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  1. Hellcat Stephens
  2. My Bloodhunter Valentine
  3. Natural One Republic
  4. The Green Flaming Blade Lips
  5. 5th Level Harmony
  6. Luther Vandrow
  7. Tu (Explorer’s) Pac
  8. Will-o’-wisp.I.Am
  9. Alice in Chainmail


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Squier Billy wants everyone to know that “The Stroke” is still the word,

Legendary instrumental surf bards, The Adventures, are making new records.


Victoria Rules
Sometimes the name doesn't need to be changed at all...and other times not much... :)

Nightwish - flowery variant of the spell that can only be cast after sunset
Bjorc - an Orc culture viewed by Orcs much like Norse are viewed by Humans
Juda's Priest - a not-quite-name-level Cleric to some deity named Juda
Ghost - we'll leave this for Juda's Priest to deal with, shall we?
Lichie Blackmore - ditto
A Flock of Seaghouls - ditto
Hammerfall - then hammer rise, then hammer fall, and now I'm proficient with hammer
Celtic Frostbrand - for when the hammer don't work
King Crimson - because someone's gotta rule over this ridiculous land
Queen - Crimson's nameless consort
Prince - Crimson's nameless son


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The Stray Hellcats have initiated a revival of a slightly older musical form, to great acclaim.

In a long-lost island city destoyer by a volcano, there was a human-scaled statue of Kool Korran that someone turned into an intelligent, free-willed stone golem. Now known as Billy the Idol, it makes its way through the world as a bard of...acquired taste.


  1. Daft Monk
  2. System of a Down Time
  3. The Jesus and Mary Chain Devil
  4. Foster the Paladin
  5. Billy Eidolon
  6. Jimmy Eat World-building
  7. Cool Mo D6
  8. Sade-Kai
  9. The Mamas and the Nagpas
  10. Griff-Enya
  11. Yanni Portal
  12. Confederate Lightning Railroad
  13. Joy Dark DiVision
  14. Acid Aerosmith
  15. Mötley Kill Crüe
  16. Fleetwood Woad Mac
  17. De La Soul Sword
  18. Paul Simonster Manual
  19. Cranium RATT
  20. Peter Zariel
  21. REO Flying Speedwagon
  22. Air Elemental Supply
  23. Bard Paisley
  24. Katrina and the Thunderwaves
  25. Faster Pussycatapult
  26. Alan Parsons Project Image
  27. Elvan Halen
  28. David Lee Lolth
  29. Bananaramage
  30. Gorgon Lightfoot
  31. Barry Mantilow Charisma
  32. The J. Geils Bandits
  33. Acererak of Base
  34. Matt Mercer Mix-a-lot
  35. Skrillexperience Point
  36. Bjorc
  37. Witch Kraftwerk
  38. Portishead Nyanzaru
  39. Lady of Pain Black Mambazo
  40. A Flock of Sea Gnolls
  41. Massive Attack of Opportunity
  42. Bandit Captain and Tenille
  43. The Wererat Pack
  44. Stray Catoblepas
  45. Herbie Handcockatrice
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  1. Warduke Ellington
  2. David Long Bowie
  3. Luciano Pavarotto’s Irresistible Dance
  4. Better Leviathan Ezra
  5. Jackson 5e
  6. The PlanEscape Club
  7. Raise Dead or Alive
  8. Philter of Love and Rockets
  9. Leonard Coen’s Tiny Hut
  10. OutKast a Spell
  11. Wu-Jen Clan
  12. Boneclaw Thugs and Harmony
  13. Danny Wood Elfman
  14. Hans ZimMerfolk
  15. Moody Blue Dragons
  16. Violet Femmes Fungus
  17. Pat Planatar
  18. Dungeon of the Madonna Mage
  19. Bowling Formian Soup
  20. Raven Queen Latifah
  21. ShadowfElla Fitzgerald
  22. Five for Fighting Style
  23. Natalie Guild Merchant
  24. Snilloc’s Snowball Patrol
  25. Death Ray Lamontagne
  26. Young the Giant Spider
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Job for a Minotaur is making a name for themselves with their guttural vocals.

There’s a few undead bardic groups that have been in the news: The Zombies, The Shadows, Wight Lion, The Revenant Horton Heat, Cherub Poppin’ Deadies, The Damned and many more. Rumors have it that Phil Spectre is behind their rise to fame.


  1. Lawful Good Charlotte
  2. Slipknot the Brave
  3. Third Eyebite Blind
  4. Prancing Pony NSYNC
  5. Ricky SCAGs
  6. Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Tools
  7. Dionne Warlock
  8. Limp Healer’s Kit
  9. Matchbox 20-sided Dice
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  1. Erykah Babau
  2. Sturm Bright Eyes
  3. Lin-Monster-Manual Miranda
  4. Ringo Starr Spawn
  5. Katy Parry
  6. Wizard Khalifa
  7. Melissa Etherealridge
  8. (Bilbo’s sword) Sting
  9. Gen Conye West
  10. Radioheadless Horseman
  11. Neil Diamond Worth 300gp
  12. Stevie Rod of Wonder
  13. John LenNon-player Character
  14. Bob DyLand Vehicles
  15. Mage Hanson
  16. The Chipmonks of the Four Elements
  17. Tom Petty and the Oathbreakers
  18. Linda RolledStadt
  19. Johnny Swim Speed
  20. DJ Jazzy Giff
  21. Bruno Maruts
  22. Cleric Springfield
  23. En Rogue
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Also, I remember* a 3e player commenting "I mean, 'Fiendish Dire Weasel' just sounds like a punk band, to me..."

* I'd say, "back in the day" but my day was further back than that, heck 2000-anything still feels like the effing future, to me, sometimes.


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* I'd say, "back in the day" but my day was further back than that, heck 2000-anything still feels like the future, to me, sometimes.
During a church-hosted Super Bowl party a dozen years ago, somebody else's kid called me Old. I told him "I remember when the Word of the Lord came unto Abraham in the city of Ur in the land of the Chaldees." The look on his face was priceless.

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