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Dark*Matter, Discovery: A Quiet Little Assignment


The Sergeant's car started up, then pulled back onto the road, heading towards the chemical plant. A moment later, and the other squad car joined it. The Sergeant stuck his hand out the window and waved towards the forest’s edge as he drove away.


The old man nodded. "Very well. The sword shards that you bear were once a powerful weapon, and could be again. You must find all twelve and the hilt, and reforge the blade. This will be no small task, they were scattered across the world and frequently reforged as the core of other holy weapons."

"The blade was once held by the greatest man I ever knew and the leader of our order, and it shattered when he gave his life to put an end to the tide of shadow threatening to overwhelm the land... that tide has come again, and so the sword will be needed again. I do not know how it happened, only that there was a fight against powerful Strangers, far to the east, in mountains sacred to what our wizard called the Ancient Ones."

"Reforging Arthur's blade will require wizards of magic and the mind, and experts in metallurgy and mechanics and lightning. Such a weapon is not easily repaired, but this is your birthright. It is why you are here, it is why I have remained in the world to tell you this after my death,"
he finished and then gestured.

The lid of the tomb slid off, and slammed to the ground with a loud, echoing crash. Inside was a skeleton wearing a very old set of chainmail and holding a sword and shield in his hands. The armor and shield had almost completely rusted away, but the sword was still shining. "Take my blade and shatter it. At its heart, you will find another shard."


Outside, Diego spotted a man creeping through the woods. He was wearing thick, winter clothing, and held a scoped rifle in his hands. He hadn't spotted Diego yet, he was more interested on the road.

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"King Arthur's sword," Meri repeated numbly. "Twelve pieces, of which I have two...including this one...and a hilt. And they could be anywhere."

She looked down into the tomb, feeling almost as hollow as the stone casket. A receptacle for power, with no meaning of it's own. Intellectually she realized how silly that was; what was a sword without a hand to swing it? Still, the feeling persisted. Was this what she wanted to be? Did it matter what she wanted?

"You know," the erstwhile reporter said, looking up at the spirit. "I have the sword of Galahad. That's almost as good, right? I mean...he was nobler than Arthur in some ways."

Even as she spoke though, she was taking up the fallen knight's sword and putting it sideways across the sarcophagus, crossing between its sides like a bridge. She then lifted her own sword and struck it hard across the broad side, to snap its blade.


ooc: How far away is the man Diego noticed?

Diego motions and points to let the others know he's up to something, then toughens his skin. Moving as stealthily as he can, he tries to sneak up on the man with the rifle, while drawing his stun gun.

[sblock=ooc]manifest lesser natural armor; hide +9, move silently +2. Don't quite remember how action points work but use 'em on the MS.[/sblock]


The man is about sixty feet away at the moment. Quietly creeping through the snow, stalking from tree to tree, Diego manages to get within ten feet of him, as he knelt down by a log, and raised the rifle to his shoulder.


“Seek out tombs similar to mine, after the blade was split, we forged the remaining pieces into holy swords, as per the instructions of our wizard. The sword was powerful, but it was no longer needed in my era, and there was fear that if we reforged it, it could fall into hands of those who would misuse it.”

With a sharp crack, the blade split in half at the center, and then shattered. The remnants of the sword fell back into the tomb, except for a single piece from the center that floated in midair. It glowed white briefly, then drifted over to Merideth’s hand. There was that sensation on her arm again, then the marking was just a little

“Galahad? Aye, he was pure and noble,” the ghost muttered something under his breath that sound a lot like ‘pain in the…’. “But Arthur was our leader and his sword, it was special, different from the rest we wielded. I never knew how he found it, but it was different than the blessed weapons we wielded. No monster could stand the touch of it, and it had powers I don’t claim to understand.”


Diego attempts to attack the rifleman using the element of surprise, jumping out and using his stun gun. The wires shoot forth, surging with electricity.

"I don't know what you're up to but it looks like a crime in progress" Diego explains.

[sblock=ooc]stun gun, 15 to hit, 2 damage + Fort save (DC 15) or paralyze 1d6 rounds[/sblock]


Hey, Folks,

I'll be out of town from April 2nd through April 4th.

I'll try to check for anything important, but fair warning...I'm visiting a special lady, thus...busy. :)




First Post
Meredith rubbed the mark on her arm and took in a deep breath. She could do this.

Finally after a moment to collect herself she looked back at the ghostly knight. "Is there anything else you can tell me? How to find the pieces, or what kind of evil is coming? Otherwise I'd better be getting back before the others freak out over where I went to. "


The man jerks spasdomically as the metal prongs sink into his back, and he collapses to the ground, the rifle dropping from his fingers as fifty thousand volts of electricity force his muscles into a spasm.

The ghost shakes his head and begins to fade. "I wish I could tell you more... but I have only had a little revealed to me. And the evil can take many forms. In our era, it was a mighty demon... but in past eras, past tides, it was a fallen god, creatures from beyond the doors or the stars, and countless other forms. As for the blade, seek places where evil has been fought in the last millenia. The bearers of the shards would have sought such evils out to confront... and likely perished if they were not prepared. I did."

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