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Crusaders (ToB) and DR.


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If a Crusader (ToB:Bo9S) uses his Delay Damage ability, does DR go into effect once or twice?

An enemy hits a Crusader (who has DR 2/Adamantine) for 10 damage with a weapon that doesn't bypass his DR, and the Crusader delays 5 points of damage until the next round. which of the following is the most likely answer?

1) Crusader takes 3 damage in round one, and 3 damage in round two.
2) Crusader takes 3 damage in round one, and 5 damage in round two.
3) Some other answer that I can't think of right now. (Explain below, please.)

Thanks for the help. I'm sending this to CustServ as well, just wanted to get the gathered forum's take on it.


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griff_goodbeard said:
We play it as option two. Basically DR goes into effect before delay damage. You don't take 10 damage, you take 8. That's my 2cp anyway.

Yep, the Crusader takes 8 damage and delays 5 of it.


Penguin Herder

You're not splitting the damage into two attacks (one now and one later), you're just delaying part of the attack's damage. You took 8 points this round, you just won't feel 5 points of it until next round.

Cheers, -- N


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That was my inclination as well, but there was a rather (ok, semi-) convincing argument from one of the players in the group. Still waiting to hear from CustServ to be a million percent sure.


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