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I only signed up for this stupid naughty word site because there was no way to download the character sheet I needed without creating an account. The sheet isn't even available. Not every site needs a naughty word account. Delete me. naughty word you.

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I believe the words he was looking for were;
Thank You for having a site where I found a character sheet I was looking for, it has made my game better.

I wonder if it was the character sheet I posted. Inquiring minds want to know.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Also, OP, you can write to us at the address in contact details. We're not your butler here to clean up your mess. Ask nicely. Handwritten, cursive, please. Or sue me. Either is fine.

Normally I'd happily help out. For you, GDPR by the book. Write me.


I wonder if they know they can get character sheets pretty much anywhere, for free. I suppose not if they went through the process of registering with understanding what that meant.

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