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Coming Crimson Terrain | Riddlehouse Vol. 2 Coming in August

The next Riddlehouse volume is coming soon! I'm really excited to continue this series and launch an exciting batch of adventures for all you horror fans out there. And don't forget, if you want notifications about the campaign before it goes live (and get some early supporter rewards to boot), visit our landing page now!


Riddlehouse Vol. 2: Tabletop Roleplaying Adventures for Horror Fans​

What Lurks Within:
• A third-party horror adventure series for the world's most popular roleplaying game
• Over 30 new Monsters with 5 Scalable creatures
• New Spells, Artifacts, Curses, Traps, Puzzles, and an expanded Group Patron
• 5 scalable adventures exploring fairy tales and folklore with a horrifying twist
• Perfect for existing campaigns or can be used on its own.
• New Player options including horrifying subclasses and new Ancestry options.
• Expanding the Madness system from Riddlehouse Vol. 1

Pledge your support for Riddlehouse Vol. 2 now and bring the horror home to your table!
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