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I'm going to be running Rise of the Runelords for my Danish friends, but we're at least one player short. I'll be running it in English, but since the byplay will probably be in Danish, I'm hoping there are some Danes on this board who are interested. (However, if it comes to crunch time and I still need players, I'll consider any non-Danes, too.)

It will be a pbem based in Yahoo Groups, probably not too fast a posting rate (though of course I hope for posts every day). We're doing it with Pathfinder Core rules only. It will probably be another few weeks before I get fully fledged character concepts from the players I have, but what we're looking at so far is:

An elven druid,
A gnome illusionist (wizard),
A rogue or bard, race unknown.

So I'm looking for at least one more player, at most three more, who either haven't played/read RotR or who are good at separating IC/OOC knowledge. I'm not just taking the first concept I get - you have a nice long while to submit something interesting.

For those who don't know: The adventure takes place in Varisia, a frontier setting. We'll begin in a little town called Sandpoint, where the Swallowtail Festival is about to take place.

Two caveats:
1) I'd like the characters to know one another at the start of the game to avoid, "Hello total stranger, let me entrust my life to you" syndrome.

2) Lone wolf characters bad, teamwork good. Ugh.

If all of this hasn't scared you off, I'd love to see some quick unstatted fluffy concepts. Jeg håber i vil være med! :)

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