping the tension up - they never know what they are rolling for, and a lot of times it is just for the sake of tension. I even sometimes pretend I'm trying to roll in secret while they're not paying attention, just to make them wander what will happen. Most evil thing you can do to players :D

So, the statues are in position, but still nothing happens. They figure out these are just statues, and the afore-mentioned fighter decides to take the nice looking bastard sword (ooo, shiny) from the statue. A few seconds later, it starts to rust very quickly, turning into rust, and lights from all sources start to dim. Behind her, a gost appears, and it bears quite a resemblance to the statue. It points in her general direction, more like THROUGH her, and says "You! BETRAYER! Your destiny forsaken, for what? For THIS?".

Any attempt to communicate with the ghost is in vain; it will follow the person who took the sword out, but will not attempt to interact with party in any way. It won't answer any questions, and neither will I as DM. They get back to exploring the dungeon, ocasionally asking wether the ghost is still following. It is.

Now, here comes a bit of cheating. They get to an archway with some kind of symbol inscribed above it. Trying to dechiper it, curious as they are, they trigger Symbol Of Sleep. The cheat is that the DC was not fixed in any way; I decided that the DC would be 1 + whatever ghost-following person rolled. She was the only one who failed. They decide to rest (had quite a bit of fighting earlier). It was great, because nobody actually looked her way, so when she woke up, she was the first one to notice the ghost is now gone... Wanna gues if they'll encounter it again? :)

During the break, I got a moment of inspiration, the fighter affected with Sleep had a dream, it went something like this:

You're running through the night, the grass oddly warm on your bare feet. The sky is clear, but there are no stars or moons*. Still, you can see clearly enough to avoid the trees that are made of glass. You're getting closer... Suddenly you can feel him BEHIND you. You turn around, reaching for your weapon, but you realize you have no arms. It is getting colder as the laughter in your head grows louder. You try to scream, but only centipedes exit your mouth and start crawling across your face made of stone towards your eye sockets...

* this is not a typo, there are 3 moons present in the world

Another one, thought up ad-hoc:

They were teleported to a forest in an unknown part of the world. As the night falls, they choose not to light a fire as it might attract a GKW (GodKnowsWhat). During the dinner, they notice that shadows (cast by a moon) are behaving strangely, although it is impossible to define exactly what is amiss. I roll a d4 (as there are 4 of them), and whoever is chosen, starts feeling cold. After 3 stacks of debuff (yes, I play WoW sometimes :D), the person falls unconcious, visibly shaking. Just as second person was about to fall, he fired an arrow with Lght cast on it towards nearby tree. As the arrow flew, their shadows grew longer and thicker, and then second person falls (cleric, to make things worse). As the flickering shadows cross, a screaming whisper is heard, and a new shadow arises and starts attacking remaining 2 members. Now, they had only 1 stack of "shadow cold" on them, so when they're touched by shadow they begin to feel VERY cold. I doubt I'd let them fall too, but they surely didn't feel that way. After a pair of swings went sthraight through the shadow, duskblade finally gets the idea and casts Dancing Light into the shadow, which dissapears with earpiercing hiss.

They attempt to wake up 2 sleepers, which are cold to touch, but to no avail. So they set up a fire and put them near to keep them warm. A few minutes later, there is a crashing sound, and out of the darkness the GKW appears. It has a spider-like lower part of body. The upper part is vaguely humanoid; he's got huge mouth across his whole face and one eye on a tentacle sprouted from his chin. In one of his 3 arms he is wielding a whole young tree, complete with roots, and is kicking with his legs which have bull-like hooves at the end. They managed to survive the encounter, and with first rays of sun, other 2 woke up...

A few details found in dungeons, which haven't (yet) tried to harm players:

* A huge pile of teeth in a corner
* A casket hanging from the ceiling, 4 ropes are holding it by the corners. When opened, inside is a beautiful young woman with pearls in place of here eyes
* A room completely burnt (scorches on walls, floor and ceiling). Only thing found in this room is a picture frame, completely intact, but without a picture (looks like it has burned down). It doesn't look like the frame was brought here, it seems it somehow survived the flames completely intact.
* Albino beholder who is blind; it doesn't attack the players, but just mumbles some crazy stuff about future and past.

That's all for now...


I tend to do a lot of Ravenloft-related stuff, so I've done all sorts of creepy things to players over the years.

This one is the description for the main portion of a church-turned-sanatarium-overrun-by-evil that I used in my last campaign.

" This huge, two storied chamber was obviously once the main cathedral. Towering columns, eight in all, hold up the massive ceiling. The second-story glass windows have been bricked over, but the glass is intact, and hellish light shines down from them. The glass images are twisted into acts of cruelty, as demon-faced angels behead, torture and otherwise ravage supplicant figures in each of the images.

The framework of a torn-down second-story balcony can still be seen, as several ropes hang down from the rafters – some of the ropes still wrapped around the flayed bodies of humans whose gore drips onto the floor beneath you. There are a myriad of wooden doors leading off from the main cathedral to your right and left, and behind each you can hear the moans of agony of whatever lies beyond. Four cages have been arrayed around the room, with fresh straw laid within. Slithering about the room are nine slug-like, fur-covered maggots the size of a small pony, who do not seem interested in your presence.

At the far end of the room, there are four stout, stone doors. One stands at each side of the cathedral, while the last two stand near the corners on the opposite wall. Nestled between the stone doors on the far side of the room is a dias. Where once an altar likely stood, a throne made of bones draped with flesh now sits. Seated in the seat is a demonic-looking humanoid, covered in hideous warts and boils. Its arms hang nearly down to its ankles, and end in black, sharp claws. Its eyes are hollow holes, its teeth needle-like and black, and a gruesome crown of flame rings its forehead."

The "maggots" were abyssal larva from Tome of Horrors 3, made from the former inmates, and the thing in the throne was a fiendish troll. However, the party was so mortified by the scene that were prepared to leave the place and never come back (though the party's cleric couldn't stand the scene and eventually attacked; the rest aided once combat broke out, though it was a near thing)

Level Up!

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