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Securing the Alliance: An Adventure in Tethyr

Better Map of Tethyr.jpg

8 Marpenoth, 1378 DR, Tethyr

Strife whispered through the air of Tethyr. Not quite ten years had passed since the Reclamation Wars ended and Zaranda Star was crowned queen of the land. A fair and just ruler, the Queen-Monarch devoted her efforts to rebuilding the land that had been subjected to nearly forty years of war and corrupt governance. But even with the people of the land supporting her, there were those who found her rule inconvenient.

A former mercenary, the Queen-Monarch also possessed a type of shrewdness uncommon for the nobility. As such, she established a loosely connected cohort of adventurers early in her rule: The Shadow Stars of Tethyr. Distinct from the Warriors of the Star, who were dedicated to protecting the Queen and her family, the Shadow Stars were a semi-official organization tasked with a variety of duties within Tethyr including diplomacy, espionage, slaying monsters, and combatting lawlessness.

With evidence that unknown forces were organizing to contest her rule, the Queen-Monarch sought potential allies within the kingdom of Tethyr. Two such potential allies were the Suldusk and Elmanesse elf tribes of the Wealdath, the great forest covering much of Tethyr. The Queen-Monarch dispatched one of the Shadow Stars, an earth genasi named Brunhilde “Brue” Stonedottir, to negotiate with the elves. Successful, Brue was tasked by the elves with delivering two items to the Queen-Monarch in the Tethyrian capital of Darromar: a signed copy of the treaty as well as a ceremonial staff known as the Heartwood of the Wealdath. The elven leaders planned to travel to Darromar at the conclusion of the month of Uktar and would partially weigh the alliance based on the degree of respect accorded the Heartwood of the Wealdath.

On Brue’s return trip, she was set upon by unknown assailants south of Mosstone, robbed, and left for dead. She was discovered by Randal Greycastle, a paladin living in Mosstone, who brought her to the town to recover. Unknown to both of them, the town was quarantined soon after their return due to an outbreak of plague. Brue awoke with amnesia and, with little else to do, aided Greycastle in both keeping the peace in Mosstone and investigating the cause of the plague. Slowly recovering her memories, the genasi discovered that the town apothecary, a gnome named Philbert “Vials” Boddynock, was the mastermind behind the plague. Defeating the apothecary and the death dog he was harvesting to develop the plague, Brue saved the people of Mosstone. In the process she discovered that Vials was part of a larger conspiracy that apparently had something to do with the attack on her. Ultimately discovered by one of the Queen-Monarch’s emissaries, Lady Rowena Tosscobble, Brue was sent south to Kirgard to meet with a small group of her fellow Shadow Stars in order to undertake an effort to recover the treaty and the Heartwood of the Wealdath.

Hello everyone! After running @CanadienneBacon through a relatively short short adventure, I’ve decided to expand the game to include a group. If you are interested, the full thread for the previous adventure can be found here - Tattered Memories: An Adventure in Tethyr

3-4 Player Characters to join CanadienneBacon’s PC

Players may submit a character in this recruitment thread through the 27th of September. I will only be accepting one submission from each player. This will not be first-come/first-served. I will be selecting PCs based on a variety of considerations including party fit and characterization.

My expectation for posting is at least once a day, with the exception of weekends and holidays. Obviously, real life is far more important than our game, so I can work around absences. I do ask that I be made aware in advance. If you do not think you’ll be able to post according to these guidelines, please do not submit a character.

Character Creation
Abilities: Standard 27 Point Buy
Level: 4th Level Characters (Fixed HP past 1st level, Multiclassing and Feats in play)
Race: PHB & EE Forgotten Realms races. Note that the timeline for this adventure is pre-Spellplague, so Tieflings are relatively uncommon and Dragonborn are unknown. Variant Human is allowed.
Alignment: Good or Neutral alignments please, see Backgrounds for more information
Equipment: Standard starting equipment based on class and background. If you’re picked, we’ll discuss additional and/or substituting equipment.
Additional Materials: UA material may be accepted on a case by case basis, just ask. I won’t be entertaining homebrew.

Feel free to develop your character’s background however you would like. You will all be relatively recent members of the Shadow Stars of Tethyr. You have all either worked together or know each other through reputation. Please note that your PC is heroic; otherwise they would not have been selected for membership in the Shadow Stars by the Queen-Monarch. With that said, Zaranda Star was a mercenary for a large stretch of her life, so you could still be heroic with a healthy side of less admirable traits.

My Playstyle
I think it’s important for any player to have an idea about the DM’s approach to the game. I am a big fan of the rules and try to avoid house ruling as much as possible, I feel it adds stability to the player experience. When rulings are necessary, I tend toward recognizing and respecting balance. As far as player creativity and resource usage, I’m much more likely to favor players exploiting in-game factors than I am players exploiting text in the Player’s Handbook. At the end of the day, we’re all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, so I will do my best to meet that expectation.

Accepted Player Characters
1. @CanadienneBacon as Brue (Earth Genasi, Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
2. @hafrogman as Lorenzo (Human, Cleric 4)
3. @Olrox17 as Corilo (Human Fighter 4)
4. @Marcelus14 as Gnorth (Half-Orc Bard 4)
5. @Egon as Boddynock Scheppen (Gnome Sorcerer 4)

Submitted Player Characters ( √ indicates DM-Reviewed)
1. @hafrogman as Lorenzo (Human, Cleric 4) (√)
2. @Shayuri as Inamar (Human Warlock 4) (√)
3. @Leif as Krexagh Bottomald (Dwarf Fighter 1/Rogue 3) (√)
4. @Zansy as Annan (Elf Rogue 4) {Background Pending} (√)
5. @perrinmiller as Alicia Tien (Human Ranger 4) (√)
6. @Steve Gorak as Dorn Greycape (Human Fighter 1/Rogue 1/Warlock 2) (√)
7. @Kobold Stew as Meadowlark (Human Paladin 4) (√)
8. @Olrox17 as Corilo (Human Fighter 4) (√)
9. @pathfinderq1 as Singing Leaf (Half Elf Druid 1/Bard 3) ()
10. @Marcelus14 as Gnorth (Half-Orc Bard 4) (√)
11. @Egon as Boddynock Scheppen (Gnome Sorcerer 4) (√)
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First Post
I have a notion for a warlock that'd be fun to try. I will flesh it out and make sure I can meet posting requirements, then edit this post to a full submission.

Hmm...liking what I see so far. A more accurate description would be a 'thieflock.' Not a rogue multiclass, but rather a warlock with a lot of 'thiefiness' built in.

Still trying to decide between a feylock or a fiendlock. Fun backstories either way, but also very different. Feylock is all about mischief and messes baddies up with status effects and control effects. Fiendlock is darker in tone (but still a good guy) and is an arcane artillery piece.

Moar soon! Choice to be made!
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Brue is an earth genasi Fighter 3 / Cleric 1. Forged Fury is a competent DM. He is good at keeping things secret when they need to be, obfuscates in delightfully and classically "evil DM" ways (a compliment of the highest order), knows his rules, and appreciates and respects player choices to do wonky off-the-wall things during play.

I look forward to Brue being 1/4 or 1/5 of a party. Adventuring solo was tough!


I'd like to also submit my application. Hmm, what to play? We already have a ftr/cleric, a bard/sorcerer, and Shayuri - who tends toward the arcane. Let me think....

Got it! Krexagh, Dwarf Fighter 1/Rogue 3. Mechanically inclined, lock and trap specialist.

[sblock=Krexagh Bottomald, Dwarf Ftr/Thf]
Name: Krexagh Bottomald
Race: Hill Dwarf (+2 con, +1 wis, + 1 hp/level)
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter 1/Rogue 3 (Roguish Archetype - Thief)
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 41/41
AC: 14
Initiative: +2
Passive Perception: 11

STR 13 +1
DEX 15 +2
CON 16 +3
INT 08 -1
WIS 11 +0
CHA 12 +1

MAX HP: 10+1+3+5+1+3+5+1+3+5+1+3=41

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armor: Light, Medium
Weapons: Martial Weapons, Simple Weapons
Tools: Mason's tools, Thieves' tools
Languages: Dwarf, Common, Thieves' Cant
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills Fighter: Insight, Perception
Skills Rogue: Sleight of hand

Size: Medium
Constitution +2, Wisdom +1
Dwarven Toughness: +1 HP/Level
Size: M
Speed: 25 feet (not reduced by armor)
Dwarven Combat Training: proficient with battleaxe, handaxe, warhammer, throwing hammer
Proficient with artisan's tools of your choice
Stonecunning: Add twice prof. bonus to history (Int) checks related to the origin of stonework
Languages: Common and Dwarvish
Subrace: Hill Dwarf

Armor: all armor, all shields
Weapons: Martial Weapons, Simple Weapons
Tools:Thieves' Tools
Sneak Attack: 2d6
Cunning Action: Bonus action on each turn of combat to: Dash, Disengage, or Hide
Roguish Archetype: Thief

Skills: Deception, Stealth
Tools: Dice, Thieves' Tools
Equipment: crowbar, dark clothes with hood, belt pouch with 15 gp.
Criminal specialty: Burglar
Criminal Contact: Preference- Vartig, a Dwarf employee of a local tavern who can slip Krexagh a meal of leftovers, as well as point out customers who are loaded but well into their cups.
* I don't notice risks -- never tell me the odds!
* Honor -- I don't steal from others in the trade
* Bond-- I will become the greatest lock-pick and trap-foiler that ever lived!


EQUIPMENT (44/195 pds Carry Weight)
Hide Armor 10 gp AC: 12+2=14
Spear 1d6 versatile (1d8) 1 gp
3 javelins 1d6 @ 5 sp = 1.5 gp
Quiver 1 gp
Chalk 1 cp
2 sacks @ 1 cp
Waterskin 2 sp
Thieves' Tools
Dark Clothes w/ Hood

Money Left 12 sp, 8 cp

Concept: Krexagh discovered very early that he is mechanically gifted, almost like a Gnome instead of a Dwarf. As such, he was the butt of much ridicule and insult growing up. He tried to conform to Dwarvish society, going so far as to try to pursue a career as a soldier as was expected. But he chafed under the discipline, and wound up finding trouble by stealing from his companions. Krexagh felt as if he was pushed to the very fringe of society because of this, and so rather than change to gain more acceptance, he pursued his avocations all the more, only now he actively tried to be shall we say shady with his stealth and mechanical gifts. This led to his speedy discharge and disgrace. Krexagh left his homeland and lost himself in the cities of the human, which he found to be easier pickings for his thievery anyway. He doesn't wish to be totally unlawful and evil, but he feels like the world has made him this way. He hopes and longs for friends and companions who will not judge him too harshly. [That's all I got now. More later, if that's still not good enough.]

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Forged Fury

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Sure thing, just note that this game is not first-come/first served. I wouldn't necessarily limit myself to what has already been submitted.

ETA: A quick note on background/history/personality. You're welcome to use the trait/bond/flaw paradigm, but it isn't required. What I would like to see is a paragraph or three with a brief history of your character and include a bit about their personality. The last could be as simple as a quote from them in response to a situation.

That goes for you too [MENTION=11146]CanadienneBacon[/MENTION], now that you have full control over Brue, feel free to develop her background and history as you see fit.
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I hope no one looks at Brue's being Fighter 3 and thinks she has cornered the market on melee. She certainly has not. You won't tip my apple cart in the slightest if you draft a melee combatant for submission. More the merrier.

EDIT: FF, if you see four or five characters you just really prefer, please do not feel beholden to choose Brue. That said, I will tweak the things we discussed previously and will post a draft of her here.
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Forged Fury

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Nah, it's an extension of your solo game. Doesn't make sense to not have her in it.

Also: One bit of a change... Brue was built with max HP at all three levels. We need to adjust her to fixed HPs after 1st to match the other PCs. I think that would put her at 39 HP for 4th Level? (10+3+6+3+5+3+6+3 = 39)

Will do. Was she built using the standard array or a 27 point buy? Let me know if I need to make adjustments there too.

Maybe the standard array is a 27 point buy? I haven't done the math.


Posting some degree of interest as an elemental-air themed arcane trickster rogue.your next turn.
I would like assume that I would picture my mage hand to be like a hand made of elemental wind. shall I get to work?

EDIT: the mechanical bits of the sheet are done. I will like to talk with our DM to see how to better fit my character into the world, as I am not the most learned on the realms.

Name: Ànnan
Player: Zansy
Class & Level: Rogue 4
Race: High Elf
Size: Medium

[sblock=Sage Background]Pending. [/sblock]
HP: 31 (8+2+5+2+5+2+5+2)
HP Remaining: 31
AC: 14
Speed: 40 Feet

STR: 8 +1
DEX: 16 +3
CON: 14 +2
INT: 16 +3
WIS: 8 -1
CHA: 12 +1

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armor: light armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons, hand crossbows,
longswords, rapiers, shortswords,
Shortbows, Longbows.

Tools: Thieves Tools
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence

RACE (High Elf):
Base walking speed is 40 feet
Keen Senses
Fey Ancestry
Elf Weapon Training
Cantrip (
Minor Illusion)

Languages: Common and Elvish +3 Languages (TBD)

Acrobatics +5, Arcana +5, Deception +3 History +5, Investigation +7, Perception +1, Sleight of Hand +7


20 arrows
Leather Armor
2 Daggers
Thieves' Tools
[sblock=Explorer's pack]Backpack
Mess kit
10 Torches
10 Days of Rations
50 feet of Hempen Rope[/sblock]
[sblock=background equipment]Bottle of black Ink
Small Knife
Letter from a dead colleague, posing a question I have not yet been able to answer
Common Clothes
Belt Pouch containing coins[/sblock]

Expertise: Investigation, sleight of Hand
Sneak Attack 2d6
Thieves' Cant
Cunning Action
Roguish Archetype: Arcane Trickster
Mage Hand Legerdemain

FEAT: Mobile

Spell DC:13
Spell Attack: +5

~Minor Illusion
~Mage Hand
~Dancing Lights

1st Level Spells (3/3 spell slots)
~Absorb Elements
~Fog Cloud
~Disguise Self
~Silent Image
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[B]Name:[/B]       Lorenzo, soldier of fortune
[B]Class:[/B]      Cleric 4
[B]Race:[/B]       Human
[B]Background:[/B] Soldier
[B]Size:[/B]       Medium (5'9", 175 lb)
[B]Gender:[/B]     Male
[B]Alignment:[/B]  Chaotic Good

[B]Str:[/B] 10 (+0)              [B]HP:[/B] 27 (4d8+4)
[B]Dex:[/B] 16 (+3)              [B]AC:[/B] 19
[B]Con:[/B] 12 (+1)
[B]Int:[/B] 10 (+0)              [B]Speed:[/B]   30
[B]Wis:[/B] 15 (+2) save: +4     [B]Init:[/B]    +3
[B]Cha:[/B] 13 (+1) save: +3     [B]Passive Perception:[/B]    12

[B]Skills:[/B]                    [B]Abilities:[/B]
Acrobatics         +3       Ability Score Increase (+1 Dex, +1 Wis)
Animal Handling    +2       Feat (Weapon Master, +1 Dex)
Arcana             +0       Skill(Sleight of Hand)
*Athletics         +2       
Deception          +1       Spellcasting
History            +0       Divine Domain (Trickery)
*Insight           +4       Channel Divinity (1/rest)
*Intimidation      +3        - Turn Undead
Investigation      +0        - Invoke Duplicity
Medicine           +2       Blessing of the Trickster
Nature             +0       
Perception         +2       Military Rank
Performance        +1        
*Persuasion        +3       Feat (Medium Armor Master)
Religion           +0
*Sleight of Hand   +5
Stealth            +3
Survival           +2

Stat: WIS  DC: 12  Attack: +4
Slots: 4/3/-/-/-/-/-/-/-
 - Guidance
 - Light
 - Mending
 - Spare the Dying
Spells Prepared:
 - Charm Person*
 - Disguise Self*
 - Mirror Image*
 - Pass Without Trace*
 - Aid
 - Bless
 - Enhance Ability
 - Healing Word
 - Protection from Evil and Good
 - Shield of Faith
Armor: Light, Medium, Shield
Weapons: Simple, Rapier, Scimitar, Short Sword, Heavy Crossbow
Tools: Dice Set, Vehicles (Land)
Languages: Common, Dwarven

[B]Weapon                Attack  Damage     Type  Range[/B]
Mace                   +2     1d6+0        B
Short Sword            +5     1d6+3        P
Light Crossbow         +5     1d8+3        P   (80/320)

Short Sword
Light Crossbow
 - 20 bolts
Scale Mail
Holy Symbol
Explorer's Pack
Insignia of Rank
Set of Bone Dice
Common Clothes
Belt Pouch

[B]Money:[/B] 0 gp

[B]Personality Trait:[/B] I take my comforts where and when I may, because who knows what tomorrow will bring?
[B]Ideal:[/B] Destiny.  Pick up the dice and roll.  Don't try to cheat fate, accept what comes to you for good or ill.
[B]Bond:[/B] I treasure my past, those I served with and those who have helped me.
[B]Flaw:[/B] I never take things seriously.

[sblock=Background]Lorenzo was born in Tethyr thirty years ago. Growing up in an era of strife and conflict, the life of a soldier seemed a natural path to take. The strictures of military command chafed a little, but between battles he found his leisure where he could, and practiced his gambling skills upon his fellow soldiers. Between his success with the dice and his ability to emerge from each battle seemingly unscathed, he would often joke that the Lady was watching over him.

However, such a life could not go on forever. With the end of the Reclamation War, and the consolidation of power in the region, the demand for soldiers took a rapid decline. Like many of his fellows, he signed on with a mercenary company, and moved on to other wars to seek his fortune. He was all set for the life of a professional soldier, always working for someone else and never amounting to anything of consequence.

Some years later Lorenzo found himself lying on his back in the mud, slowly bleeding out while staring at the sky and quietly wondering what had happened to his legendary luck. Some men would curse their lot, or cry bloody vengeance to the heavens. But Lorenzo was more bemused at the vagaries of life that had led him to this point. As chance would have it, that was exactly the moment that a traveling cleric of Tymora found him lying in the middle of that bloody field, and brought him back to his feet.

Apparently his lady was not done with him yet. He followed along with the pilgrim for a while, listening and learning, and finding a new purpose to his life. Now his feet have led him home again. Tethyr has changed, but the need for good people has not. He has found himself a position among the Shadow Stars and makes sure to live each day to the fullest, content that things will go well when they go well, and that when things go bad, you'll be better off for having good memories to tide you through.[/sblock]


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I thuoght I had finished Krexagh Bottomald, the Dwarf Fighter 1 / Rogue 3, but apparently I was mistaken.
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Forged Fury

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@Leif: Thanks for the submission. A few things.

[sblock=Krexagh Bottomald Character Sheet]
- Ability Scores are good

- Proficiency: It gets a little muddled here. Your HPs say you took Fighter at Level 1, but your Saves and Skills say Rogue. Then in the Class section, your listed Armor proficiencies seem to indicate Fighter at Level 1 again. Just a note that you only get the Saving Throws for whatever class you take at 1st level. As far as other proficiencies, you get everything from whatever class you took at first level and whatever is listed on the table on p. 164 of the PHB for any subsequent class. Which class were you planning on taking first?

- Skills: Just a note, but a master of locks and traps is probably going to need/want both Perception and Investigation for skill proficiency, at least the way I run traps (Perception (possibly Investigation) to spot traps, Investigation to figure out complicated traps or whether it is possible to get around the trap without needing to disarm it, and Thieves Tools to disarm). With that said, if you were intending to take Rogue at level 1, you should have a total of 6 skill proficiencies (4 from class, 2 from background).

- Class Abilities: None of your fighter class abilities are listed (Second Wind or Fighting Style choice). I don't see Expertise, Fast Hands, or Second Story Work listed on the Rogue side.

-Background: Sorry, I wasn't clear about the background bit. I do want a bit more than the Trait/Bond/Flaw thing. I meant that you could use it in addition to providing a few paragraphs to cover your background and personality.

-Equipment: No concerns at this point in time. We'll discuss it if Krexagh is selected.

Take a look at some of that and update your sheet and I'll add it to the list. Thanks! I like the character concept of a dwarf contraption master.[/sblock]


I am still mulling over ideas. I don't have many 5e builds I have looked into before, but I have plenty of concepts from other additions that could be used once I decide. Right now I am leaning towards Wizard. Or maybe ranger.

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[MENTION=6788194]Zansy[/MENTION] I have no problem with an elf with an affinity for elemental air. There's actually an elven god of air named Aerdrie Faenya, although she primarily concerns herself with the avariel (non-PC winged elves because the Realms have elves for like every purpose). My suggestion is to come up with a generic story that you like and we can work it in to the Realms. There are lots of elves in the Realms, you don't necessarily need to be tied into the politics of the elves if you don't want to be.

[sblock=Ànnan Character Sheet]
Everything looks pretty solid. The only problem I noted was in the 1st level spells known. Only one of your spells can fall outside of the Enchantment and Illusion schools. You currently have two: Fog Cloud (Conjuration) and Absorb Elements (Abjuration).

One other note, just to give you a head's up. I tend to be somewhat restrictive on Minor llusion. As a non-concentration unlimited casting cantrip, I tend to limit its efficacy in combat. At best, you're probably going to be able to use it to make yourself unseen for one attack by creating an illusory object in front of you. You can also use it as something akin to a ranged combat Help action to provide advantage for one attack from an ally or impose disadvantage on an enemy for one attack if you'd like as well, but it would need to be readied in anticipation of whoever you want to provide advantage to, along with the baggage that readied spells carry (becoming concentration based, requiring your action and reaction).[/sblock]

Forged Fury

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[MENTION=8858]hafrogman[/MENTION] Cool concept. I like the Conquistador angle. Since this is pre-spellplague, he could have even spent some time in Maztica (Forgotten Realms Fantasy Central/South America) after the Reclamation Wars. The ports in Tethyr/Amn/Calimshan tend to be the embarkation points for trips to Maztica.

[sblock=Lorenzo's Character Sheet]
The only issue I noted was Ability Scores. I'm counting 28 points (including the +2 to DEX and the +1 to WIS from Race and the Weapon Mastery feat)[/sblock]

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