D&D 5E D&D 5e Magic Items, Potions, and Spells


This group of articles was a lot of fun to research, because it involves cool magic items, fun spell casting, and useful potions to have on hand during a dungeon crawl. Through careful research and lots of gameplay, I found a lot of fun and interesting information. During this time, I also obtained and consulted hard copies of the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide. the D&D Monster Manual, and the D&D Players Handbook. Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

[Top 10] D&D Best Potions That Are Useful
D&D Best Level 1 Spells for Each Class
[Top 10] D&D Best Non-Combat Spells
[Top 10] D&D Best Support Spells
[Top 10] D&D Best Low Level Magic Items

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