D&D Movie/TV D&D 2 is possibility still

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These are from IMDB, and they aren't lower. You listed only the box office, I listed the films' budgets, and how each films box office compares to its budget.
Thanks, I understand now. I read too quickly and missed the all important "budget" that you listed for each line. Mea culpa.


I guess we will see. I agree that X more searches result in Y more sales, but I do not think this is proportional at all, ie 50% more searches may be 5-10% more sales. I expect a lot of sales to basically be independent of any search
Again, from outside of gaming work experience, I can confidently say it is proportional, across industries.


This absolutely, completely untrue.

Attribution is nearly dead now. Zero click marketing is not just a trend, but the standard thanks to Google breaking itself and social downgrading links for a decade
I mean, there has to be an actual product there: but as long as there is, there is a direct path from number of views to number of sales. I feel very confident in this particular case, given the starting size, the size of the increase, and how much effort WotC put into creating the onboarfong path for new players recently.

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