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D&D General D20 Modern books available print on demand


I crit!

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He / Him
I have a lot of fond memories of d20 Modern...

I remember my brother made a cop named John McClain, who kept quoting Die Hard but had never seen the movie. He actually managed to appropriately fit the line "Now I know what a TV dinner feels like" into a scene!


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Huh, I think I might actually lack Urban Arcana 🤔 I know I have the core book, future and apocalypse, but not sure of that one. Could fix that then, very cool!

I wonder about this may be a test to know the reaction of the players and then to think a strategy for a future d20 Modern 2.0.

I bought the books, the two published in Spanish language and others in English, but I couldn't d20 Future. I remember there was a plan for a d20 Spectacular about superheroes, even with a cover, but it was cancelled. I feel some piece of curiosity.


Do you know how many Hasbro's franchises could be adapted into d20 Modern? But the IPs that are going to be published by Renegade Game Studio.

Do you remember Bright, that movie by Netflix where Will Smith is a cop and his new partner is an orc? Lots of players thought about Urban Arcana, didn't they? I guess Urban Arcana and Dark*Matter could be easier be produced as action-live movies or teleseries.

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Love me some d20 Modern. So many possibilities, without the fixed "fantasy trope" frame of reference for the players to hang on to. In my dystopian near-future campaign, the PCs spent a lot of time running away from things that were (or just looked) more dangerous than they could handle. Fond memories of them discovering that a tank was possessed by a demon ...

I have a lot of fond memories of d20 modern but I can't imagine wanting to touch a 3e version again. I'd love a legit 5e adaptation though and i've seen some third party future stuff.

I never played any of D20 Modern, despite maybe owning one(or two?) of the supplement books. But I will admit that I always liked Urban Arcana, despite not owning it, because it pretty much bought "DND" into our world. Complete with its own Men in Black organization that monitored these beings that suddenly found themselves jack planted into our neighborhood.


I crit!
There is a Dark Matter TV show, and a Dark Matter 3rd party D&D 5e sci-fi space/fantasy setting. But I think WotC's is actually Dark°Matter.

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