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Deck of Beasts 3 Launched (Kobold Press's 5e monsters on cards)



Kobold Press's latest Tome of Beasts book has been released. That means it is time to make more creature cards based on the new monsters: The Deck of Beasts 3!

Get all 400+ monsters from the Tome of Beasts 3 on a deck of 432 poker sized cards. Cards let you pick just the foes you need for a session. Plus, you can view several at once--no need to flip between pages. Clip them to your GM screen so you can easily see the stats and your players see the art. And speaking of art, the added backgrounds and cardstock finish help the art pop!

In this new set, we've marked each creature's terrain on the card's back with a colored band and icon. Challenge ratings are also color-coded. Use these to scan and find the creatures you need to fit a game session.

As part of this Kickstarter, we're also going to go back to the prior Kobold Press monster books and revise the cards so each book has one giant deck of 432 cards each. Further, we'll add the same color bands & icons for terrain and color code the challenge ratings as well. The Tome of Beasts 1's creatures will be in the Deck of Beasts 1, the Tome of Beasts 2's creatures will all be in the new Deck of Beasts 2, and the Creature Card Codex will have all the creatures from the Creature Codex.

Back the project on Kickstarter to ensure we can invest in the new print run and art revisions.

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