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Kickstarter Crescent: Nautical Fantasy TTRPG Kickstarter is now live!


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In the Crescent Archipelago, islands have magic which can warp reality itself. A never ending plague may ravage one island, while another just beside it is desert which flourishes when fed by mortal life. Travelers aim to explore the length of the archipelago, encountering unique cultures, creatures, and island oddities, all while avoiding the mundane struggles of a sailor's life, like pirates, storms, and even the most vile enemy of them all: poverty.

As a system, Crescent takes inspiration from the Divinity: Original Sin series by introducing classless progression systems based off of attribute allocation, and action point systems in combat. Creativity stands at the forefront of Crescent's design, and those who love making interesting and fun builds will find themselves at home here.


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Haven't played Divinity but I hope your K.S. does have a spot of a Pirates of Darkwater vibe to it. Good luck.

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