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Crime Scene products


Can anybody comment on the quality and general usability of Hoghead's Crime Scene series of products? Anybody use these with d20 CoC?

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Committed Hero

The biggest hurdle is the addition of a multitude of new, highly specialized classes and skills. The books were designed for use with the 3.0 D&D rules, so you might be faced with the possibility of overhauling the CoC rules to include some of the concepts involved. Still, I liked the three I have read (Feds, Supernatural & the Mob).


First Post
I liked the premise and details about handling crime scenes -- but didn't like the plethora of new skills they used to implement them. Characters just wouldn't have enough skill points to ever make use of these things.

With some house-ruling you could fix that, but I'm waiting to see if any alternatives crop up.

Wraith Form

There was something about Brits writing about US law enforcement that made me feel....funny inside.

I wasn't overly fond of the books--they seemed very vague and over-generalized.

That was several years ago, however, so I can only offer you impressions and feelings rather than being able to site specifics. If it says anything, I sold the books not long after buying / reading them.

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