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Sure, I'll add mine. I once had my characters enter a dungeon with red walls. I kept stressing the red, in every scene. "The walls are still red. The corridor stretches for about 15 feet. The walls are red. Like blood. Red. Dead. There's a door at the end of the corridor. It isn't red. Red. Red." Occasionally I'd interrupt one of the players to say, "The whole place is still red." It drove them absolutely crazy.

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I like that - just keep mentioning little details over and over again would drive my player's crazy!
Something I did recently - in the Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure I made the gnoll vampire Tekeli-li a major adversary to the party. It would stalk them and occasionally attack - I actually downloaded some hyena sound bites with their creepy laugh/cry sounds and would play them randomly at times just to unnerve my players - very effective.

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I was running Descent to Avernus on Roll20. I found some free audio clips. One was just a sort of soft susurrous of whispering noises that I had playing when they first loaded the city map in Avernus. Freaked a couple of the players out, as they could just hear it coming out of their speakers/headphones.

Then, when they were exploring some caverns and expecting ambushes, I played random animal noises. If you've never heard a live hyena, silverback gorilla or camel making noises, they are freaky!

My players loved it!

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