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Dark Text, Dark background Part 2


Staff member
In this thread:


I noticed a few posters with the DTDB issue, and notified them of the problem while supplying the link to Morrus’ thread. However, I’m being told that they don’t see any COLOR formatting commands when they look at their posts. I, however, can see the formatting code when I look at or quote their posts.

Something odd is going on.
[MENTION=52905]darjr[/MENTION] might want to take a look.

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Mod Squad
Staff member
Right, it is as I thought.

The WYSIWYG editor shows text in the chosen color, rather than with color tags. So, if they are using a light skin, they'll see dark text on a light background, with no indication as to *which* dark text is the offending section.

Settings> My Account - General Settings > Miscellaneous options - Message Editor Interface. Ask them to change to the standard editor, and see if they have color tags there.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
They wouldn't normally see colour formatting tags by default. Not sure why you are, Danny!

Anyhow -- with luck we'll be on Xenforo within a week or two! Things are happening rapidly in the background.


Prodigal Member
My experience is the same as Danny's - the "low-contrast" posts have COLOR formatting codes in them which most posts do not. As Umbran said, whether or not you see those formatting codes depends if you use the WSIWYG editor or the standard editor.

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