Deadliest Warrior on Spike (spoilers)


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They're not going to go into the "science" of these simulations, because there isn't any.

Their "simulation software" has been made by some game studio that makes crappy B-List RTS games like this: Spartan PC Review, Spartan Player Reviews

The consistency of their testing and the complete lack of any controls make Mythbusters look like real science. (though don't get me wrong, I like Mythbusters)

Still, the show would probably be watchable if it wasn't for some of the lowlife "experts" they have on - or perhaps if the producers didn't clearly encourage absurd levels of hyperbole and trash talking.

I am so sick of fakes and posers strutting around, trying to sell the merits of something they clearly know very little about. Especially when it comes to any of the non-Western fighters, the BS meter just buries the needle... Apaches with painted faces named "Snake Blocker"... Dumpy "ninjas" that can't hit a 10' distant target with a blowgun... Random sport martial artist dude waving a couple of sickles around, pretending he'd be able to find vulnerable spots in armor in a real fight...

Of course, some of the Western ones are just as bad, like some guy that's a pirate expert because he's still got a ponytail at 45 and wears lots of crappy novelty shop jewelry...

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I haven't even seen this show, but I was chatting with him while he was watching the Yakuza vs Mafia one and everything he said they were doing just sounded completely bogus to someone like me with only a passing understanding of actual firearms combat. Like giving the mafia shotguns vs the Yakuza having small caliber pistols.

I caught the Spartan vs. Ninja one a few weeks back while channel surfiing over at my folks' house. The weapon "testing" was iffy, and the "conclusion" was pretty laughable (no ninja in their right mind would go toe-to-toe with a walking tank if they could at all avoid it).

And mmu1 is right. While MythBusters might be gonzo science, but it is at least based in science and applies the scientific method (but they do also do things for entertainment value; heck that's one of the main reasons that Adam was brought on board was because Jamie knew that he wouldn't make a very entertaining TV host by himself).

"Deadliest Warrior" just looks like another one of Spike's steaming piles. But then I guess they need something other than CSI re-runs and bad reality video shows.

To be honest, I liked the concept of weapons 'testing' better when it was called "Conquest" (which sadly is not available on DVD)

"Conquest" (2002)


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It is pretty dodgy at times, but it is enjoyable just to watch what some of those weapons do to the ballistics dummies.


True, those are pretty enjoyable to watch.

I would have preferred more consistent matchups - why apache vs gladiator and spartan vs ninja? To me, apache vs ninja and gladiator vs spartan (or viking instead of gladiator/spartan) would have been more interesting, as you have two stealthy types and two tough melee types.


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It can be a fun show to watch just in terms of the data for the testing for individual weapons. One of the players in my group was the Prop buyer for the show.....needless to say apparently it is pretty difficult to find a battle worthy Naginata.....and I heard for weeks how impressive the Morning Star was.

As an aside, I believe the upcoming episode is Russian Spec Force Vs Green Berret.
Per my friend, the Green Berret was totally outclassed.....which makes sense...given the role Green Berret plays....would be a better comparrison vs Seal or Delta force.

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