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A private school located on the outskirts of Hoboken, New Jersey and commonly referred to as the Crossroads, is a very small, private, coeducational school serving children in grades 9 to 12. It is supported financially by a board of trustees among several prominent families in the Hudson river region. The school symbol resembles that of a Aeonium urbicum or "Moonburst" flower, while the school colors are maroon and gold. The school's mascot is the Golem of Jewish folklore.


Unknown to the casual outsider, the Crossroads is an unusual school due to a portal to hell located in the basement "a portal between this reality and the next", and a convergence point of mystic energies. This has drawn in a number of inhuman students and many of the human students display an incredible talent in martial arts, with a few demonstrating even more mysterious magical abilities. Fights between competing clubs is common. Many of the townies turn a blind-eye to the affairs and supernatural fist fights that occurs in the Crossroads. The principal of the school is a descendant of the Shai'ir and acting emissary of this dimension, her faculty made up of extraordinary humans and immigrant inhumans. The maintenance staff is made up of Jinn who commonly work behind the scenes, while imp-like creatures known as "Fangs" have been known to attempt to kidnap students and drag them to Hell, with often poor results. The Crossroads has it fair share of strange events, vampiric Hell Angels nomads riding into town, lycanthrope drifters, immortals educating themselves about this century, and the occasional apocalypse. And to make things more interesting, the rare non-extraordinary human student.

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Infernal Scribe

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History of Crossroads High
Built on Lenape (or Delaware Indians) burial grounds in 1825, the Crossroads was originally a bed and breakfast establishment, catering to clients that commonly travel by steam-powered ferries along the Hudson. The bed and breakfast was closed down in 1832 due to a series of unfortunate accidents and reopened in 1841 with new ownership took control of the property. Edgar Allan Poe is said to have stayed in the Crossroads during this time while he wrote "the Mystery of Marie Roget". In 1888, the Hook family took control of the property and turn the establishment into a tavern, until in 1890 the Crossroads burnt down due to arson.


A italian american soldier, named Nexus Sure acquired the property from the Hook family in 1921 and built a private residence. Rumors circulated that Nexus was a collector of the occult and during the Great War, his platoon stole away Georgian relics and became rich selling the relics to black market collectors. In 1950, the Sure Residence became popular among the upper crust due to hosting social community banquets and dancing galas. This popularity increased to infamy in 1952, when one of the guests was found murdered and a police investigation that only took over a night to solve. This launched the career of irish police Inspector Simon Cuthbert and where his exploits would be dramatized in Hollywood in detective noir films like the Cudgel, the Pacific Affair, and Jersey by Night.

The Sure family sold the property in 1974 due to financial difficulties, to Moonbeam Records. The residence became a hideaway for progressive rock bands like the Redeemers, the Dark Hearts, and the Turks to practice and record their music. Record executive Adele Juxtan then sold the property to a group of independent buyers, made up of the trustee families as they rebuilt the property to become a private school in 1979. The construction phase suffered from a series of setbacks and unfortunate accidents until the trustees hired a middle eastern mystic known as a Shai'ir to do a cleansing ritual on the site in 1981. The school officially opened a year later.

Infernal Scribe

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The Crossroads is like a complex literary work which must be analyzed to be understood. With analysis the word will have the meaning. Inside the cover of every first edition exists a world worth experiencing, exploring and remembering. Like any piece of literature, it is only the vest best school which lends itself to close scrutiny and examination. In a good story, the characters, plot and setting shape the course through which it travels. At Crossroads High School, the students and faculty influence the events taking place inside the grey walls. Thus are created memories for tomorrow to be told and retold. Housing the images of the past, present, and future - the book is open for you to write a page. Enter reader, and create your chapter.

- Fizzlesticks, the School Cook.

go ahead and write up your yearbook entry, your fantasy character as either a school faculty member or a teenage student at the Crossroads. this is a complete reimagination of your fantasy character in a modern setting, in the vein of Volcaneo high school/Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Hunter/Rival Schools/Monster School etc. Is he/she the school jock, the rebel, the band player, etc.

- Infernal Scribe

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