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Dark Days in Sion - Act 3: Scene 2


Rats in the Streets of Cabarda Round 4

As Ersuns enchanted sword fells the wererat, Jabbar's eyes rise up at the hovering Vulkyrie with an expression as telling as the great scar across his cheek, neck and shoulder. This was not the first time he was struck by a Vulkyrie javelin, but it may well be the last. The old smuggler grits his teeth together in great anger and terrible pain as he struggles to rise from the mud in a pool of his own blood.

His sword slips from his fingers as he rolls up onto one knee; his right arm now limp and unresponsive. Jabbar grimaces, all at once weakened, disarmed and off balance. Yet somehow he summons the strength to shout through the storm. "CURSE YOU VULKYRIE! HAVE YOU NO SOUL?!"

The Vulkyrie does not respond. It simply readies its last javelin as its other hand reaches for its horn. Jabbar fixates his stare on its black eyes with pure dread. Both at once disturbed and mesmerized by how eerily they reflected any available light flashing through the rattling shutters and swaying lanterns of nearby buildings. Jabbar knows the Vulkyrie can hear him, (as well as Burrai and Ersun) and yet had no more sympathy for them than an owl towards its next meal.

Jabbar exhales a deep breath as anger gave way to despair. There was no pleading with the Vulkyrie. No way to rationalize anything past its discipline and the hunter/prey mentality of its Vul brain. Not so long as it had the luxury of arrogant pride, aloof detachment and relative safety of flight in the very least.

Jabbar's eyes close with the anguish of finality, anticipating the sound of the horn that will summon the rest of its kind upon them. This was not how it was meant to end! This was not justice! The Vulkyrie had no right to interfere! Such malevolence, callous indifference and willful disregard for true heroism, sacrifice and right action was a sin against everything good and just. There was only one thing left he could do.

-Whispers- "Great lord Ishvar, seer of all outcomes, wisest of all gods. Hear my prayer and take my life for the sake of my friends! Strike down this murderous Vulkyrie so the others can go on and continue to serve the good people of this land."

Suddenly within the storm a bright light flashes through the dark clouds as a bolt of lightning reaches out to touch the javelin readied in the Vulkyrie's grip. The winged monster shrieks its last as its flesh cooks and its feathers burst into flame; falling in a ruined, smoking heap upon the muddied street.

Jabbar's final expression is a happy one as he topples over for the last time.

<End of Round 4> <End of Combat>


Bleeding Damage ( * )
Fire Damage ( # )
Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Spell Healing ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

The order of initiative was:

(23) Stranger/Wererat (-3! Con)(-14)(-13)(-16^)(-15^)(Deceased)
(20) Aletia (-9)
(18) Ren
(17) Rhats
- Rhat 1(Prone)(-1)(Blinded)
- Rhat 2 (-19^)(Incapacitated)

(5) Burrai (-1)
(4) Ersun
(2) Jabbar (-22)(Right Arm Disabled; Serious Damage, -3 Str)(Deceased)

<End of Scene>
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Experience Award Time!

Act 3: Scene 2 was arguably the best scene yet in the game. It is entirely unfortunate that so much of it was lost in the crash here on ENWorld :.-( Thanks to each of you for helping us to carry on. We still managed to make the best of it. I really look forward to the next scene, but first, we need to discuss what happens after Jabbar's death?

Rather than RP out the rest of the night, I think it's best we skip ahead a few hours until morning. You can rest assured that everyone can return safely to Jabbar's Trade Shop (Or Kayote's) without further trouble. Ren however, does not return (for now). This will give everyone who needs it time to study/pray for spells and get at least a minimum of rest.

Before we start the next scene, I want everyone to send me a PM describing what their intended actions are for the rest of the night and addressing my questions listed below. Once I have those PM's I will write an intro post for the next scene explaining generally what happens after Jabbar's death. After that, everyone can respond with posts giving further detail about what they did/though/felt during that time or else just describe what they do next and we shall move on. (If I do not receive those PM's by the end of this next weekend, I will have to make my own conclusions about your intended actions so I would certainly prefer that you do let me know.)

Note: There will be some surprises next scene, including a new Player and two new characters.

[Aletia: This has been a very rough night for you. Harsh to say the least for someone so new to this town and the struggles within it. I imagine returning to Kayote's Inn may be your first instinct, but perhaps not? Breaking the news to Mr. Burlock about the death of his friend Jabbar may not be something you want to do immediately. Waiting until morning is reasonable under the circumstances because as far as you know it might not be safe for you to return after what just happened. But that's up to you?]

[Burrai: With Jabbar's death, you are now truly the leader, not just named the leader. My first question for you is what are your orders at this point? (Ersun has already directly countermanded one order, how do you wish to react to that?) My 2nd question is what do you intend to do with the bodies? The blinded rhat is still mobile, the incapacitated one will need to be revived/healed soon or it will die. The wererat is truly dead, as is the Vulkyrie. There are any number of possibilities of what might happen if you leave certain bodies behind or leaving none of them behind. Its up to you and your best judgement.]

[Ersun: The death of Jabbar may change your attitude towards this group and your allegiance to it. What do you intend to do? Going after Ren into the sewers alone isn't advisable (but if anyone could manage it, an underfolk could). It is reasonable to think you might be uncomfortable abandoning Rasul. So if you intend to go after Ren, I will write a post for you describing what happens to you at the beginning of the next scene. However it is probably better for the rest of the group if you stay with them and increase safety in numbers. It would certainly be better for affecting attitudes within the group towards your commitments. Up to you?]

[Aust: With Jabbar's death, you are now the de-facto owner of Jabbar's Trade Shop. Avar will technically now be working for you unless you wish to name him your full partner? That will be something you will have to negotiate with him.

Your main pressing issue of course is still your curse. Without Jabbar you can still expect to find help at the Temple of Ishvar, but you will have to manage that conversation a bit differently because telling everyone about his death is a big deal.

Many things will change for you without Jabbar, especially the way his friends and contacts will change their attitude towards you based on his absence and how you talk about his death and how they will react to that. (or not).

As the new owner of the shop, you may also wish to form new plans based on your direct control of those assets and discuss those with Burrai?]

[Billanverthorne: I actually do not have any idea what your character might do at this point, so I really don't have any direct questions for you except what is it that Bill will want to do?]

Main Group_________________________________________


  • Burrai Steelborn - 1,500 xp + 1,000 bonus roleplaying xp +3 Fate Points
  • Billanverthorne 'Bad Bill' Varenneth - 750 xp + 750 bonus roleplaying xp +2 Fate Points
  • Ersun Durim - 1,000 xp + 750 bonus roleplaying xp +2 Fate Points
  • Aust Thale - 750 xp + 750 bonus roleplaying xp +2 Fate Points
  • Aletia Moonborn - 1,500 xp + 1,500 bonus roleplaying xp +4 Fate Points


Other Group____________________________________


  • Wrenwil - 1,000 xp + 1,000 bonus roleplaying xp +3 Fate Points

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