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Dark*Matter, Discovery: A Quiet Little Assignment


Stanfield shook his head. "Nothing that we know of yet. We'll keep you updated as to how our investigation goes back here."

"I'll be doing some digging while you're enroute, see if I can come up with anything in her background that's not in the public record," Z added.

Stanfield glanced toward Nick, a sympathetic look on his face. "Nick," he said softly. "I know what you're going through. The betrayal of a friend... it's not an easy thing."

Nick only nods at Stanfield. "So, where to?" he says finally, and stands as if he's been ready to go this whole time.

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Stanfield returned to his seat. "Very well. Ryker’s in the garage with your vehicle and garage, there’ll be a roadmap in the glove compartment with your route outlined."

Z touched Cade’s hand. "Good luck out there… be safe," she grinned. "And if you find aliens, see if you can get me one of their computers."


In the garage, Ryker was waiting near a green minivan. "Agents, good to see you," he said, pushing a pair of welding goggles up onto his forehead. "I’ve just finished with your vehicle. I know this one’s going to be a quiet mission, but nonetheless, I’ve installed the new armor kit. A self-repairing memory lattice. Highly classified, This baby’s fireproof, bulletproof and bombproof. You could empty a mag of fifty caliber into the tires, and they’d still be intact. You are going to bring this one back intact."

He tossed the keys over. "Map’s in the glove compartment. I threw some sample kits in the back. If there’s an abduction scene, check out the ground around the sight for trace amounts of radiation beyond background levels. Also a few extra magazines for you guns, I’m sure you won’t need them, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful."


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Larry climbed into the van as Ryker kept talking. The mumbo jumbo was for Cade. The con man had already called shotgun like he always did.As the others got in he added. "I don't know about this guys. It's almost like he's daring us to blow it up."


Cade turns at Z's touch and returns her grin, "I'll try and get two, for parts." The young man leaves the 'I'll be safe' unsaid, as he'd hate to lie to Z.

Upon seeing the gearheaded up minivan, Cade can't help but chuckle, "I'll do my best, Ryker." With a mischevious smile, as he catches the keys, Cade adds, "No improvisation with this one, Scout's Honor."

It goes without saying that Cade actually uses the Scout Salute when he says that.

"Thanks for the kits," says Cade as he opens the driver's door and climbs in. "Be Prepared."


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Silent and brooding throughout the briefing, Meredith takes a seat in the back and leans against the wall with her face pressed against the window there.

"This is a waste of our time," she says at last. "It's stupid. People are going to be dying because we were out here chasing anal probes instead of on a real assignment."

She scowled and closed her eyes.

"That's what I should have told him. God, why didn't I say that to him?"


"They can always call us if an emergency pops up. Besides, it's nice for once to have an assignment that I can actually admit to doing. My mom will be happy."


The trip out to Greenway Crossing was quiet and uneventful. Traffic was light, and the weather mild. The worst it got was mild and occasional flurries as the team drove through the snow-covered countryside.

At about two in the afternoon, they pulled into Greenway crossings. The town was small, and mostly residential, with the occasional shop or store. There weren't many people visible on the streets, just the occasional shopper or elderly person out for a walk, and a local sheriff's patrol car cruising the streets. The most distinctive feature of the town was the Crystolleum Chemical Plant, a large, three story facility that loomed over the western edge of town near a forest, and looked rather like a refurbished autoplant. Most of the activity happening in town could be seen there, trucks pulling in and out, people moving stuff around or watching people move stuff around while studying clipboards.

Megan Brandowich's place of residence was towards the center of the town, a small, one story green house. A blue hybrid car was parked in the driveway, though it was covered in enough snow to suggest that it hadn't been driven in some time.
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Larry got out of the car, and waited while the others got settled. It was up to him to do the talking after, all. Or at least get the girl to open up before they started their questions. He was about to ring the buzzer when he stopped and looked at the Doc. "Doc, want to check for any mumbo jumbo? I'll do the freaky brainy thing I do so well. Might as well get used to been paranoid, eh?"

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Meredith went over to the snow-clad Prius, her hands stuffed deep in the pockets of her winter coat. Even with the coat, she felt weirdly naked without sword and shield. Her back itched as if it missed the weight of it. Was this what she'd become?

As the others did their things, she drifted off into her own thoughts, staring absently at the environmentally conscious car.

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