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Dark*Matter, Discovery: A Quiet Little Assignment


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"Guys, we're in funny land." He continued. "The land stinks of mental ability, but it's all underground. There's something down there, or we're in an alien burial ground or something. I reckon we do some exploring, but we better get the Doc and Joker here. But this is your dance, Blade so you call it."

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"Think this is funny?" the cop demanded, his face turning red, and his fingers twitching above his sidearm. "You got two choices here. You can come see Mr. deGant... or I can haul you off to the county jail."


"No, I don't," says Cade in a cool, collected manner. "Just like I don't think you find it funny that a think tank, that happens to have federal contracts from time to time, is in your town and looking into an unusual happening..."

"...those same contracts would probably not find it funny if our rights were violate or ourselves were poorly handled."

While Cade would prefer for this whole thing to go down peacefully, his mind and body are prepared for the worst, if it happens.

"How about we wait for my associates to come back and then we'll talk about meeting deGant," says Cade before he adds. "I think we'd both prefer to keep this right peaceable, am I right?"

[sblock=OOC]I guess that might count as bureaucratic intimidation; i.e. bullying us is a lot worse than working with us.[/sblock]
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Nick just smiles and shakes his head in disbelief. Not because he disbelieves it, but because it was almost exactly what he was expecting.

"A quiet little assignment..." he mutters to himself


Gibbens glared at Cade, his face turning redder and redder, before he turned and stomped off back to his squad car, getting back in the driver's seat and shutting the door.


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Blade, thinks Meredith distantly. Oh, that's me.

She turns to give Larry an owlish look.

"I don't think this is dangerous...or if it is, it's not hostile. I think this is what I was feeling before. You guys can come with me, but I can't sit around and wait. I don't know how long he'll give me."

With that, Meri went to the base of the cliff and paused in front of it. She reached out a hand, as if blind and feeling her way forward...and walked straight at the cliffside.


Meredith stepped up to the cliff face, and passed through the seemingly solid surface smoothly.

Inside, there was total darkness. Then, a torch flared into existence. Then another and another and another until the room was entirely lit by eight burning torches on the walls, casting dancing shadows on the walls as they burned.

Meredith was in an old, natural cave, with the back vanishing in darkness beyond the edge of the light cast from the torches mounted on the wall. Ten feet ahead of her, there was a simple, stone tomb with a sword and shield carved on the lid. It looked very old, and it didn’t take a historian to realize that this was very much out of place for the region.

The old man stood behind the tomb, sword in hand. He looked up as Meredith entered. She was now close enough to realize that he was semi-translucent. He resheathed his blade and looked her up and down, a slight frown appearing on his face.

"A woman; all these years and you are a woman?" he says, and then sighs. He speaks English crisply and cleanly with absolutely no trace of an accent. Meredith had been around the Institute long enough to recognize magically translated speech when she heard it. "No matter, who am I to argue with fate… I have been waiting for you, young knight. Through countless seasons, through the rise and fall of civilizations and cultures, I have been waiting. Through times of goodness and, as now, times of great evil, I have been waiting."


"Looks like you officially pissed off the police," Nick says to Cade. "Might as well contact Z now and tell her to arrange bail."

With a resigned nod, Cade replies, "Ain't got much use for public officials who've got their allegiances askew or bullies."

While he talks to Nick, Cade keeps his eyes on the officer and his cruiser, however he also pulls out his PDA and turns it's motion sensor on, so as to keep a 360 degree view of the area up and monitoring. He sets the proximity alert for anything approximately human or larger in size.

He'll also send a quick update to 'Z', just in case.

"I guess it comes from growing up in a small town with similar issues," says Cade, in way of an excuse.


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The first thing Meredith wanted to ask was simply, "For what?" But she didn't. Some sliver of her background in journalism and interviewing reminded her that she already knew that. He'd been waiting for her. It made no sense, but it's what he'd said. When interviewing, you wanted every question to count. Asking questions you already knew the answer to could be useful to try to box someone in, or expose flaws...but not in this case.

So she asked the question that was really most relevant.


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