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D&D 4E D&D 4e for sale...great deals


I have these for sale/trade.
Non-smoking home, great condition.
Paypal, and buyer pays S&H to United States only.

Goodman Games 4th ed Azagar's Book of Rituals: $10

Fiery Dragon 4th ed Sword & Sorcery Creature Collection: $12

Goodman Games 4th ed Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens: $10

4th ed Quick Start player and DM books (probably part of original 4e starter set): $3

4th ed Player's Handbook 3: $12
4th ed Demonomicon: $12
4th ed Primal Power: $10
4th ed Dungeon Delve: $10
4th ed Underdark $12
4th ed Adventurer's Vault: $10
4th ed Tomb of Horrors: $12
4th ed Hammerfast: $8

4th ed Player's Handbook 1 power cards, complete set $12, or $2 a pack.

4th ed Eberron Campaign Setting: $12
4th ed Eberron Player's Guide: $10

4th Ed Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide: $12
4th ed Forgotten Realms Player's Guide: $10

4th ed H1 Keep on the Shadowfell: $8
4th ed H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth: $9

4th ed E1 Death's Reach: $9
4th ed E3 Prince of Undeath: $9

Want for trade--------------

Pathfinder sourcebooks (elves-races, cities, chronicles or companions)

Pathfinder modules (one off modules or adventure path )

Pathfinder Bestiary 2

Palladium Limited Edition Hardcover books:
Heroes unlimited
Beyond the Supernatural
Palladium Fantasy
Rifts Ultimate Gold Edition
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First Post


Thanks for the input. Welcome to Ignore.

Well maybe enworld shouldn't take down their marketplace then or maybe they don't need one because...there is a SALE category? HMMMM?

And how is this disrupting your life?
Why not give some gamers a chance to get some game books that someone else doesn't want?
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