D&D 5E D&D Spellbook Cards are Back

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Have they produced stickers, which one might add to the cards which failed to mention Concentration?

or even a list of which cards need correction?


The version I got at Christmas said 2nd printing on the back. Those were square corners but had updated cards with Concentration markings. Nice Christmas surprise! So maybe they say what printing they are on the back. Also, almost every spell with a duration listed as "Up to" is a concentration spell if that helps any.


Where can I go to order these and be sure I'm getting the new ones? I find a lot of sites that say "Low stock" and so I wonder if they just haven't run out of the first printing. Even the GF9 site says that.


5ever, or until 2024
So there is a 2nd printing of the old version and a Version 2?

I have the same problem as mattcolville. One of my players could really use these. Any thoughts on finding online?


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Version 2

All of my version 2 cards have the rounded corners and updated concentration notation and the missing cards in the Arcane and Paladin decks.


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