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Dark*Matter, Discovery: A Quiet Little Assignment


First Post
Inside the cave, the knight raised his sword in a spectral, then slowly faded from sight as Merideth left the cave, his task done. She exited just in time to hear the distant echo of a gunshot, and see Diego pin the other shooter to the ground.

(OOC - Good lord...how did I miss this for so long? Nngh. You must have thought I was flaking! Sorry!)

Meredith quickly drops to a squat behind some bushes and tries to make out where the shooter is...thinking perhaps to try to come up behind him and take some pressure off her teammates.

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OOC: No worries, I'm hardly in a position to criticize over delays

Initiative order:
Larry: 25
Diego: 22
Cade: 12
Shooters: 8
Nick: 7
Merideth: 5

Larry, Cade and Nick opened up with their sidearms into the wide, blasting branches off of trees and throwing up puffs of snow as the bullets impacted. At first, nothing, then movement and another crack and ping as the shooter fired against, muzzle illuminating his position 120 feet away in the woods,

Cade's cellphone buzzed.

The shooter that Diego has is pressed face down into the snow by Diego's knee, firmly subdued for the moment.

Merideth can't see the sniper, he's on the other side of the road from her, but as she looks around... she spots three men in winter clothing on her side of the woods, approaching the team's van from the side the three agents are taking cover on. Their Uzi SMGs suggest that they don't have good intentions at heart. They're about sixty feet from her, and a hundred and forty feet from the road.


First Post
Meredith's face goes still, and she crouches behind a bush and draws her sword. Mindful of the sniper, she keeps low as she maneuvers to get behind the three gunmen and starts moving quietly down the slope towards them...


Nick kneels down and begins to trace a series of lines and symbols into the snow. As he nears completion his hands begin to glow, and then wink out again. Suddenly, he bolts up and charges into the woods, still careful to take cover behind the trees.

(OOC: Protection from Arrows/Bullets)


While it seems like an idiotic time to do so, Cade checks his cellphone from behind the cover of the van. With his weapon to one side, his back to the van, he quickly checks the read out to see what it is notifying him of.

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