Defense cap for OLD?

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In the old book I got it says defense is capped at 4 times your grade. It's not in the NEW book I got though. My group just wanted to clarify. As a smallfolk they get an extra plus 2 to either melee or ranged. Plus the size modifier. I put it in my melee so my defense would be 24 and 22. However I can't pass 20 according to the maximum limit. I just wanted to make sure we're reading this right. It's under the derived statistics chapter.


So it looks like we may have been doing this wrong and I want to make sure we understand correctly.

Defense is capped based on your dice pool, with your dice pool being made up of (stat + skill + equpiment). At grade 5, this cap is 5d6 for a static defense of 18.

Then, flat modifiers apply beyond that, such as the bonus from gauntlets, shields, size or exploits.

Here is the question we are having troubles with. On page 56 in the OLD book, it says

Your DEFENSE score is capped by your maximum dice pool. Multiply your maximum dice pool by 4; your DEFENSE scores cannot exceed this number.

That means that with a cap of 5d6, your defense can't exceed 20 correct?

The above text seems to imply that shields, size bonuses and exploits bypass this. And skill, attributes and gear can't take it past 18. So what is this cap of (4 x maximum die pool) applying to?

Just a quick secondary question on a different topic - when using an ability that grants multiple attacks (such as the archer's rapid shot) do exploits (such as deadly strike) apply to both attacks or just one?
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Yeah, more clearly that should read "your initial DEFENSE score". Exploits and stuff all allow you to exceed the maximum dice pool.

Note in the errata that the bonuses from shields changed (reduced) quite a lot.

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