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Looking at everyone's XP, it seems that the party accrued 229,088 XP each, divided by two for the multi-classed characters for 114,544 for them, which is exactly what Brother Baltor, Buffy, and Bragir have. Brin lost a small amount of XP for dying in one battle, while Baroness Bella gained some extra due to fighting individually in some duels. But Baroness Bella should have the 10% XP bonus for a single-classed character with all primary requisites being high enough, like Bant does. I'm guessing that paladin being modded in is messing with this and will adjust her accordingly to 252,343. Bant is a little off as well, and should be at 251,997. It's just me being picky - they're pretty minor adjustments at Curse levels, and barely moved their XP bars at all lol...
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Really enjoyed your play-thru! Even having beaten it multiple times myself (and having run a few live versions) I still learned a few new things! Also interesting how you multi classed most of your party, typically I only had 1 or 2 multi classed characters, but I see how they worked very nicely by the end.


I played this a long long time ago but was never very good at it lol, and now I do not have the time to work through all of these older games so thanks, that was really fun

The first time I ever did this fight I was getting slaughtered. As the last man standing, my cleric cast Animate Dead out of desperation and brought back a fighter. Tyranthraxus murdered my cleric, and the zombie fighter got the killing blow.

The game then has my lone zombie walk back to town and get celebrated by everyone. o_O
Well, at least the guards looking at you suspiciously makes sense at that point!

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