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Darrin Drader

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In 2008, Reality Deviant Publications (now Gun Metal Games) and I teamed up to released Reign of Discordia for the True20 system. Although it was well received, Dave Jarvis decided to focus the majority of his efforts on Interface Zero for Savage Worlds, and he very graciously turned all the rights and assets of Reign of Discordia back over to me. Although it has been sitting dormant for a number of years, it has not been forgotten, and now I've teamed up with Owen K. C. Stephens to bring you two versions of a second edition of the setting, fully compatible with 5E and White Star.

We are currently Kickstarting this here.

What can you expect in this project?
  • A full 5E compatible class system for space opera games.
  • Psionics rules (Reign of Discordia is a no-magic setting).
  • A variety of playable alien species, which includes updates to the ones featured in the original products as well as a number of new ones.
  • Scifi Equipment for 5E.
  • Space combat rules.
  • A variety of starships, which will include all the ones from the original product and more.
  • Rules to customize your starships.
  • A host of setting specific information that includes history, 50+ original worlds, organizations, the space station Rover's Beacon, and an introductory adventure.
  • Timeline advancement. We've moved the timeline forward five years, but if you preferred the original, there's no need to worry, we support multiple eras of play.

Reign of Discordia in Brief:
What happens after the evil empire falls but nobody is there to pick up the pieces? Who will resolve interstellar conflicts and bring peace? Who will protect the former member worlds? How do we grow beyond the sins of our past?

Reign of Discordia is a science fiction space opera setting by veteran RPG author Darrin Drader, published by Owen K.C. Stephens. Inspired by the retro-futurism of the 1970s and 80s, such as the original Star Wars trilogy, Battlestar Galactica, and Starblazers, Reign of Discordiais a setting where heroes are needed,and opportunities are growing. Laid low by the reptilian R'Tillek, the Stellar Imperium is no more. While many see this as a good thing, the R'Tillek have not gone, and they have not forgotten who their enemies are.

The Stellar Imperium's Fall is your chance to Rise.
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Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
I'm looking at this and am excited, but I feel compelled to ask:

You note Psionic Rules. Does that include Psionic Classes or is it more like Wild Talents, Feats, and Sublcasses? Like is it a full "Psionics as it's own thing" system, or more of a "Psionics are added on to things that already exist"?

Darrin Drader

I'm looking at this and am excited, but I feel compelled to ask:

You note Psionic Rules. Does that include Psionic Classes or is it more like Wild Talents, Feats, and Sublcasses? Like is it a full "Psionics as it's own thing" system, or more of a "Psionics are added on to things that already exist"?
Right now I'm not planning on a dedicated psionic class (though I might change my mind through the course of development). As a no-magic setting, my goal is for it to be roughly the same level you'd find in Babylon 5 - meaning that there can be a large number of relatively low-powered psionic users, but if you want to invest the resources, you can become quite powerful. I'd elaborate, but I actually have three different models worked out and I'm still deciding which one is the best to go with.
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Darrin Drader

The relaunch funded in the first 12 hours! And, as an added bonus, people who back this project automatically receive a free copy of Blaster Bolts #12 for the White Star game, which is dedicated to Reign of Discordia and serves as a preview. This is courtesy of the publisher of that magazine, Fainting Goat Games.


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Darrin Drader

This Kickstarter just launched but there's actually a bunch of new stuff to report on today... so much so that a roundup is necessary.

Welcoming Marcus Bone. The biggest news is that I'd like to welcome Marcus Bone as a co-producer and co-contributor of the setting. Marcus has been a freelancer in the gaming industry for years, he's been a very vocal and enthusiastic fan of the setting since it came out, and he's done some work on what would have been a Savage Worlds version of the setting had it moved forward at that time. He's also going to be our official presence on Twitter (since I don't Tweet). Let's give Marcus a big welcome!

Updated Promo Video. Thomas Verrault Jr., who is prominent within the Star Frontiers fandom did an update video on this campaign, and said some pretty cool things about the setting in his video here:
Facebook Group. Next, there's a brand spanking new Facebook group for Reign of Discordia up. So, if you want to get together with others and talk about the setting or the rules, you can now do so. We'll be hanging around to comment and moderate. Please be nice to one another! Log into Facebook

Online Play. Finally, there's a group of players who just started up a brand new game of Reign of Discordia on their YouTube channel. I'll be watching and you can find the session zero of their game online here: It's been a busy week so far, but I have an update ready to go regarding stretch goals and art. But, so as not to overwhelm you right now, I'll save that for my next update.

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