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So my PC detectives went to Morgrave University tracking clues about a kidnapping, They traced a suspect’s book to the library and found a folded paper in it.

Dr. Funkenstein is a beholder PC of one of the current players from a previous campaign. I had an NPC with an important clue wear a B&G (The Beadles & Grimm) concert t-shirt. But nothing else about the poster was part of the game. Yet.

On their own, the players started creating all these theories about the poster just because I made a hard copy and handed it to them folded up. It’s going to be really fun using their ideas as story hooks for the next adventure.

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
The Chaos Sorcerers' B-side
Blue Monday
(For concert performances they use the current day of the week and roll a d12 to get the color)

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