DCC Adventures on the Purple Planet hardcover coming to Backerkit


I crit!


For me it’s also the new swanky Erol cover core book!

And also the adventure anthology.

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I crit!
DCC is a very cool game (even though I've played only a few times) and those books look really nice. BTW, I've gotta admire Goodmans's ability to keep selling reprints of the core book with new (and gorgeous) covers! :D
I thought I was done. I really did. But even the latest PAPERBACK has me wanting one. It’s in a very thin but tough paper and so is much lighter and thinner than previous books.

And this cover comes along.

I think I’m going to gift my standard cover and other paperback to friends family.


B/X Known World
I've been waiting for this one for a long time. Purple Planet is an amazing sword & planet adventure / campaign for DCC RPG. It's phenomenal.

And an Erol Otus DCC RPG cover! Oh...drool.

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