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So there I was, looking at Japanese figures on Twitter; when I noticed they retweeted a store called BAITme. I go to BAITme's account and noticed that they're being followed by the Dungeons and Dragons account. I wonder why would D&D follow a store that sells mostly clothes and Japanese collectables. It then occurred to me that they're probably selling D&D merchandise. One search later and my suspicions were confirmed.

So if you really wanted branded official t-shirts, you can go there. Thirty two dollars for a regular t-shirt with an image slapped on it is no bargain in my book!

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I really like the unoffical T-Shirts that keep popping up on my feeds, the ones with the old module covers on the shirt. But I'm not going to order from some sketchy website. Why cant WotC put out some awesome shirts. These shirts from Baitme are pricey, but not more then Deathsaves T-Shirts.

I guess Hasbro wants to bet for the manganime because Japan is a great market, but also because now Manga is sold better than the American comics.

I wonder how would be an actual-play show of D&D with cute Japanese idols, better with a good virtual tabletop. I guess Kamigawa, and Kamigawa: Neon Dinasty has been a clear wink for the Japanese market. The fact is the franchises Transformers and Power Rangers have got Japanese roots.

I say it again, if the korobokuru are going to be a PC race again, I suggest to add a traditional hat by koro/butterbur leafs as sign of good luck, because they would add a personal touch, and coherent with the etimology of their name.

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