Kickstarter Dark Fantasy Ocean World Now Live! - Procedural Generation Hardback Setting Book with Gold Foil Cover

Lazy Litch


I just launched my new book on kickstarter. A dark fantasy ocean world designed for old school essentials! I am writing, illustrating and laying out the book and running the campaign by myself so I really appreciate any interest it helps support me.
Thank you

Please check it out if that sounds interesting to you:


Some more info on the setting:

Island exploration in a gothic waterworld
Factions competing over limited resources in stormy seas
Ancient ruins guarded by rusted arcane constructs
Survive dangerous voyages
Hire a crew, build and upgrade your ship
Old School Essentials compatible
Underwater exploration
Magical flora, bacteria and parasites
Battle rival crews in naval skirmishes
Hunt or be hunted by monstrous leviathans
Quick start rules


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