Dear... An open letter

Dear Indy,
Thank You once again for a great GenCon. This year had to be one of the best, everyone was feeling much less trepidation than last year and the general mood was great. As always your local citizens were upbeat, friendly and happy to have us in town.

Dear ENnies staff,
Thanks again for letting me be a part of this great adventure we call the ENnie awards. Tony and Hans, you are some of the best "bosses" to work for, and of course it's always great to see our illustrious leader Russ. We have to figure out some way to get here more often. (BTW your wife is quite sweet and a darling person to let you go nuts at a con, I think you should keep her ;) :D ).
Carlos as always was busy taking great photos and I think I managed to stay out of his lens this year. :) Kevin, you have the greatest mix of exuberance and confidence without being obnoxious, the perfect host for the awards and set of people skills I envy. To all the winners, congratulations, your wins were well deserved. To the newly elected judges, also congratulations and good luck, I hear you are going to need it.
To the booth volunteers, your couple of hours of sacrifice for your fellow attendees was both greatly appreciated and commended. Lanefan (pronounced Lah- ni - fen) it was great to actually get to meet you after all these years, Invokethehojo, likewise I'm sorry I missed you. My schedule kept from seeing all of you I would liked to have (diaglo I WILL buy you that beer... someday) but I am happy to have seen those I did get a chance to see. (Including my yearly last minute run in with Crothian.)

Dear True Dungeon,
Thank you for once again letting me be a part of the magic and madness that is TD. I am happy you gave me the most hated room at the con (the answer was "DISENCHANT") and even though I am tired and weary, I wouldn't pass up the experience for all the tea in China.

Dear ENWorld,
For those of you that made it, you understand; there is no better place than Indy in August. For those that haven't made it, you really, really need to try at least once. Sell your children, leave your spouse, or kill your boss, it's worth it (Just kidding but you get the idea). All of you help to make the yearly trip to be a trip "home" I can't wait until next year when I see you all home again.

Yours truly,
Eric Stearns
ENnies Audio Producer
True Dungeon Dungoneer (Local 618)
aka Thunderfoot
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