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I feel curiosity about the races from Starfinder as "guest artists" in Spelljammer.

Hasbro should have got "good vibes" with Paizo, because if other company would acquire this, Hasbro should enjoy the option to offer a better offert.

If Paizo wanted they could publish a 5ed version of Pathfinder classes, PC races and creatures, and I guess they would be sold very well. We shouldn't be surprised if some tabletops played Dark Sun 5th Ed with the occult classes(psicraft). Paizo also may be hired as outsourcer company to produce "crunch".

I was who told Paizo was acquired by Hasbro in April's Fool time ago.

WotC has got other adventage and it is they are going to publish their own translations. The no-English-speaker market may be important too.

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I dunno, it seems pretty standard. I'm no data scientist, but it probably has something to do with mixing things up for a sample reason.
Likely to curtail any built-in bias due to people just choosing the first thing(s) on a list and-or paying less attention as the list goes on. It's a thing.


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If we see in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves many of the aspects referenced in the survey, such as the locations, factions, races, classes, monsters and spells, i will be more than happy!


I'm curious about the timing of this - the movie is several months into post-production, so the many questions about what you want to see in a D&D movie seem too late...unless the studio feels very good about the movie and want some input about what to focus on for a sequel!

I'm also really struck by how little interest I have in D&D lore like characters, locations, and factions.
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I guess the true target is not the D&D fandom but the ordinary people who want to enjoy a mixture of fantasy with some touchs of comedy, and the little chidren excited when the heroes defeat the monsters.


I was just thinking that myself. I wonder what the purpose of the survey is? (I haven't taken it myself, so I don't know what the thrust of the questions is).

A lot of the questions seemed very direct (At least the one I got which was extremely lengthy and long). It would appear they are asking about things that are already in the movie, or could be edited (wording of a magic item for example) into it.

I would hazard a guess that they are getting deep into the editing and are looking at what to edit in or out of the movie at this point.

From the Survey, I would guess that the movie (not sure if this will work

Is in Faerun, possibly the Sword Coast with some elements happening in Neverwinter and it's environs, but also possibly travel up to Icewind Dale and other areas. They have a magic item that can nullify magic and a Druid? Shapeshifter along with possibly a Bard or Rogue (or both) and a Sorcerer.

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