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D&D 5E Curse of Strahd Story 1

The story starts off with the silvery mist sweeping us into Barovia. We all find ourselves in front of a town gate wondering what the hell just happened. There are three characters at this point. Plummet the Moon Druid, Topaz the Fighter/Warlock multiclass, and me, Bazel the sorcerer/warlock.
Plummet was a Boulder Gnome that made used to be apart of a group of druids. Plummet ended up arguing with druids, leaving to travel. She would mine out rocks, like a woodpecker and leave after awhile.
Topaz was.... I’m going to be honest I never got his backstory since the person that plays him does it for fun, and not to write backstories. All I know is his Class and his race. All I know is that Topaz is an orphan, and that’s it.
Bazel was just the weirdo in the group. He was originally the child of a human noble, until he was born as a tiefling with wings. They kicked him out and he learned how to use his natural control over earth to create spikes from the ground to create a barrier around him. He ended up joining the military and lost his arm. While he was bleeding out he was contacted by Terrian, The Prince of Earth. Terrian saved Bazel’s life and giving him more power over earth and got an arm made of rocks for a replacement. The terms of the pact were simple, whatever you kill you must bury and give my blessing if they are a wolf, and my curse if they are not. He also sent Bazel to kill Strahd, and that’s why my character knows some facts about Strahd.
These are all watered down backstories to get the understanding of are characters. Bazel went to Strahd’s domain on purpose, while everyone else went in by accident.
We all started to talk and decided to go to the building on top of the hill. When we got there we noticed two sleeping guards, so me and the Druid cast Mold Earth to block them into there stations an explored the abbey. We heard laughing, and after an hour of exploring the spell wore off and the guards found us and gave us a choice, leave or meet the leader of this place and stay forever. Bazel said we should go now. That happened. Bazel then flew up and went to one of the windows and smashed it. He saw this cat person/human stare back at him and scream. He flew at full speed away and said we should go to the town. We meet a Wizard that was delivering wine to the town. We use Minor Illusion to hitch a ride with the wizards permission. We find out he is terrible at keeping wine good, because all of it was spoiled. We are sent to get more wine. We meet 5 bandits, and they attack us. I was in the sky so I dive bombed them and hit them with my staff. We find out the Wizard is also a Werebear. But not any Werebear, a WereTeddybear. Yes this PC was a

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