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My group is playing Eberron with a silly tone. Their group patron is a law firm, but they are going to be representing various musical performers.

I’d appreciate your help by:
1. Adding to the list of band names (see below).
2. Filling in funny/relevant details about a band/performer such as member names, races/classes, etc.
3. Most importantly, brainstorming story hooks around one or more of these.

  • Depeche Modron
  • Zombie, Stills, & Nash
  • Strahd Weekend
  • Echolocation & the Wererabbits
  • Sir Whooter & the Owlbears

  • Run DMG
  • Imagine Pseudo Dragons
  • The Cure Light Wounds
  • Armor Class/Difficulty Class
  • The Fire Beatles
  • Deep Purple Worm
  • Dire Wolf Straits
  • Grateful Undead
  • Wands & Roses
  • Jefferson Airship
  • Ozzy Dragonborn
  • The Rolling Stone Giants
  • Three Blink Dog Night
  • Green Slime Day
  • The Screaming Treants
  • Death Cleric for Cutie
  • They Might Be Frost Giants
  • Barbarian Streisand
  • Naughty By Natural 20
  • Culture Great Club
  • Seance’
  • Ice Gelatinous Cube
  • Gladys Deathknight
  • The Psychedelic Firbolgs
  • Dexterity’s Midnight Runners
  • The Humanoid League
  • Rage Against the Infernal Warmachine
  • B B Lich King
  • Ettin John
  • 50 Centaur
  • Cocteau Twin Spell
  • Frankie Goes to Mirkwood
  • Heat Metallica
  • Thelonious Open Hand Monk
  • Immovable Rod Stewart
  • Blake Skeleton
  • Lady Naga
  • Displacer Beastie Boys
  • Arcane Cheap Trickster
  • Diana Dungeon Krall
  • Patty Hippogriffin
  • Cone of Coldplay
  • Snoop Deathdogg
  • Traveling Goodberries
  • Simple Mindflayers
  • Miley Cyrustmonster
  • Cardi Beholder
  • Boyz II Minotaurs
  • Roy Dragonorbison
  • Puff the Magic Daddy
  • Billie Eye Lich
  • Orc Village People
  • Amy Dragonwinehouse
  • Nine Inch Pitons
  • Owlakocra City
  • Grung the Wet Sprocket
  • The Wight Stripes
  • Little Nas XP
  • Ogre Zombie Nation
  • Murder Hobostank
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My brain can’t stop:
  • Durnan Durnan
  • OK Go-lem
  • Mirt and the Moneylenders
  • New Order Domain
  • The Polyhedron Spree
  • Ooze Ooze Dolls
  • Flesh To Stone Temple Pilots
  • Level Up 42
  • 10,000 Manticores
  • Domo Arigato Mr Constructo
  • Cantripping Daisies
  • Smash Magic Mouth
  • Mimic! at the Disco
  • Orchestral Maneuveres in the Dungeon
  • Spinal Trap
  • Lizardmen at Work
  • RPG Speedwagon
  • Men Without Helmets
  • Eberrescence
  • Yo-yo Maw Demon
  • The Vistani Kings
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Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem



  • Su-monster & the Banshees
  • The Sex Crossbows
  • Foo Fighter Subclass
  • Electrum Light Orchestra
  • Collective Soulmonger
  • New Kenders on the Block
  • The Notorious NPC
  • Mummylord & Sons
  • Nicki Almiraj
  • The Dixie Abyssal Chickens
  • Pearl Jam of Power
  • The Smashing Flumphkins
  • Elvish Presley
  • (Thieve’s) Tool
  • U2-handed Weapon
  • Featherfall Out Boy
  • Acquisitions P!nk
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Slaade, trying to capitalize on their famous songs- “Cum on feel the noize” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now“- have launched a tour in new territory. Things aren’t going well.


The Troggs also aren’t doing so well because...well...they stink.

Anthraxus has decided to launch a bardic career- who knew he could “sing”- but his song “Spreading the Disease” has been keeping fans away in droves.

Jackson Brownie is having difficulty being seen on stage because he’s so short,
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Iron Maidens- the all-Warforged group- is trying to turn people on to what they call “metal” music.

Members of several older bands have formed a supergroup called The Traveling Will-O-Wisps, and have gotten some critical acclaim. Oddly, they’re not touring.


  • Red Wizard Chili Peppers
  • Bugbear Naked Ladies
  • R. E. Imps
  • uniKorn
  • Portable Hole Surfers
  • Spider Queensryche
  • d4 Non Blondes
  • Crowded Death House
  • Animal Handling Collective
  • D&D Music Factory
  • My Alchemist Romance
  • Arcade Fireball
  • Ella Drizzt Glerald
  • Goblinda Ronstadt
  • Loxodonny & Faerie Osmond
  • Justin Behir
  • Partridge Familiar
  • Rock Me Asmodeus
  • MC Warhammer
  • Saltmarsh-N-Pepa
  • Megadeth Save
  • The Velvet Underdark
  • Cypress Hill Giant
  • Cage the Hollyphant
  • Rufus Magewright
  • The Secret Doors
  • Pet Shoppe Boys
  • The Giant Eagles
  • Abbaleth
  • Steve Peryton
  • Counting Scarecrows
  • Roc & Roll Initiative
  • Black Quaggoth
  • Grick Springfield
  • Gnoll Gallagher
  • Chumbullywunga
  • Oerth, Second Wind, and Firebolt
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Lemmy Killmaster recently left the band Blink Hawkwind to form a new group, Minotaurhead.

Djin Simmons
of Knights In Shadow’s Service (KISS) made news by striking deals with merchants everywhere to sell things with the popular band’s likenesses.


Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
  • Blue Slaadi Cult
    • Hit song: Don't Fear the Keeper
  • Motley Grüe
    • Hit song: Live Dire Ape
  • Iron Wood Guthy, warforged musician
    • Hit song: This War is Your War (that's actually pretty dark if you just replace the lyrics to This Land is Your Land)
  • Jhaan Darguun, hobgoblin folk singer
    • Hit song: Take Me Home, Lightning Rail
    • Hit song: Thank Mockery, I'm a Goblin Boy
    • Hit song: Byeshk Mountain High


  1. Vanilla Ice Mephit
  2. Spiked Pitbull
  3. Pentatonixie
  5. Melf Tormè
  6. Tritone Loc
  7. MordenkaINXS
  8. Jennifer Volopez
  9. Frank Assassinatra
  10. Water Weird Al Yankovich
  11. Creedence Clearwater Revivify
  12. Jethro Troll
  13. Tomb Waits
  14. Morrissey Hag
  15. Hüsker Dünamancy
  16. Queens of the Stonekin
  17. Twisted Sis-tarrasque
  18. Gwarlock
  19. Thirty Seconds to Assimars
  20. Plain White Tieflings
  21. Ultravox Machina
  22. Wilcobold
  23. Caedmon’s Call of Cthulhu
  24. Midnight Oil Flask
  25. Milli Vanillithid
  26. John Legendary Resistance
  27. Phylactery Jars of Clay
  28. Demigod Lovato
  29. Macy Greyhawk
  30. Psionickelback
  31. The Monk Ki’s
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Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
  • Planetar
    • Hit song: I Want to Know Mortals Are
  • They Are Giants
  • Wands n' Roses
    • Hit song: Welcome to the Planes, from their #1 album Appetite for Destruction Magic
  • Mechanical Nirvana
    • Hit song: Smells Like Modron Spirit
  • The Troll Who
    • Hit song: My Regeneration


  1. Tenacious DM
  2. Mariah Carrioncrawler
  3. Micheal W Smite
  4. Silver Piece None the Richer
  5. Donna Summer Eladrin
  6. Shakirakshasa
  7. Chaka Kahn Saving Throw
  8. Alanis Morisettercap
  9. Gloria Estefaun
  10. Tears for Cause Fears


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Rob Zombie, anyone? “More undead than undead! More undead than undead!”

New Wave pioneers Deva should be in the mix. “We’re through being good”, “Freedom of Choice” and other hits abound.

There’s a trademark infringement suit brewing between Nine Inch Gnomes and Nine Inch Gnolls.

Epic Threats

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