ZEITGEIST Cultsbane's bizarre D&D adventure: Zeitgeist - 5Eish


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Campaign time: 3 hours, 6 mins, 05 seconds

Today we all found out that you can only have attunement towards 3 items at a time.

Kelik is wondering if we have any way of communicating with the Unseen Court. Which used to be the king's sister's job

We're going to meet up with the so-called royal technologist before finally dealing with the mafia. This guy is in charge of all technology and he has come over from the Capital, his name is Justin, he's a halfling with a metallic bird on his shoulder and carrying a box of chocolate that he feeds to the robot bird

He asks if we're the ones who found the giant golem underneath Flint. Which peaked his interest. He says he wants to show us something, which is a reconstructed golem (I have no mouth and I must scream energy) with glowing red eyes. Justin mentions that the golem is far more sentient than any other he's encountered and he is tapping

Freya notices that the tapping is a form of morse code asking for a pen. Kelik pulls out a pen and hands it to golem. Though we agree not to let him out a bit to write

He doesn't have much room to move the pen, very roughly and blunt. It's pretty messy it translates to "his name is Alexander Grappa, the mindmaker, and he wants to be repaired completely" which I believe is the guy that Anael encountered in voice only while falling to her almost death before he saved her

Justin says he shouldn't be released but he removed his legs to not be able to try any funny business.

Anael pulls Kelik to the side and whispers "this is the guy we owe our lives too, I say we trust him"

Hops says that we shouldn't really repair him, but take us with us as a guide.

Though we decided to ask the technologist to fix him up completely, which would be completed by tomorrow morning. Though if we come that night he'll have him walking but not able to speak

We dip somewhere private to discuss a plan of action. Kelik is in favour of going after Kale the leader of the fedora mafia, we imagine that he is still at the theater. Hops believes that he is in the bleak gate

We head to the theater, which Anael doesn't want to get dragged onto the stage again. We agree, once again, to split up so as to not come in as the 5 that everyone knows. We agree we're going to disguise ourselves, mostly as fedora mafia members.

Though Isabelle will transform into a bird to fly around and get that view. Hops is going to turn invisible to sneak in. Kelik is going to go sketch the bird Isabelle transformed into.

Kelik makes a perception check, getting a 19, he has a good view of the theater. Looking around he thinks he catches people in fedoras at windows looking at him

Anael will take a walk around the back of the theater. A local calls out saying "young lady are you from here" Anael says "I'm from here, just visiting my old neighbourhood" and he warns her in private about the people in fedoras that they couped against the top hats. Which her disguise is from the top hat

Anael is now in a fedora disguise. She goes around the theater getting a 360 view. No one is loading anything because it is early in the morning. The business next to the theater is a dry cleaning business, Anael walks right into the theater

Looking inside she sees the rundown lobby at the theater. She hears some footsteps as a tall Lady with a fedora comes walking down, Anael says that she is the new recruit and looking for an assignment

The lady asks what exactly sect she is from, listing a bunch including film making, which Anael says yes she is. The lady says that is perfect, what class are you teaching. Anael says lighting and the lady is like I don't know who recruited you but the film school is about how to kill people. The lady says you should talk to your boss

Anael mentions that she is handy with her weapon. The lady says you'd probably be better as a member of the strike team, which they lost several members the other day, including the leader of the strike team.

After about 15 minutes waiting around. The lady comes back, saying that for the time being the boss himself will be the organizing the strike team. The lady says the boss isn't in the best mood, so you should impress him or else.

Bring her own to the stage to demonstrate her skills (which she didn't want to do) Kale mentions the former instructor was ripped apart by a black hole. He says are you ready to sacrifice yourself for the Mafia, but who exactly invited you. Anael says it was the gentleman who passed away, but she forgot his name.

Kale says that is the ultimate disrespect to my dear friend, Rufus, this girl has the balls, let's see what she can do. First thing first, do you have your pistol, putting an Apple onto some poor teens head. Now shoot it off he commands

Anael shoots off the apple expertly. Good to see you got the basics down, now to duel my friend her. As she pulls out her sword. Anael asks if any rules, getting told don't get killed.

Anael uses a dancing sword, but the lady counterspells it out of the air. At this moment Anael charges her with his sword, she has to make a wisdom save, and gets a 24. The lady tried getting out of the way but the strike hits for 12 slashing damage. Blood comes pouring from the lady's chest, she says good job, as Anael goes for her second attack.

Anael has to make another wisdom save but passes. Anael lands the hit doing 9 damage. The lady says not bad at all, but let's see your mental state, as Anael must make another wisdom save. She starts to freeze up but pulls herself out of it. The lady says that she is good enough to join the strike team

They ask her name and Anael says that her name is Vicky. Kale wants to see Vicky's dancing sword, saying that he would love to have it. Kale challenges her for it, saying a duel to the death you will lose but I'm a gracious host and will say whoever stumbles first loses

Kale says unlike my assistance I don't need magic, but I like using it, he pulls out two magical longsword. If you can land three good hits on me I'll give you something

Anael throws up her dancing sword. She attacks with a 19, but kale deflects it away. Anael swings with her longsword getting a 22, this one hits for 8 damage. Kale says that is strike 1. Anael uses her extra attack once again hitting for 10 damage.

Two hits that isn't bad, but now you'll see why I'm the boss as he attempts to grab onto her neck. He lifts her up, as he uses his sword to strike into her shoulders. This counts as a critical hit, only taking 17 damage because it's a low roll. It makes another attack, but Anael dodges by squirming. Anael's move But first she must make a wisdom saving throw, she is successful, she strikes into kale as he drops her saying welcome to the strike force Vicky

Quintin could give you more of a rundown, but you've certainly passed. Oh the lady's name is Kate, she'll be your instructor, I'm a very busy man.

Anael exits the theater, sitting on a bench nearby Kelik who is still sketching. Anael watches the strike, she was inside the theater for about half an hour. Kelik asks what happened, saying that she'll be on stage soon. I see your an artist Kelik, how about I offer you some gold for a portrait of herself

They talk about all the specifics. Kelik hands Anael the portrait and they agree to meet up the same alleyway as before as she walks away

Hops joins the strikers, basically agitating them into getting more chaotic. They're shouting that Ber immigrants are the one's destroying the factories. Hops says I heard rumours that the fedora mafia are the ones bringing in the Ber immigrants, her rolls a natural 20 in deception. The entire strikers starts getting pissed saying screw the fedora mafia. Hops quietly dips out of the crowd, people begin spreading the rumour

Hops goes around looking at all the houses fedora members are coming in and out of buildings. He makes mental notes. Hops notices that Anael is getting her sketch done and makes his way down.

Hops pumps into Anael saying I'm so sorry for pumping into a "fedora", hope drops a paper with a list of all the businesses he saw. Anael walks into a bar and orders a bottle of cider as she talks to other fedora members

Anael makes her way to the alleyway after the conversation. Isabelle finds Freya and they head to the alleyway as well

Hops update "it seems I've started a rumour that the fedora mafia is flooding in Ber immigrants. Get the people agitated". Anael mentions her side of what happened. Anael says we should wait until tomorrow night to launch the operation against Kale and Kate. That we're going to watch the door for if Kale or Kate leave.

Hops continues to agitate the strikes about the fedora mafia. While Anael heads to Stover to give a report, inside is Asbraey wondering where she was. He was concerned about the group's absence. Anael mentions that he went on assignment to get the fedora mafia. Asbraey says that something big is coming tomorrow night

Anael talks to Stover about the updates. Stover mentions on the night of the full moon, a brief portal can be opened into the bleak gate, but sadly the full moon is after the meeting. So it's another deadend

It also turns out that a lot of the Ber immigrants have basically joined anti strikers union busting groups. Which definitely doesn't help hostilities.

Stover would like to break up the fedora mafia, but the last time they did, a police force got bombed. Anael mentions that she manages to infiltrate into the group, Stover says Quintin is well known. They've tried infiltrating a mole but each time we get sent back a severed head

Stover doesn't want to assassinate Quintin because he's a well loved lawyer. Stover agrees that he'll get her some fake documents and wishes her luck

Freya also was with her the entire time and handed over the giant rusted iron rings that they found to Stover. As they head back to the rest of the party Who've been observing creates being unloaded into the theater

Freya goes to the docks, getting a nat 20 perception check, she sees a boat coming out of secret entrance carrying a whole load of crates. Freya walks along the lake watching where the boat heads off to. Freya makes another natural 20 perception check as it passes under the bridge, now having less boxes

Freya however seeing something in the middle of the lake rolls a natural 1 falls into the lake. Freya decide to swim underneath the bridge, which is a completely nasty. Isabelle makes an investigation check as a bird (after pooping on Freya's head), it's hard to tell, but through the bridge graffiti that some runes are drawn onto the bridge. It seems as though they have teleporting abilities

Kelik also makes a portrait of Freya as she informs him of what happened. Though she smells absolutely horrible from the lake

We didn't see Kale & Or Kate leaving the theater.

Freya goes back to the bridge to cast planar energy. It's full of bleak gate energy, surprising absolutely no one

Kelik and Hops are going to turn invisible and head into the facility that Freya told them about. People doing inventory, some are drinking and having fun.

The two open up some creates, inside of them are a bunch of construction materials, especially steel and electrical equipment. They both make investigation checks, finding a ledger. Hope plans on taking it as they're leaving the theater.

Hops and Kelik search upstairs first. Particularly looking for living quarters, they do find a bunch of important offices. The offices are marked with names of departments such as film crew or strike team. They spot the Quintin room, as well as Kale.

And the session ends. Have a great one everyone

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Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
One day I'll rewrite these to be grammatically correct and have the right names, but not anytime soon. Since I write them on the fly

Saw I did your and you're and I'm cringing 😂


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
So it is with a heavy heart that we're cancelling the campaign, something came up, and we've decided to dissolve the group & campaign for a while.

Trying to find another group, of if anyone from the old group wants to join, but this is probably the end of D&D for the foreseeable future.

Shame I really like the direction of the campaign and our characters.

Hope everyone takes care


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Sorry to hear it, but good luck on your games going forward. Don't despair.

Sadly the last of us left all decided we're finished playing together and we rather leave on good terms. Trying to find another group, but it is difficult to find another trust worthy group.

At least BG3 is out today 😂


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Baldur's Gate 3 is absolutely amazing, well deserving of a GOTY nomination.

Anyways I have Good news and bad news regarding D&D

The Good News: the Zeitgeist DM, another player, and myself are going to be playing together in about a month under our old DM who ran Tyranny of Dragons (my introduction to D&D)

The bad news: we're not doing Zeitgeist

However we are doing an homebrew sequel to our Curse of Strahd campaign. Of which my character was the only surviving PC, so that'll be fun to be back in Barovia. The gist is Strahd death has been beneficial because of more outside trade and resources, but the absence has caused a free for all among the dark powers

It'll be based on some older modules but repurposed for 5E.

It'll go from level 12-20. We decided on that as our characters will also be transferring over from Baldur's Gate 3, well at least two of the characters will be. Plus defeating Strahd was definitely worth a level right

The party is going to consist of an Elegance Bard (details pending), Victor from the original CoS but now an older accomplished level 12 wizard, and my homebrew Barbarian Jolyne who does like insanely high damage with her Maul (and I've used her in multiple games such as Elden Ring)

I'm looking forward to it within a month, I will make the appropriate thread elsewhere when it begins.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
Beginning the Curse of Strahd part 2 adventure, what is a good forum to post it on?

We did decide we wouldn't do Zeitgeist again because of time constraints, great campaign, but the investment can be daunting. Still had fun and I do hope we continue someday

Hope you've been doing well!

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