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Daggerheart 1.3 playtest dropping Tuesday.


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From the Dagger Heart Discord.

We asked for feedback and boy did you answer!

We are so excited to say next Tuesday, 4/09, our #DaggerheartDrop will be version 1.3 of the Daggerheart playtest ❤️‍🔥

To celebrate we will be hosting a livestream where Spenser Starke and Matthew Mercer go over the changes and answer your questions in chat!

Read more at: Daggerheart Playtest

Already have a game planned for this weekend? Don’t roll with Fear!

All feedback is enormously valuable. The survey will now ask which version of the materials you used, so all submitted information can still help improve the game.

Thank you for all your feedback so far, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts in this next round!

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Changelog is up here for 1.3. Change Log
Looks good, broadly speaking. I finally have a chance to run this on Friday this week and am excited.

Speaking of: has anyone found a good online solution? Are you using a VTT, or just Discord or whatever? How are you keeping track of action token and hope/fear online?



So a few of the big ones:
  • You no longer mark stress if they hit below your minor threshold. It also looks like all Minor Thresholds are now 1 (and I don't see anyway to increase those with leveling now). So every hit is basically 1+ HP unless you can lower it with armor.
  • Advantage/Disadvantage now grants an extra hope die instead of a d6.
  • Hiding requires a stress die.
  • There is now an optional rule for players that want to ensure 1 player isn't going "too often", and gives players limits on how often they can go in a round.
  • GMs when they get fear either gain the fear token OR take a move. So fear will be a little less plentiful in combat.
  • A new group action provides a method for everyone using 1 roll to represent a major group activity.
In general I consider these all good moves forward. You always have to be careful about combining a defensive resource with an active ability one, and so that divide is stronger now. Stress is now much more of an ability activation ability than a defensive one.

I think the optional rule works well enough for the players worried that a combat optimized character can hog too much spotlight from a non-combat one.

The new group action is very appreciated. It was a major question for me of how I was supposed to keep rolls rare and powerful but work it in situation when several players could roll. This version fits that niche.

Issuewise, I don't like that proficiency is still unchanged, I was hoping they would be less of an option and more something you get just get as a tier bonus. I'm also not sold on card swapping requires stress AND an action. It felt fluid to just let them swap and go, but perhaps they thought the cost before wasn't penalizing enough?


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Looking at the revision, they put more information about making Moves here, and if you're thinking "this isn't a very narrative game," you're going to see much more now. Whether that will be to taste or not depends on how much you like that sort of thing.

They also made a big change to the death rules, where if you "avoid death," you roll a D12 and only get a scar if you roll your level or less.

On the surface, I like the updates. I'm still not sure I don't think Proficiency should be an automatic increase but I guess that will remain to be seen.

bedir than

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This makes me chuckle. We all know the Introduction is the thing you want to see sixth

Chapters: Renamed book divisions to “chapters” instead of “parts.” Split some content from chapters 3 and 4 into a new chapter 5, and the former chapter 5 (with currently unwritten content) has become chapter 6. INTRODUCTION

The actual title for the sixth chapter is Customizing Your Game per the link, but there's an error in the Change Log

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