Demons in Disguise


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The woman approaches the boards and hesitantly lifts a small slip of parchment to pin to it, with a pin worn within her hair. Although quite lovely, she seems distraught, and her fingers tremble as she lifts the paper to the boards.

I am posting this to notify all who may frequent both the Crossroads Tavern and the garden outside that there is a demon lurking in the early hours. I myself fell victim to an attack, and have not yet determined what it is the creature seeks. He spoke of entering the dream realms, and anyone who may have information regarding that, hold it carefully to yourself. He is quite powerful and dangerous, along with rather vindictive, using careful means to lure one away into his torture realm. Be warned, people of the area, and be vigilant.

The post is signed with the name Gwynnera. As the note is left, the maid walks away from it with a sigh to herself.

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a small note is tacked underneath this..
How about a physical description so I know who to harass into trying to kill me?
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The same woman stops in front of the boards again, perusing the note tacked beneath it. With a sigh, she tugs out a piece of charcoal and adds some writing to the note tacked beneath the first.

The only thing I can recall is that he was large, around seven to eight feet tall, and bore a large frame. I could tell you nothing more, as he was entirely swathed in a black cloak. Although...I remember his eyes, like coal, with no white. They were absolutely black and without soul, but what can one expect from a demon? However...I would not suggest seeking him for a reprieve from life. He may grant it, and none too kindly...

She slips the charcoal back into a pocket and turns away from the board with a soft sigh.

The Cloaked Man

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More to Worry About...

This message simply appears, with no hint as to who may have left it.

Dear Gwyn, I think it may be obvious that there are more dangerous things afoot than demons hunting you, wouldn't you agree? Best you watch behind you more carefully.

Epic Threats

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