Crossroads of Twilight - my take... (spoilers)


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I saw your comments on font size, jdavis. That made me even more upset. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Jordan looks more and more like he's losing "it." You should see the discussion over at rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan.

One more thing - it's book TEN and he's still introducing new plot elements:

- Making cuendillar.
- Alviaran has been "marked" by Shaidar Haran / the DO.
- Egwene gets kidnapped (like Faile... and Rand... or even Tuon...)
- Tower "negotiating."
- "Ghosts" which have no previous mention or logical place in the world's cosmology.
- Tuon's bodyguard hunting for her.
- Probably a lot more that have slipped my mind.

Yo, RJ - it's time to start wrappin' things up.

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I wonder if he hasn't hit the wall with this story, he states he knows how it's going to end but he seems to just ramble around in the books, adding related storylines is ok but adding new stroylines that have absolutly nothing to do with what's going on is just padding it out (Ghost?, Weevels?, blowing a whole chapter on the dark hunt for no reason at all?). When it takes more time to read the book than actually occurs in the book then you are going nowhere. I don't care that Elayne got a sizable bit of the book, but why didn't her story go anywhere, she took a bath and talked to people in different rooms, that was it. Egwene getting captured was the most exciting thing in the book and he failed to set it up at all, even though he had 6 chapters of hers previous to do it in, it was a thrown in as a afterthought. Did Perrin do anything? Did Perrin even make sense? He can travel, why is he looking for a close place to buy grain, he can get his grain anywhere in the world just as quick. Why is he so worried about not having enough men to attack, there are vast armies just sitting around that he is less than a day from getting (by travelling) Heck the Aiel were actually supposed to be looking for the Shaido, he found them, go get a army, I think Rand will understand. If you are willing to sell your soul to rescue your wife then why are you not willing to go talk to your best friend in the world to ask for a couple of hours of his time, heck just to borrow one of the armies he has trying to do the very same thing you wnat to do. Mat??????? will he ever get back to the story? He can't travel, he is the one character that has to do things the old fashoned way and walk, yet he isn't going anywhere fast at all, at this rate the series will be over before he reaches Murandy. Rand? well it was nice of him to show up for the book, I mean since the whole story is about him and all it was good he could get a chapter or so in, and why was the much anticipated meeting between Rand and Logain glossed over, how about the much anticipated meeting of Cadsuane and Logain, or the much anticipated meeting of Nynaeve and Logain. Was Elayne's bath more imprtant to the story than something he has been building up for 5 books? Was it too much to ask to resolve anything at all in a 700 page book, even a little thing? Not only did he resolve absolutly nothing he added more to it.


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Yeah, I hadn't realized how long some story elements were being stretched out. Then someone on the newsgroup mentioned that Elaida's coup was in book FOUR, and the Tower is STILL split.

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yeah I was just reading through the WoT FAQ, and in talking about who murdered Asmodean, they said it happened 8 years ago, real time.

8 YEARS. 8. FREAKING. YEARS [/GrossePointeBlank]

And he still hasn't said who did it. It's not even a major plot point, and you're waiting about a decade (IF he writes it into the next book) before he mentions who was responsible.



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Books 1 through 6 were published between Feb 1990 and Nov 1994.

First 6 books in 4.5 years. Great (1-3) to good (4-6) story,

Last 4 books in 9 years. Terrible story 7-10.

Tons of plot happened in the first six books, and they were coming out quickly. Since then, well...

Even if the next book comes out in a year (HA!) and is action packed, that'd be a decade between good books.


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Book seven is where the font changed and I believe that book six is where his wife took over as editor. You know after 13 years even his most die hard fans are getting tired of this, I don't care if he never finishes the books and just keeps on writting them till he dies but I expect good books, I will settle for ok books, but the last 4 half books full of 3/4 filler and 1/4 plot movement is getting old, and the last of the 4 books din't even give me the 1/4th book worth of plot movement. It is so obvious even to me, a fanatical Jordan fan, that he is padding it out for some reason now, I fear the next book might be the first book to not reach the bestsellers list, regardless of how good it is, too many people felt burned by this last book.


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You guys do know everytime you buy a Robert Jordan book a tree is killed. If you have bought the entire series you yourself have killed 10 trees. I don't have 10 trees in my yard. I hope your happy, you making the world die of suffacation, a slow painful death. :p

Here is what Robert Jordan was thinking when he wrote the books.

Book 1 - Awsome, cool story

Book 2- Still pretty cool

Book 3- Maybe I should think of ending

Book 4- Damn still can't get that ending thought of

Book 5- Maybe this will shut them up

Book 6- How the hell to write my self out of this corner

Book 7- Maybe they will stop buying these books now

Book 8- I guess not

Book 9- Please stop reading this series

Book 10- I want to stop, please let it stop


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Dagger75 said:
You guys do know everytime you buy a Robert Jordan book a tree is killed. If you have bought the entire series you yourself have killed 10 trees. I don't have 10 trees in my yard. I hope your happy, you making the world die of suffacation, a slow painful death. :p

maybe that is Jordan's plan, deforestation. It all makes sense if you look at it from the view of "he's insane".

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