D&D 5E Demigod Bloodline/Divine Heritage a mashup of Paladin 1e limits/Inherent Bonuses rule


Arcadian Knight
This is a bit like mixing the Paladins 1e concept of being magic item limited in return for blessings and the 4e Inherent bonuses rules.
4e had an assumption of progression that was like a hero discovering their Demigod-hood near end game 26 to 30 on your most significant attributes were pretty normal. Though one could definitely picture those stats as skill enhancement since attributes are not necessarily a static inborn ability and can include skill at using them (this latter part about what attributes represent is true in both 4e and 5e),

Demigod Bloodline.
Your attributes may exceed 20 (perhaps only if by boosts from your bloodline?). Choose a Primary and secondary attribute representing your aspects and divine heritage. At level 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 you gain a +1 to your primary and secondary attributes. Bonuses from some magic items such as to hit and damage may be reduced by 1 if an associated attribute exceeds 22 or 2 if it exceeds 24 or 3 if it exceeds 26.

Divine Heritage Boons Essentially you gain early boons throughout your early career these are like epic boons these however interfere with your ability to attune magic items it could be as simple as each boon reduces the number of magic items you can attune by 1 (maximum 3 default).

Optional General Competence : Add +1 to all attributes at levels 5 10 15 20 - not really needed but it adds a symmetry of taking attributes up to 30 without being a Barbarian :p and while one could instead allow a barbarian like boost to other classes this also represents overall awesomeness that is not entirely focused on your aspects.

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Arcadian Knight
One might use this kind of thing to improve the translation of 4e characters to 5e if it works for the games campaign (relatively common magic items and having it fit the game world story)

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