D&D Tops The List Again In Orr Group's Quarterly Report

With the caveat that Roll20 is now a licensed Dungeon & Dragons product, the Orr Group has released its usage stats for Quarter 3, 2016. D&D tops the chart, as always, with around half of all the usage - as much as all other tabletop RPGs combined. Pathfinder follows up with 16% of games, or 32% of players. The Orr Group notes that their player sample wise has doubled over the last year, likely due to its new status as licensed D&D software. Also noticeable are gains from Apocalypse World (likely due to the release of the new edition), Pokemon Tabletop, 13th Age (Pelgrane recently published modules on Roll20), and Mouse Guard.


A note from the Orr Group on methodology: We pull our data from two locations within Roll20 member profiles. Player numbers are drawn from the “Enjoys Playing” and “Seeks Group For” sections, while Game numbers come from the “My Games” section. Our percentages can total more than 100%, particularly Player numbers, since each player will list their interest in multiple games. The report is meant to be a representative sample, and the game listings are curated by Roll20 staff. For more details about how our report works, you can always look back at our in-depth explanation.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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