D&D 5E Dealing with a Daemon Weapon?

So, I have the pleasure to be involved in a rather interesting situation in a current 5E campaign, and thought I would see what you good folks thought of it . Those in said campaign, you know who you are, get outta here! :)

My Character's Background

  • Something resembling the 4E assassin, but with a more rogue-ish weapon selection/fighting style and a different source of arcane power, derived from Lock 3/Rogue 4/Fighter 1
  • Been with the party as a character for 3-4 sessions (Much longer as a player)
  • Isn't opposed to some good natured soul theft every now and then, but is smart/wise enough to know when something is "out of your league" level bad news...
The Situation

  • A party member (Very, very, very effective front line combat character) has come into possession of a magical weapon of significant power, however it has some concerning functions
  • The weapon appears to, well, eat souls when it kills things, with different effects based on which side is used (Fears whole party, makes "treasure", etc...)
  • Can't know for sure, but said character has referred to the weapon "talking" to them at least once, and seems inclined to do what it asks
  • Additional effects get kinda wonky based on combinations of kills, I'm talking serious transformative magic here... (Hint: Wings?)
  • Party hasn't really had the chance to investigate the item magically in an effective manner because that would involve removing it from its current wielders possession, which they don't think would be a great idea.....
Background Info

  • Weapon has potential connection to at least a minion of the BBEG due to it's particular "side effects" on kill and the fact that it deals with soul magics. Knowledge is limited apart from that
  • BBEG has been beaten back before, but it's looking more and more like he's coming back for another round, and at least as strong if not stronger...
  • Weapon has tacit approval from organizational higher-ups, I have no idea in heck why, but am working on making that not the case...
So, any ideas, thoughts, clever and/or maniacal plans? What would you do in this situation?

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Its the intelligent part I would be most concerned with. Be prepared in case the weapon betrays the bearer during an important encounter with the BBEG. That happened to me during a campaign and my character was totally unprepared - it basically removed me from most of the fight which was the BBEGs plan in allowing me to find the weapon.

So look for ways to supress a dominating intelligent sword and certainly have a backup weapon available for the wielder. Aside from that I would see how it plays out


First Post
Are you the DM looking for tips, or a player in the group?

Experimentation is key, either way. Daylight/nighttime, in scabbard or wielded, used in unintended fashion (e.g. swords used only as a blunt weapon, or thrown), arcane or divine or other.

Are the player and the DM colluding? Is the player creating the intelligent item persona themselves?

And what happens if the player activates the weapon upon themselves?

But yeah, intelligent weapons usually go away, or at least... go awry.

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